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ASAP ADVICE NEEDED!Category: Friends i know/Advice needed
Wednesday, 2 May 2007
04:38:53 PM (GMT)
Ok, my friend  and I wanna runaway to NYC. I know how and what to do and all that
stuff. The plan is to go there for 3 weeks and come back on the last day of school.


I want to do it.............becuz I have had enough of this world and I hate my
school and I just have had enough!

I don't want to becuz if I do, I hate the consequences. But damn, I just hate
everything that is going on and I just want to leave! I hate it! I mean, at school, i
am being teased for my race, I hate my parents cuz they wont stop bothering me about
seriousness and i hate my coach........he is so hard on me! 

We already have it all planed out! I mean, like we are already storing up food for 3
weeks, bringin $500.00, 2pocket-knives for defence, probubly goin to live at er aunts
who isn't home half of the time and doesnt care about us........also, we are geting
there by metro an train. Also, if i doesnt happen to go to NYC, we want to go live in

 I don't wanna ditch my friend............but I don't wanna ditch the life I have
always known.

So..........should I or shouldn't I............aNd give me reasons. No lame "cuz it's
dumb to do it " stuff.

Last edited: 2 May 2007

Sainath says:   2 May 2007   317656  
hi vampy!!!
 1st of all, as ur keypal frnd i wud b excitd tht u wud  b cuming 2
nyc. BUT(i kno, theres always a 'but') if u leave wont ur othr frnds
miss u. also, do u hav parnts admission?(wait y am i asking? ur
running away!). i say no, cuz ur parnts wud b mad @ u, and im not sure
HOW ur gonna stay @ NYC , but im sure ur plan goes cabonkers!!!as ur
frnd, i'd b excitd if u do cum! and if u do, tell me! 
Sainath says:   2 May 2007   956593  
i hope this doesnt happen 2 u in da future!!!


actually, i like the song!!
Sainath says:   2 May 2007   358846  
ok i kno this 1 is REAAALY old and sorta gay and all but u shud lisen
2 it.

hotshot says:   2 May 2007   546712  
dont do it cuz u dont know what will happen to u u could get hurt
really badly.  

plz dont
Bailz4Life says:   2 May 2007   447543  
you could do it i mean.. like it would be really fun with your friend
but this one girl i know ran away from home and then got caught and
was sent to juvenile detention for a long time..  if you do go.. just
take like your cell phone or somethin.. would you fly?
VampyisA2B says:   2 May 2007   959217  
ok i will..........wait i think i will  update this journal
VampyisA2B says:   2 May 2007   428832  
ok ppls. u can read now!
CoolGirl2 says:   2 May 2007   774817  
if u get caught running away u could be sent to juvie!
Fire_raina says:   2 May 2007   426768  
DO whatever feels right 2 do.  I know it sounds lame, but nobody can
plan out your life 4 u.
demon_lovers17 says:   3 May 2007   264254  
im srry i cant giv any cuz i dont want to tell u somthing and then
when u do it and it turns out roung and u get hurt.......srry i just
kelsey says:   3 May 2007   733811  
you must think of the consiquences and the advantages. To be honest, i
think your experiencing in life what many others are, its growing up,
and just to think in a few years when you leave school you can start
fresh without having to lie to your family. why dont you wait till
youve grown up? you would have more options, more money so you can
actually enjoy yourself. But overall its whatever you think is right.
it is 3 weeks, but alot can happen in those weeks, police would be
called you would make lots of your friends and family worried sick.
Honestly i dont think you should runaway but yeah, its up to you
japancutie11 says:   3 May 2007   917349  
ok well I know that you are having a tough time right now because you
even told me that. I do think you should for your own vacation from
EVERYTHING but I also think you shouldn't because of the consiquences
and plus that is part of life. But I don't know what you should do. It
is your life so just follow your heart and hope you made the right
choice for yourself. Anyway.. I hope that helped!

‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   4 May 2007   377336  
ok do not do it because like you could get really hurt and injured
and no one would know. also $500 is not enough because it wont like
get you a place to stay or anything and anyway you'll just like be put
in a kid's home in the end so plz don't do it.
Sainath says:   4 May 2007   252385  
i agree with LouLouGal and Kelsey cuz u really shudnt run away. and
NO POKET KNIFES!!! it'l just b more the reason u cud b sent 2 juvenile
detenshun. as a keypal and a caring frnd(u kno wat i mean)  u shud NOT
go ahead with this plan!! i bid u WARNING!!!!
VampyisA2B says :   4 May 2007   863782  


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