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Mewtwo that bastard...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 4 July 2007
02:38:52 AM (GMT)
One day Mew was flying around Pallet Town. Ash walked out of his house and saw
something shiney in the sky. "I wonder what that is?" he asked himself. He starting
walking along the path, not knowing that Mew was following him up in the sky. As Ash
came to Professor Oaks lab he turned around and looked up. He saw the same shiney
thing. Ash was freeked out now. He ran into Professor Oaks lab. "Why hello Ash!"
greeted Prof Oak. "Hi." said Ash. "Do you know what that shiney thing is up in the
sky?" "What shiney thing?" asked Prof Oak. Just then this girl ran into the lab.
"Here this!" she yelled as she turned on her raido. They herd the Numa Numa song.
"Cause professor oaks a BEEP..." "What does that mean?" asked Ash. "I dont know."
said Professor Oak.

Ash was walking down the path again and looked up. Yes, something shiney was there.
"I wonder..." said Ash.

Little did Ash know about MewTwo. Mewtwo was plotting, plotting to kill Mew! "I shall
attack him with all my power." said Mewtwo to himself. "And then Mew will be

Ash was getting close to his first gym. It was a gym for water type Pokemon. "This
must be it." said Ash. "But I have no Pokemon." Just then, tiny Mew swooped down.
"Mew. Mew." it said. It circled Ash. Then he started floating with Mew. Translated
to Poke-talk. I put this there if you want to know why Mew is speaking human!
"Come with me!" said Mew. "Its about Mewtwo! Hes trying to kill me! Please help me.
Plus also, theres this girl that Mewtwo hypnotized to guide us to him. Come on!"
Un-translated "What?" asked Ash. Mew started flying and Ash did too. "You want
me to follow you?" asked Ash. "Mew mew mew!" said Mew. "Okay!" said Ash. Mew started
flying to a far away unknown island.

They landed on a dock on the island. "Mew. Mew mew mew!" said Mew. It flew through
this tunnel. Ash followed. At the end of the tunnel there was this girl. She had
black hair and wore a white hat. (Yesh. Its Dawn from Pokemon D/P.) "Follow me." she
said in a robot like voice as she started walking up some steps. Mew and Ash

As they stopped at two doors, a voice boomed at them. "Please, step forward." The
doors opened and Mew and Ash went through. The girl dissappeared. "Welcome Mew." said
the voice. Just then, Mewtwo attacked Mew from behind. It used all of its powers like
it had planned. Mew fell to the ground. "Mew!" yelled Ash. "Grrrr...Mewtwo you
bastard! You will pay for what you have done!" "Not really." said Mewtwo. Its eyes
started glowing. Ash looked in them. He fell to the ground right by Mew. "Heh." said
Mewtwo. "Morons."
And thats why Mewtwo is a bastard! ^^
Last edited: 4 July 2007

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