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my new stori called Teacher's PetCategory: storie
Monday, 14 May 2007
05:50:53 PM (GMT)
I decided not to finish my other stori but i'm going to finish this one because it
intrest me more
Teacher’s Pet

     Shana Jones-21 years young, a teacher, shy, quite, sensitive, vegetarian, smart,
best friends with Clover, Tori’s guardian 
   Tori Jones- main character’s sister, 11 years old, loud, energetic, flirty,
hyper 24/7, likes to pretend she’s cupid and get people together, Shana’s little
  Grandma Dea- aka Madea, Tori and Shana’s grandma
  Bryan Breeding- Patrick’s younger brother, 11 years old, very energetic, always
doing something, nosy
   Carnell Breeding- Also Patrick’s younger brother, 15 years old, very unsure of
himself, shy, stays to himself except when with his best friends
  Patrick Breeding- Middle child of the breeding family, 16 ½ years, loud, bold,
encouraging, energetic, anger-management issues
    Kelly Breeding- second oldest breeding boy, 18 years old, misunderstood,
want-to-be pimp
    Dustin Breeding- eldest breeding boy, 20ye ladies man, high school drop out,
dreams of being rich and famous with a big family

   R.J Peterson- Shantel’s younger brother17 years old, your average cute, funny,
boy across the street
  Shantel Peterson- the original teacher, Shana’s friend
  Ally Parker- Tori Jones best friend, 12 years old
     Conner Goodwin- youngest Goodwin child, 12 years old, smart, funny, Bryan’s
best friend
     Nicole Goodwin- also known as Nikki, oldest Goodwin child, 17 years old, second
most popular girl in school, Shana’s cousin, very emotional, loves acting
   Saint – lives with older brother, 15 years old, tough, strong, shy, quite,
    Clover Smith- 19 years old, Shana’s friend

Chapter 1: Horrible 1st meets

Patrick’s P.O.V          at school
	It was just another Monday can’t wait for this day to end. I was walking down the
hallway to class but as I walked in, that’s when I saw this girl so beautiful from
her head to cuticles, but what I didn’t know was…..

