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Pretty Soldier:(A Beautiful Story)Part 2&3Category: (general)
Thursday, 12 July 2007
05:31:32 PM (GMT)
This is chapter 2 of my story.

Chapter Two:Rini's Love for Pegasus

Rini is at school in her classroom,
laying her head on the desk.`I wish I can see Pegasus again`
"Okay Class,we are going to draw landscapes outside."The teacher explains.
Rini gets all of her art supplies and walks outside with the others.
Rini's friend Raye walks behind her."Hey Rini!Wanna sit by me and they others?"
Rini starts drawing a lake,and some trees that are in front of her.
Rini add Pegasus to her landscape.
"Wow!Look at Rini's picture isn't it pretty?"Raye says.
"Yea,its okay........"Kyle says jealously.
"What do you mean?Are you tring to say its not good enough?"Raye starts.
"No,Im just saying,its okay!"Kyle and Raye start shouting at each other
when the art teacher comes.
"Hmmmm,Rini tats a nice picture.But Im afraid I can't give you
a good mark on that."the art teacher explains.
Rini looks worried."What?Why?"
"Because,you have a horse there.Do you know 
what a landscape is?You sould take that horse off."
Rini stands up."I don't want to,I like it with the horse on here!"
The school bell rings."Rini,thats not a landscape."
Rini's friend Kyle stands up for her.
"Why do you always have to be so mean Ms.Koiyo?"
"Class.....just go pack your stuffup."Ms.Koiyo leaves
with an annoyed face.

Rini packs up her stuff,`Pegasus............`
"Hey Rini,are you doing anything tonight?"Raye ask.
"No,Im just going to spend time with my self."Rini walks 
away and waits for Nicole to pick her up.`Pegasus.......`
Nicole is in the car with her boyfriend Darien.
Rini is surprised to see Darien.
"DARIEN!!!I missed you!Im sooo glad I get to ride in your car!"Rini hugs
Darien and gets into the car.Nicole is jealous."Hey!Stop talking to man!"
"Nicole its alright...."Darien says."Well here's your house,goodbye
my two princesses!"Darien drives away.Nicole looks all mad.
"What was all that about?"
Rini walks upstairs and does her homework.
"Rini!Im going to meet the girls!Ill be back tonight."Nicole
leaves her alone at the house."Oh.Pegasus,when
will we see each other?"Rini starts
thinking of the dreamshe had last night.

A couple of hours pass.Rini walks to the park,the time is 10:30.
She sits on a big hill thats views the whole city of Tokyo.Rini sits
there and thinks.Suddenly,Pegasus appears behind her.
"Rini,I am here."Rini turns around.
"Pegasus?!"Rini walks to him.
"Yes,I am here."Rini tries to hug him.
"Im soo glad your here!"Rini tells him."Can we be friends?"
"Im sorry,we can't.We can't be friends."Pegasus says.
"Oh,why not?Pegasus?"Rini looks at him sadly.
"In ny world,the Dark Force has taken over."
"Oh,I understand."Rini hugs him and Pegasus dissapears.
Rini leaves the park and walks home.She is sad that they cannot be friends.
She opens the do and shes Nicole."Where have you been?"Nicole ask worried.
Rini walks pass her not answering her question.Rini picks out her night clothes when
she heres a sound,a sound like Pegasus.It is Pegasus,in a fansy looking glass cup.
Rini shes the glass cup on her window and walks over to it.The cup opens and pegasus
is in it.
"Pegasus!"Rini shouts."I change my mind,we can be friends."
Rini looks happy."So we can see each other when ever we want?"
"Yes....we can."Pegasus answers.
"Oh Pegasus,Im so happy!"Rini takes off her shirt.Pegasus blushes and
turns his head."........"
"Whats wrong pegasus?"He turns his head and blushes an=gain."......uh...nothing."
Rini tucks her self into bed

That was Chapter 2!!!

Here is the ending to my story!!!

‹*Expired*› says :   1 October 2007   944545  
nice story.


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