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Thursday, 22 March 2007
06:24:37 AM (GMT)
OK here's the thing......... I luv giving advice to other ppl....but now I need
advice!!!!!!! Ok my best friend since kindergarten asked me out......i have a bf but
he doesn't noe! I do like him after all he's my friend but i dn't think its right 2
like  mi best frend. I thought about it alot... he told me to think about it over
spring. He emails me alot, calls alot.... and i dn't think i really want him to be mi
bf......... i dn't wna hurt his feelings by saying no........ but i dn't wna lie and
say yes........... wat shuld i do??? I need advice from a really experienced gurl hu
has dealed with this or a guy hu has done this! Or someone hu has good advice :D

franklingurl says:   22 March 2007   893775  
just simply tell him that maybe if you go out that if you ever broke
up it could ruion your friendship and that you would rather be
nellamoon says:   22 March 2007   472713  
mine has and it sucks, say ull think about it when you break up with
ur boy friends
 ok. do ya want to be friends??? I LOVE ANIME SASUKE!!
nellamoon says:   22 March 2007   933641  
tell him no cause it may break ur friend ship
‹HANNER› says:   22 March 2007   144817  
ok, Hawaiian_Dreams.. I know most people are going to say "just
simply tell him that maybe if you go out that if you ever broke up it
could ruion your friendship and that you would rather be friends."
But, I am not, I am going to tell you the answer to ALL your problems,
and then I will mail you and we will be Pen Pals.
So first go up to your BFF and say, "I WILL go out with you, as a
friend any time you want, I will be there to talk whenever you want, I
will give Advice whenever you want" Then shrug and say, "I want to
date you" (even if you dont want to, just lie to make him feel happy)
"But, I have a Boy  friend who I love, but our friend ship is strong
enough to go through anything, so would rather just be one of those
boys that I go out with for a week or 2, or a BEST FRIEND for life? I
would rather have a best friend then a boy friend, so I am going to go
out with you, but then we are gonna work on homework together as
friends, maybe go to the pool, and after that I am going to have
dinner with my boyfriend, so i will see you on Saturday" and then walk
‹HANNER› sings:   22 March 2007   418929  
 mine is longer then yours.. nananana booboo 
‹NeverShoutAmy™› says:   22 March 2007   169777  
i have gone through the same situation recently,and i told my best
(guy) friend that i didnt want to go out cause it may ruin our
friendship,but then i realized that i liked him alot more than i used
to!! and then he said that we would make a great couple but we are
BFFL so its kinda weird!!   

anyway.....if you really like him more than your boyfriend then say
yes but if you just wanna stay friends then tell him that.   but if
you dont want to go alone then take a real good friend for support so
you dont cave and say yes!!

think about how good of a friend he is and then decide whether your
willing to take the risk to see if you'll make it as BF&GF.
cuddles says:   22 March 2007   866274  
its true it could ruin your relationship unless you know how he realy
is k k we should be kick ass friends
ps if you dont like my advise dont e-mail me k...k
leelee says:   31 March 2007   753979  
just say that ure realy sorry for hurtin his feelings and that that u
only wnt to be friends
Fire_raina says:   5 May 2007   247329  
if u have a boifriend dont do it
nickjr says:   9 December 2007   344682  
Ask him if you guys could go out another time if your other bf wanted
to go out, or ask your other bf if you could go out with him another
time if your best friend since kindergarten really wants to go out.

I know I'm only 10, but, hey, it doesn't hurt to give advice! I have
never dealt with this before, so that's my best advice for you. =]
mightymouse0003 suggests:   29 May 2008   572518  
from Clouds4Skye and mightymouse0003
to whom it may concern
we are 14 and 15 we have had alot of experience with this type of
thing so here it goes....
     So  how do you feel about your best friend? do you like him...
what ?
Our advice is to search your fellings and go with your heart. try at
leat 1 date. see how it feels. your boyfriend  will understand. and
maybe just maybe you will think of your best friend as more than just
a friend. Hope that helps and if you need anything else just mail us.
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says :   10 June 2008   182382  
just tell him u 2 r JUST FRIENDS! but with his thinking, well, it can
happen, but don't worry! the girls r ALWAYS in control.


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