Me: hello miss
Shana: uh… Hey
Me: you new here
Shana: you could say that
Me: how long you plan on staying
Shana: don’t quite know, hoping for a while
Me: me too
Shana: -gives me weird look- uh… okay… look I think you should take your seat
Me: will you give me your name if I do
Shana: sure….
Me: okay –jets to my seat-
Shana: -at board- Ok…. class….my name is….. Ms.Jones. –writes name on board-
Me: -to my self- oh….my….gawd
Shana: I will be your new teacher; this is my first time teaching so I’m just an
assistant for Ms.Peterson until Christmas break, then I’ll be your permanent
Me: how old are you?
Shana: I don’t feel I should tell my students that
Another boy: are you single
Shana: If I say no will you guys leave me alone
girls: -lol-
Shana: okay so today’s class is going to be basically about us getting to know each
other, I’ll start by asking for your names, then you can ask me anything you like
*after everyone tells their name*
Shana: okay, so does anybody have any questions
Me: -raises hand-
Shana: Patrick?
Me: uh…. are you a Mrs. Jones or a Ms.Jones
Shana: uh…. you want to know whether or not I’m married
Me: yea
Shana: no I’m not married
Steve: -raises hand-
Shana: Steve
Steve: do you have a boyfriend
Shana: umm…. no I currently single, though I’m not saying any of you boys have a
fighting chance with me
Girls: OoOoOoOoOoO
 Shana: -lol-
	 			The following day
At the Breeding house
Shana’s P.O.V
	The guys were all gone except for Bryan and Patrick. 
Bryan: I’m bored
Patrick: watch TV that’s what I’m doing
Bryan: I don’t like this show
Patrick: it’s a music video
Bryan: no… it’s some girl shaking her “laffy taffy” on t.v ruining the
Patrick: -looks at Bryan as if he were drunk-
Bryan: what, it’s true
Patrick: w/e 
*doorbell rings*
Patrick answers….
Patrick: uh… hey Ms.Jones
Me: uh hey Patrick
Patrick: so uh…
Me: I’m looking for the Breeding residence, but I guess I have-gco
Patrick: No this is it, come right in
Me: uh okay….-steps in-
Patrick: so what are you here for-gco
Bryan: Shana!!!
Me: Bryan!!!
They run up to each other and hug
Patrick: wow….
Me: I’m Bryan’s babysitter
Patrick: but I’m here
Me: exactly
Patrick: that’s not nice
Bryan: okay, Patrick you gots to go, Shana’s mines, not your’s 
Patrick: okay, okay, dang, boy got you on lock down, doesn’t he
Me: -laughs a little- sometimes
Patrick: I’m gone dang –goes upstairs to his room-
	About an hour later me and Bryan were laying on the couch watching tv. He had his
head on my shoulder, asleep. Then Patrick came downstairs…
Patrick: awww….. Now isn’t that cute
Me: shut up, he’s sleep
Patrick: you too make a cute couple but I think I can see you with some else a little
bit better
Me: really??? Who –sarcastic-
Patrick: Uh….
Me: who Chris Brown, cause I can definitely see that
Patrick: well I see…..three people
Me: and they are
Patrick: me, myself, and I
Me: uh… Patrick, stop right there
Patrick: come on please, I know you’re older than me, but you cant be that old, you
don’t look that old, please, If I could only have one chance to show you that I
understand what it takes to be your man, please come take my hand- takes my hand in
Me: -pulls away- Patrick….i…..i…..I cant
Patrick: Shana please
Me: no…
Patrick: one chance
Me: no…. I’m too old for you-sets Bryan’s head on the other side of the couch-
Patrick: how old are you
Me: 21
Patrick: only 5 years!!
Me: 5 years is too many
Patrick: My mom and dad are 7 years apart
Me: good for them
Patrick: Shay, one chance that’s all I’m asking
Me: no, Patrick just drop, you’re making me uncomfortable
Patrick: -turns red-
Me: why me……..
Patrick: why do you have to make things so complicated?
Me: me… complicated
Patrick: yea you- rising voice-
Me: -stands up- who you think you raising your voice to?
Patrick: girl……gets….out….of………face…!!!
Me: who you think you is
Patrick: Don’t talk like that to me –slaps Shana so hard it makes a loud noise
and Bryan wakes up-
Bryan: AHHH!!
Patrick: -looks down at his hands-
Me:  oh my gawd –touches face-
Bryan: Shana……
Patrick: Shana, I’m-gco
Me: -slaps Patrick- boy –slaps- don’t you ever-slap- touch me again!!!
Patrick: -cries-
Bryan: -so scared he’s crying-
Me: Bryan, I’m okay –gives him a hug- tell your mom everything –kisses him on
the cheek- I’m out

