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The Thing Ch 2 The hospital IncedentCategory: horror book
Sunday, 17 December 2006
08:46:00 AM (GMT)
"mom are you ok"Sarah says as she walk up to her mom.sarah is crying all to tears
when she sees the meter of her moms heartbeat because its not right."no sweetheart
i'm herting very bad" says her mom in a whisper.Sarah gets a very bad feeling that
someone or something was watching me.As i turn around the...the...the doctor was
right behind me taking notes.Sarah screamed because she thought...(well you
know.)Sarah tried to stand up to say sorry to the docter but when she got up she saw
behind the docter a black shadow in the croud and she fell down passed out."not
again"said sarah as she wakes up.She finds herself also on a hospital bed but as she
tries to get up she cant.She seems to be so weak that she can only move her
head."DOCTER"screamed sarah.the docter ran in,in a flash"what"siad the doc."why cant
i move"."we put alittle drug in you it should wair off in a few minutes after you've
woken up.Sarah tried moving and finally she can stand but she sits back down and
screams when she saw the black figure RIGHT behind the docter and decapitated the
docs head off.Sarah cant move because she is in ful out shock.The thing is coming
closer to her but it stops and had an evil smile on his face.he turned right and
started attacing sarahs mom.Sarah screams and runs out of the room.As she is running
she can hear the divouring screams of her mother.Sarah kepps running without looking
back because she knows why her mom is no-longer screaming.Sarah runs down to the
bacement of the hospital and curls up and hides behind some boxes.She hears a door
open and the horrid sounds of lip smacking.The can here the things voice say"I'm
hear".Sarah is crying to her self because she knows she is not going to make it.She
closes her eyes when sarah herd all the boxes move.She opened her eyes and she saw
the death of the grim reaper and herd the cries of her soal as she goes into a major
black-out but she still feels the pain of her soal being riped out.The last thing
sarah said in her life was.....

............................................Thank you........

hottbaberapperdancer says:   17 December 2006   751816  
i am so sorry
patgirlric1993 says:   17 December 2006   566477  
why r u srry
supertori11 says:   17 December 2006   285362  
woah tht was gud but is there only 2 chpters?
phantomring12 says:   18 December 2006   473558  
write more u can't leave everybody lost ,lol
patgirlric1993 says:   18 December 2006   797686  
no duh thats the point
patgirlric1993 says:   18 December 2006   749413  
to all the ppl its not over its just over for Sarah
Cheerleader says:   18 December 2006   679583  
patgirlric1993 says :   30 December 2006   337873  
Every one i will be making all the rest on kittykittenmeo(thats my
new one)


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