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wondering and concerned................anyone willing to help?Category: Friends i know/Advice needed
Wednesday, 25 April 2007
01:42:58 AM (GMT)
So if anyone read my previous entry on my coach....you peole would understnd who i
will be refering to. If not, here is the scoop.

My fencing coach (fencing is swordfighting, look at my page for more info) has 2
sons. One is 10,Micheal is his name, and he is very sociable. He is my bud. The other
one, Sasha, is my age and he is very non-sociable. You see, Sasha is a national
champion. Seriously. His Dad aka the coach, is very hard on him since he is the son
and most likly to suceed. Sasha has been basically fencing the day he could walk.
Anyways, Sasha doesn't have many buds cuz everyone is against his Dad the coach, so i
guess ppl get the wrong impression. But really, Sahsa is nice and polite.

Well, here is my problem. See, I use to have a crush on Sasha, thought it was gone,
and then i think it came back. See, in a recent compition, his family was basically
stuck to ours. Like we wereall on the same flight, same attractions etc. Anyways, He
started talking to me and then in the compitition he showed me moves to do to win and
they actually worked. I mean, he never talks to me in our class and if he does it is
not even a good conversation. Like one time, the conversation was on T.V.
screens................like what the heck???? Anyways, does anyone know if this
means he likes me or not???

Another problem, If i can't be his possible girl (*looks side to side* not saying i
want to be)  I want to be his friend. But it's hard to even talk to him! I mean, he
can't hold the conversatin right! How on earth can i comunicate to him slowly and
become his pal????

Last  problem, becuz Sasha is alwys being humiliated and made fun of and being
abused(seriously) by his Dad aka the coach, I am afraid that maybe he will become emo
or runaway. I feel so bad for him! I mean, he has 2 possible friends at the class.
His friend Andrew who sometimes is there for him and possibly me. But besides that
point, when we are on trouble, he stands up for us and then gets yelled at or takes
the blame. I wish Andrew and I can return the favor! But how???? I wanna be there
for him, but how??????

Anyways, anyone got any comments or advice? Please tell me!

Sainath says:   25 April 2007   324271  
hmm...........this is my advice. sumhow he wantd 2 strt conversing
with u all of a sudden and he talks about stuff like TV
SCREENS??!eithr he's crushing on u or he needs a favr from u.probably
a huge favr.ul do fine Vampy!! it just mite b a phase also, may b he;s
trying 2 b frnd with .....or get closr. LOL j/k but u nevr kno. peace!
VampyisA2B says:   25 April 2007   399271  
‹HANNER› says:   26 April 2007   467181  
First, you go up to him, and tell him you think he is an awesome
Fencer (if that IS the term) then start a conversation. Then ask him
for his number, or his AIM, or his MSN, whatever you have. Then just
talk to him, and make him laugh!
VampyisA2B says:   26 April 2007   699777  
Ok, i will get the corage to try!
CoolGirl2 says :   27 April 2007   898725  
anastasia told me about him i think just be nice to him (not like u
usually aren't) and introduce him to some of your friends and stuff


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