The following Friday

Shana’s watching Bryan again. This time they’re at her house. She is
uncomfortable at their house now. 
Bryan: Patrick’s a wreck
Me: Bryan I don’t want to talk about him
Bryan: but he is… everyday when I come over here he has something he wants me to
tell you and something he wants me to give you from him it’s so weird
Me: he should be begging for forgiveness, should be happy I don’t sue 
Bryan: why don’t you
Me: because your mom has always been good to me, and she doesn’t need that in her
Bryan: oOoOoOo
Me: yup, but if only he weren’t your mamma’s kid, I could use the money
Bryan: you know, if he could redo that scene, he would 
Me: -rolls eyes-
Bryan: he would’ve, he cries about you every night, once I heard him praying for
you to some how forgive him, and give him a chance to show you that he can be nice
and gentle
Me: -fake- that’s………-fake crying- sweet
Bryan: -cheerful- really!
Me: no it’s flat out pathetic
Bryan: i bet if he wouldn’t have done that you’d given him a chance
Me: no I wouldn’t have
Bryan: he treats you differently
Me: oh so I’m the only one he beats up
Bryan: not like that…. in the past he’s yelled at girls, did horrible things to
them and didn’t think twice. But with you it’s like he wishes he could start that
day over, and over, and over, and over until he fixes what he did wrong. He’d keep
up on it until you’re his, wrapped in his arms, where you two would live happily
together for ever. 
Me: -rolls eyes-
Bryan: he has anger management issues
Me: -sarcastic- NO WAY, YOU’RE KIDDING!!
Bryan: -ignoring the sarcasm- He’s been that way since our dad left… Our dad had
kind of that problem…. didn’t hit….just yelled……my
mom…….she…….she…….she couldn’t take any more…….she left…..took us
with her……ever since Pat’s been……different……..he would yell at
us………even mom… day….he made her cry……he told her how sorry he
was……..he really meant it……she got him into therapy………..he got out the
day our dad died…….then went back to his old self
………but…….worse…….he punched me…..when I wouldn’t get out of his
room……..He apologized and everything……but not like he’s doing for you…..
	A loud slam comes from the front door downstairs. 
Bryan: who’s that
Me: oh, that’s my sister, Tori; she’s probably getting back from dance
class….she is about your age
Tori: -from downstairs- SHAY I’M HOME!!!
Tori comes upstairs
Tori: hey Shay….who’s he
Me: this is Bryan, I’m starting to –gco
Tori: OoOoOoO, Shana’s got a boyfriend
Bryan: -blushes-
Me: uh… no, I’m babysitting him for the weekend while his mom’s gone for a
business trip
Tori: and he’s sleeping where?
Me: well I thought you could spend the night at Saint’s-gco
Tori: no way!! All she does is talk about these high school guys, especially…. some
kid called Carnell
Bryan: that’s my-gco
Me: what about Sherry
Tori: No!! She is too mean…
Me: well I guess ya’ll will have to share your room, Tori
Bryan: -blushes-
Tori: uh…. NO!! I don’t even know him
Me: so….. point….is what now
Tori: oh…nothing really, it’s just kinda…..GROSS!!
Me: chilax, I was just kidding, Bryan you’ll sleep in here on the couch ok
Bryan: ok
Tori: good
Bryan: very
Tori: very, very good
Bryan: super good
Tori: perfectly good
Bryan: super’s better than perfectly
Tori: no it’s not
Bryan: yea it is
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: uh huh
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: uh huh
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: uh huh
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: uh huh
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: uh huh
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: uh huh
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: uh huh
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: uh huh
Tori: nah uh
Bryan: you know what, just shut-up 
Tori: you shut-up
Bryan: you shut-up
Tori: you shut-up
Bryan: you shut-up
Tori: you shut-up
Bryan: you shut-up
Tori: you shut-up
Bryan: you shut-up
Tori: you shut-up
Bryan: you shut-up
Tori: you shut-up
Bryan: you shut-up
Tori: you shut-up
Bryan: you shut-up
Tori: you shut-up
Bryan: you shut-up
Tori: fine
Bryan: only if she does first
Tori: just like a man, can’t do nothing first
Bryan: fine I’ll shut up first
Tori: good, maybe you’ll end up ½ a man after all, freckles
Bryan: maybe I will, Frizz
Tori: excuse me?!
Shana: oh gawd….-goes downstairs-
Bryan: you heard me, look in the mirror lately because your hair is everywhere
Tori: I’ll slap the freckles off your face
Bryan: I’ll pull your hair so hard it’ll be straight
Tori: you’re so ugly you made the sun and the moon go down
Bryan: you’re so stupid you sat on the tv and watched the couch
Tori: you’re so stupid someone put ac “I’m so dumb I don’t know this is on my
back” sign on your back and you didn’t even notice
Bryan: you’re so weird you scared the circus out of town
Tori: dumb faced loser
Bryan: meany-pants-alonas
Tori: what?!
Bryan: -sticks tongue out-
Tori: - sticks tongue out-
	That keeps up for the whole entire night……
The next day early in the morning
	I wake up. Those kids where so annoying last night. They argued the whole entire
time until they had a “who can stay up the longest battle” and both fell out.
That was like torture. When I first met Bryan, I thought they’d get along great.
But I forgot one thing. They both are leaders. Neither can follow to save their
lives. So much stuff is going on that I feel as if I’m going to die. I should have
sensed the whole Patrick the first time I met him. I should have just stopped him
right then and there. I guess I don’t know. I thought he was kind of sweet and
cute. I didn’t think he’d end up like this. If I could start that day over and
told him right then and there I was the teacher than I’d be fine right now. But
no…..i had to be flirty and take Tori’s advice. Why’d I listen to her!!?? 
Tori’s P.O.V

