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Gemini's Curse (Chapter One)Category: (general)
Friday, 2 March 2007
12:03:23 PM (GMT)
"Gemini! Hurry up! I want to go down to the corner shop to get a pizza for dinner!"
My mum's voice echoed through the mysteriously empty house. I sighed as I finished
putting my clothes into the wardrobe. We had just moved to America from Wales. I
didn't know how Mum knew where the corner shop was. We were in a whole new country,
where we'd never been before. I swept back my black hair from my face and clipped it
in place. Mum was getting impatient now.
"Gemini! Come ON! OK, fine! You can follow me up the road when you finally decide to
come!" I heard the door slam. I watched from my window as Mum stormed up the road. I
sat down on the camp bed, found myself a piece of chewing gum and went downstairs.
The hallway was blocked with cardboard boxes. I climbed over one to get out the door.
I was walking slowly at first, but when I got out of my street I broke into a fast
walk. Downtown at night was very scary. I passed some teenagers on motorbikes. They
stuck their middle finger up at me. I ignored them and turned into a run. Suddenly I
heard a voice. A growl. A grunt. Then suddenly, "Aarghighah." I spun round and
screamed. I was stuck in the middle of a thick forest. The grunting was getting
closer now. I ran at full pelt the way I had come, but it just led to more trees. I
closed my eyes as the wind whistled in my ears. I shivered. Suddenly I heard a
rustling in the trees. The thing was getting nearer and nearer. 
"No," I said, out of breath, backing away. "Please don't hurt me!"
I ran across the wood and suddenly found myself on the doorstep of an old cottage.
There was a light on and smoke coming out of the chimmney. I hammered on the door.
There was a whispering from the forest. It was calling my name.
"Let me in!" Tears were seeping out of my eyes. Suddenly the door opened and an old
lady stood there. She was very large, and wore a long flowery dress.
"Hello there, sweet pea. You look like y'all had a fright. Come in for a cup of nice
warm tea."
I stepped into her warm house. There was a wood table in one corner, with two chairs
at it. An old rocking chair creaked by the fire. There was a small kitchen and the
old lady went over to it and switched the kettle on. 
"Go and sit at the table, sweetie. My name is Mrs Honeyberry. Lots of children come
to my house for a cuppa. Y'all look like a new face. Just moved here?"
I nodded. "I c-come from W-Wales."
"No need to be scared, darling. I won't hurt you. Y'all shouldn't be in the woods
this late at night. Dangerous creatures roam everywhere. Now, where do you live?"
"D-dangerous creatures?" I was very scared now. "What d-do you m-mean?"
"Oh, nothing. I shouldn't be scaring y'all. Now don't think any more about what I
have said. Apart from the tea of course now, sweetie. So where do you live?"
"P-Praerie Street."
That seemed to silence her. "You don't mean Number 12?"
"Yes, I d-do."
The old lady gasped. "Haven't y'all heard of the Number 12 curse?"
"No! P-please tell me!"
"I better." She looked solemn now.
"Ten years ago an old man used to live in Number 12. He had a wife. But one day, he
took a knife from the kitchen, and killed her. He took her skull and put it in a
chest and locked it. A week later, he died. They cleared his house, but they never
found the chest. Word has it that whoever buys the house and finds the chest, will
die in a terrible accident. No one has lived in that house now until now. So if you
find that chest, run. Run like never before. Throw the chest away and run. But no one
knows if it will help."
"Thank you." I trembled. "H-how am I supposed t-to get h-home?"
"The old man strikes at night. The curse is upon any teenage girl who lives in that
"But I am a teenage girl, the curse is upon me?"
"I know, sweet pea. I am"


Belsboys4eva56 says:   12 May 2007   243496  
that's fantastic you had me at the edge of my seat, please do wirte
another eries for this book!
Zelda3443 says :   4 April 2009   172886  
Love it!


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