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Murdered Hearts chapter 4Category: story
Friday, 9 March 2007
10:35:01 PM (GMT)
frank and i love each other like family. we had gone out before when we were like in
college still. then i met gerard after i frank broke up with me. frank and i still
love each other, but in the way a brother and sister would. we kiss every now and
then but not like we are eating eachother's faces off. just a friendly peck on  the
cheek. i try really hard not to do it around gerard but it will hapen every now and
then, and gerard will look at us. we would look at him back. sometimes me and frank
will hang out and go or the mall or something. we would walk and his arm would be
around my shoulder and so would mine, i didn't give a care. frank still liked me but
he only broke up with me because he thought i did NOT love him any more. gerard and i
sometimes got in fights over stupid crap like people in a relationship would. the
next day, gerard told me it wasn't working out for him with how "busy" he was. i came
home crying and frank was pissed at gerard. i told him i was fine, and that he didn't
have to do anything. he listened to me and i was happy. to confort me frank stayed
home with me and that did help. then when we were, as usual, watching t.v.(nothing
special), he tried to hold my hand. me remembering i was single, i let him. it wasn't
like when you would hold your mom's hand when you were in the parking lot, like when
you are criss-crossing your fingers together. he scooted down a little and i put my
head on his shoulder. then i kissed him. it wasn't our normal
brother-sister-peck-on-the-cheek. it was a kiss kiss. the kind that we used to do
when we used to be together. we both stopped. " is this okay that we are doing
this?!!?" i said. " i have no idea, but that was even better then when we were
together,'' frank said. i giggled and then he laughed. we went back to our position
where we were holding hands, him scooted down, and my head on his shoulder. about
every 5 minutes, we would kiss. i felt really wierd, yet really happy at the same
time. he spent the night at my house and i fell asleep on him. we were both lying
down and i was in front of him while he was behind me with his arm wrapped around me
waist. when i woke up he wasn't there. i thought ''maybe i just had another weird
dream. '' good-morning beautilful,'' frank said. then it popped right into my head
that it really happened.

                         2 B continued....

            ****!!!!!!KEEP READING TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!!****

gerardsgirlfriend says:   9 March 2007   278431  
lilcoco says :   13 March 2007   944683  
this is a good story.


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