	Okay so Shana is at some dumb teacher work shop. I’m stuck here with some guy she
got to baby sit me. Me!! I don’t need a babysitter. Especially some weird guy. His
names Dustin. He’s boring. All he does is yell “Tori, you ok” every 30 minutes
while watching music videos on BET. The worst part of it is he had to bring his dumb
brother. Bryan. And this kid Conner who happens to be Bryan’s friend. They’ve
been annoying the whole entire day. Throwing paper-balls at me, shooting hornets at
me, calling me names, taking my stuff and hiding it, it’s just so annoying. I wish
I could go to my grandma, Madea, house instead. She could get them boys to leave me
alone. But until then, I’ll fight fire with water and take it out.
Me: -calls friend- 
Phone Convo
me: hello?
Ally: hey girl w’s up
me: these guys 
Ally: guys!! are they hot!!
Me: no not really, but anyways Shay left me with them and this guy, the guy’s the
babysitter and he had to watch his brother and his friend too and-gco
Ally: is the babysitter hot
Me: kinda, but back on point!!
Ally: sorry, go on
Me: they are working my nerves, they’re so annoying, I need your help
Ally: with….
Me: getting them back
Ally: what’s the plan
Me: I call it…..Mission Sprung
Ally: details
Me: I’ll tell you when you get here
Ally: aight talk to you when I get there
me: aight-click-
End Phone Convo
	The girls begin Mission Sprung. The idea is to make the guys well sprung. Off them
of course. 
So I’m wearing this….   
And Ally’s wearing….

me: so how do I look
Ally: great now let’s go outside and begin…
T/A: Mission Sprung!!!

The girls go outside with the guys

Conner: daaaang, yo Bry’ look
Bryan: dang
me: what, do I have something on my face or something?-acting-
Conner: uh….no
Bryan: yea, you look great I mean
Ally: so you two are….
Bryan: Bryan
Conner: Conner
Ally: so Tori we still going to the park
Me: nah…lets just stay out here –sits on the bench in yard-
Ally: -sits my me-

That night at the Breeding house
Bryan P.O.V –laying in bed thinking-
	I can’t believe Tori today. That was something I never thought was going to
happen. She actually looked good. Good, good. Shocking. Weird. I don’t remember who
the other the girl was, but she looked pretty good too. That day Tori and I actually
got along. Now I feel weird. One day I call her ugly and stupid, the next I think of
her as the beautiful. I’m not going to tell her. That would be stupid. And then
she’ll probably think of me as weird, then we can’t be friends anymore. We’re
actually friends now. I’m not going to rush things. Just take my time. If I have to
wait 20 years then I’m waiting 20 years. I think I might actually really like her.
She’s starting school at Goldstone Middle, my school. I hope we have classes
together. That way I’ll be able to get to know her even better. The fact that
she’s my babysitter’s sister also helps since I’ll go over there about every
day. My mom works day and night shifts, 2:30-8:00pm. Sometimes she has to go on
business trips, and then Shana watches me over the weekend. It used to be horrible
because me and Tori just yelled and fought the whole time. Now it’ll be nothing but
smooth sailing. Maybe I’ll even get her number. Not the house number, Shana gave me
that. I need her cell. That way we can talk all the time. Or as much as she wants to
talk to me. Which I hope is all the time. I can see us together, in like 60 years.
Sitting in a rocking chair, rocking back and forth, holding hands smiling, with
grandkids running around the yard…..

