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if the naruto cast weren't ninjaCategory: funny naruto
Sunday, 15 April 2007
02:37:03 AM (GMT)
me and my best friend jackie a.k.a shinigami119 were at school and were discussing
what type of jobs the naruto cast would have if they weren't ninja and this is what
we came up with.

the first hokage would work in a greenery because of his special jutsu.
the second hokage would work at seaworld because of his water abilities.
we said the third hokage(a.k.a sarutobi)would be in retirement because we had
nothing to put him.
the fourth hokage would (oh yeah me and jackie never mentioned the fourth hokage and
to think that we stood there thinking if we missed any characters and we missed this
one we are so dee dee dee)
we said that tsunade would work at the hospital because of her medical abilities and
on her days off she would go gambling.
kurenai would be a stay at home mom and help asuma in the weapon shop.
kiba would either work at a dog pound, be in the circus,and i just came up with this
right now so jackie doesn't know either, kiba would also be in a rehabilitation
center for his identity crisis(he thinks he's a dog)
shino would be a freaky but hot bug collector
guy sensei and lee would work in a gym and they would wear those tight sweat pants
all the time.
tenten would probably be an archer
neji would be a fortune teller
kakashi would be "researching" with jiraiya
sasuke would be an emo locked up in rehabilitation.
sakura would work with tsunade.
naruto would either live in the streets jacking ramen or work in a joke shop
ino would work in a flower shop( in case no one knows this she already works in a
flower shop)
shikamaru would either stay at home asleep or be a teacher who lets his students do
whatever cuz he's too lazy
choji would be a homeless man with diabetes
asuma works in a weapon shop
baki would work with asuma
temari would work in a windmill factory
kankuro would sell puppets in across in new mexico(lol!!!!)
gaara would be one of those hot lifegaurds so he has an excuse not to wear a shirt
and show off his six-pack(drool)
haku would work in a pet shop with rabbits 
zabuza would work with asuma
chiyo would be in retirement
kabuto would be a medic
orochimaru would be the pimp at the gay bar (lol!!!!)
jiraiya would be doing some "research"
iruka would be a dolphin at seaworld ( iruka means dolphin)
anko would be a food-aholic
ibiki would be an interogator
yashamaru would be a medic
gaara's dad would be in jail for child abuse
itachi would be with sasuke in the rehabilitation center for bieng a hot phsycho
killing off his whole clan
kisame would be a shark in seaworld
deidara would be a craftsman or bird keeper
sasori would sell puppets with kankuro in new mexico
the akatsuki leader would be one of those mysterious serial killers who always seems
to have detectives on his case but seems to always escape
and gaara's mom would be at the beach screaming for help while an escaped kisame
eats her alive while gaara pretends not to notice and sit there laughing and
watching her be devoured
kidomaru would be part of a freak show with kiba
jiroubo would be the bottomless pit in the freak show
sakon and ukon would be in the freak show
tayuya would be a band director

i had already written this in my old account so i felt like putting it in this one

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