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Friday, 26 January 2007
10:02:17 PM (GMT)
-Would you rather find true love or $1 million? 
True Love
-Would you always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?
Never Speak again (some things are best not to be said
-Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about @ all!?
I would like people not talking about me even if its good
-Would you rather have stars in your eyes or eyes on the back if your head?
I don’t get this one but ill say stars in my eyes
-Would you rather have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?
Bionic hearing that would be kool
-would you rather be able to hear ne convo or take back any thing you say?
Take back anything I say sometimes I don’t think when I speak
-would you rather end hunger or hatred?
Hatred I hate the whole purpose of war
-rather publish your diary or make a movie about your most embarrassing
the movie that would actually be pretty funny
-rather b caught singing in the mirror or spying on your crush?
I always sing in the mirror and I don’t care who sees me
-rather be a dog named killer or a cat named fluffy?
Fluffy? I mean I love cats but Fluffy? no thanks ill be KILLER *evil laugh*
-rather give up movies or music?
MOVIES DEFENTLY!!!! I could not live with out my music I would die
-rather be stranded on a desert island alone or w/ someone u hate?
with someone I hate then I could kill then *evil laugh again*
-rather get even or get over it?
Get EVEN *evil laugh* (im being very evil)
-rather always lose or never play? 
Lose who cares it’s just a game 
-rather b forced to lie to your best bud or tell the truth to your parents?
even though I hate doing it I would lie to my best bud like I would tell my parents
the truth I would be killed by em
-rather know it all or have it all?
I hate know it alls so have it all
-rather get 1st dibs or last laugh?
1st dibs that would be kool
-rather give bad advice or take it?
I always take bad advice so who cares
-rather have sand in your shorts or water in your ear?
what the hell?!?!? Dodgy question water in my ear
-rather forget your sunscreen or your sunglasses?
Sunglasses I like to protect my skin
-rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?
I would step on a crab it could be a small one so it wont hurt 
-rather own a ski lodge or a surf camp?
as much as I love snow im gonna have to go Surf camp I love the ocean
-rather forget who u r or who everyone else was?
Forget who I was I would hate forgetting my friends
-rather have 1 wish granted today or 3 10 yrs from now?
the one wish I could wish for more wishes 
-rather have 1 song playing in your head forever or have to say "like" before
every sentence?
One song as long as it’s a good song I hate girls who say like to much
-rather give up your computer or your pet?
computer I love my cat more then anything he is like my son
-rather be the sand castle or the wave?
The wave yeah that would be kool
-rather overthrow a dictatorship or lead one?
*very insane evil laugh* LEAD ONE 
-rather write the worst book in history or record the worst song?
Worst book songs are more important you can hear em everywhere and not everyone will
have the book
-rather get free chocolate for 1 yr or free potatoes forever? 
I like mashed potatoes but I LOVE CHOCOLATE chocolate mmmm yummy

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