The next day at school with Shana
Shana’s P.O.V
	It’s been so annoying at work this week. I’ve been getting notes from not so
secret admires. Patrick. For one it seems every where I turn somebody’s talking
about Patrick. In the teacher’s lounge, cafeteria, class, and when I say class each
of my periods talk about him. It’s weird. Like I’m being watched by him, or
something. His grades are going waaaay down. My homeroom is gone now it’s time for
1st period. Here he comes….
Patrick: uh… hey Sh, I mean Ms.Jones
Me: good morning Patrick
Patrick: can I talk to you after class today
Me: sure, take your seat
Patrick: thanks-takes seat-
Me: okay class, today we well be talking about famous explorers, can anybody give me
an example
Steve: -raises hand-
Me: Steve…
Steve: Columbus
Me: good any others…..
Class is silent
Me: well today, we’re not going to be learning about Columbus….we’re going to
talk about the personwho founded Hawaii….
Monique: -raises hand-
Me: Patrick….
Monique: the Polynesians?
Me: close, they were already there….but the explorer was Captain James Cook, ever
heard of him?
Class is silent
Me: okay well Captain James Cook was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer.
I want each of you to have an essay on him by the end of the semester, don’t
forget….it will be counted as a test grade
Class: AWWWWW Maaaan
*45 minutes later after class*
Me: so Patrick, you needed to talk to me 
Patrick: umm…. yea
Me: soooo?
Patrick: my mom, she thinks my grades have been going down and she wants to know if I
can do extra credit. So can i?
Me: well…. doing this essay might help your grade
Patrick: so is that a yes or a no
Me: it depends on weather or not you do the project
Patrick: look, I need a good grade on here not another F
Me: well study, do research, pay attention, and actually do your work
Patrick: it’s not my fault
Me: so it’s my fault
Patrick: ……….
Me: whatever, look I have a class after you guys, so I suggest you leave
Patrick: -turns about to walk away then stops- why won’t you forgive me?
Me: Ugh… we go again………..
Patrick: I think I deserve to know why
Me: would you forgive yourself Patrick?
Patrick: I’m trying my best-gco
Me: your best, might be good enough in school, but outside of school, real life,
it’s nowhere near good enough, not even close
Patrick: -looks disappointed- -walks to next class-
Chapter: 2 A chance, or no chance, that is the question
Patrick’s P.O.V
	when Patrick gets home after school he’s sitting alone in his room writing in his
	Dear Journal,
		My mom gave me this dumb book to write in. She thinks it’ll help me calm myself.
That way if I get upset or mad, I’ll write it instead of taking it out on someone.
I do that a lot. I don’t try too. Most of the time I don’t even think about it, I
think about it, after it’s been done. Then there’s nothing I can do to change it.
There’s no wonderful time machine that can take me back a few moments so I can
change what I did. I wish I could though. I’ve only thought about changing
something I did twice, when I hurt my mom, and when I made Shana (Ms.Jones) mad at
me. I wish she’d forgive me. She doesn’t have to talk to me, give me a chance, or
even look at me. I just want, no I need for her to forgive me. I want to go back to
the Teenager’s Anger Management Control Association, or also known as the
T.A.M.C.A, but my mom thinks it would just be a waste of time. It really wouldn’t
be, I just need her forgiveness. Normally I wouldn’t care but, I don’t know I
just really want her approval on something other than school work. My brother’s
have been teasing me about it, they cal me names like Mr. Sprung, Mr. Teacher, Mr.
Jones, Mr. Shana’s-wana-be-man, and most of all Teacher’s pet. The one I hate the
most is teacher’s pet, because I’m not a teacher’s pet. I just happen to like
the teacher. My only brother who doesn’t tease me is Bryan. She baby-sits him,
he’s been giving her all the gifts I buy her and all of the card, balloons, apology
notes, but nothing works. Dustin actually used to go to school with her before he
dropped out!! They were friends!! It’s not fair. He’s hanging out

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