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Monday, 22 January 2007
02:29:14 AM (GMT)
My dear, loyal fans.
I regret to tell you that from this moment, I will be starting an online diary. No, I
will not write in every day. Only when stuff happens. And trust me, stuff happens a
lot. Like today for instanse.

My name is Ella. For security issues, in my Diary, everyone will be renamed. Ok here

Exactly three days ago, I found out that my friend, Tim, went to hospital. Ok, so Tim
isn't just a friend. We dated a couple of years back. But we broke up, and now we're
good friends. But last thursday, he went and fell off his bike, and had to have his
spleen removed. If you don't know what a spleen is, go and look it up.

Now, I will tell you the reason we broke up. Her name is Jess, and she lives a total
of 2 minutes walk from my house. We've been practically good friends since the end of
year 7, and we're now in year 12. At the end of year 8, we both met Tim at my best
friend, Danny's 14th birthday party. Tim automatically fell for Jess, but for some
reason went out with me instead. It's the main reason we broke up.

On the 27th of December, Jess went to New Zealand. Tim started talking to me again.
He kept saying that he was over Jess, that he would never take her back, and that he
realised that when Jess started dating her current boyfriend, Rohan. But in New
Zealand, Jess cheated on Rohan, with a guy named Matt. And when she got back, she
wanted to break up with Rohan, but he didn't want to let her go, so now they're on a

Today, Jess and I went to see Tim in hospital. He found out that Jess and Rohan had
broken up, and the two of them spent most of the day sitting there holding hands
(well, not technically, but basically). If you don't see the point yet in this story,
it's the fact that Tim lied to me. I mean, I knew he could never get over her, he
loved her too much. But he doesn't have to lie about it, does he?

Before you think anything, don't even ask. I don't still like Tim. The guy I like
lives too far away for me to date, but more on him later. This entry was completely a
ranting about Tim lieing to me entry. So now I want your opinion... do you think it
is right for me to hold a grudge on someone who is in hospital?

Laters, Till the water falls...


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