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A story, of various things.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 28 February 2007
04:44:55 PM (GMT)
A note to readers.
    This story is written in a unusual way. The part in teal, or a green-y colour, is
in 1st person, and yet, the bit in blue-grey, or a purple-y colour, in 3rd, also, the
bit in black is me.  Thank you for your attention.  (Until someone tells me how to do
different colours I can't do this.

Another note to readers
       The letters in the title were hand drawn by the person who owns this website
http://ebondragonart.com and I take no credit for them. Thank you for your attention.

Hi, Holly’s the name, I’m 14, and I’m a Dragon Rider.

There was a call from the kitchen “In training!” Yes, ok, I’m a
Dragon Rider ‘in training’, same thing, right? That call from the kitchen
was dad, my dad, that is, not yours.
      I’m about to go out to feed my dragon……what, you don’t
own a dragon, you’re missing out on a load of things! Look, I can hear Ryme, my
dragon, calling for his lunch, I’ll be right back.
       Holly went out into the yard, she got some hay and a slab of frozen meat from
the shed, unicorn meat to be precise. She went over to the ice cave in the corner.
The ice cave was beautifully decorated, gems were embedded in the walls, emeralds,
diamonds and rubies, there were a ‘glaze of icicles’, a collective noun
Holly had made up herself, and curled round one of these was a dragon. The dragon was
icy-blue, with two magnificent wings, and a snake like body, but with four scaly
feet, each with four sharp claws, sharp enough to rip even a fully grown adult
body-guard cleanly in half.
     Holly dropped the meat on the floor, and the hay in a rack on the wall. 
  “Ryme! Lunch!” she shouted. Ryme came slithering down the icicle, he
started tearing at the flesh ripping it into bite sized pieces. Then her cat, Chyer,
came in, he grabbed a worm, and put it in front of her.
 I like every animal in the whole world, and beyond it, except worms. I don’t
know why, I just find them, disgusting, especially as my friend,, who likes worms,
keeps dangling them in front of me.      
     There was another shout, this time from the back door, “Holly,
    Again, my dad. 
    As you have probably guessed, the training’s for being a Dragon Rider. You
may think being a Dragon Rider is simple, just learn to ride a dragon, but it’s
much more than that.
        Being a Dragon Rider is, as it says in the Dragon Rider’s handbook ,
‘A Dragon Rider is a person who has been trained in such areas as; Riding
Dragons, Feeding Dragons, Curing Dragons, and Owning Dragons. In this lesson, the one
I’m being called to , we’re learning how to deal with a depressed ,
depression for dragons usually only happens when they are teens  , but it is possible
for older dragons and younger dragons to be depressed.
          Holly ran, leading Ryme, well, calling him, ropes and chains were no good,
dragons just broke them, to the back door “Ready” she told her dad.
“Sam’s waiting out the front” He told her.
          Sam’s my trainer, she’s about 20, not much older than me, and
she looks slightly like a rabbit. She has black hair with bright, flame-orange
highlights, and piercing blue eyes. But she’s fun, and easy going, so we get
along well.
Holly started walking through the house. “Oi, no dragons in the house!”
Her dad shouted cheekily. “Alright dad!” Holly turned round, she led Ryme
to a clear spot in the back garden, mounted him, and took off. She held on tight
while they went over her house then leant forwards as she landed.
“Ready?” asked Sam “As always” replied Holly.  
Lesson Plan.

        “Well, next time you’ll have your exam” Sam told Holly,
ticking things off her list. “Really? Then I become a dragon master,
don’t I?” Holly asked. “Yes, but it’s not easy passing
it” Sam explained, still checking her list “It can be incredibly
difficult, some of the wisest dragon masters had to do it twice or more, Merlin, for
    “Merlin, the great sorcerer person, had to re-sit it!?” Holly was
astonished. “Yeah, he did it, three times, I believe.” Sam replied.
“Oh, but then, surely, I won’t be able to do it” Holly wasn’t
so sure now. “Sure you will, I was bottom of the class when I took it, and look
where I am now!” Sam tried to reassure her. I still wasn’t sure.
“Ok, I think I can do it” Holly told Sam. “You think?” Sam
raised an eyebrow. “I know I can do it!” Holly told herself,
untruthfully. “That’s more like it! You better get home, your dad will be
wondering where you’ve got to!” Sam said.

Your probably wondering where my mum is in all this, all the ‘dad this’
and ‘dad that’, well I’m sorry to say my mum died when I was a
toddler, her name was Opal. I still miss her, being a toddler while she was alive I
remember her. Before you ask, she wasn’t killed by a dragon.

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