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Thursday, 8 March 2018
06:39:42 AM (GMT)
pinched from ana because i'm bored and nothing will load fast enough

1 ;
q: did you wake up cranky?
a: for the first time in ages, i didn't. i woke up feeling real good and actually
kind of pepped for the day.

2 ;
q: would you date an 18 year old at your current age?
a: yeah. i'm only 17 but i'll be 18 in a few months so it's not strange lmao.

3 ;
q: do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?
a: i'll honestly be friends with anyone. i seem to be friends with mostly girls,
which is ironic because i don't really like the way girls behave. idk this question
is tough.

4 ;
q: would you ever smile at a stranger?
a: i smile at strangers but none of them smile at me. children stare at me a lot and
i always smile at them too (even tho i don't like kids) but generally i'm friendly

5 ;
q: can you commit to one person?
a: yeah, but i'm fickle. i tend to get scared of the commitment and break things off
before they get serious, or do things to make them hate me and leave me so i know
exactly what i did to make them leave. nobody really has patience for me or
sticks around for me so it's more of a defense mechanism i suppose.

6 ;
q: how do you look right now?
a: like a bag of shit lmao. i'm in my jimjams, watching a lovely tv biopic and i'm
waiting for tiredness to hit me.

7 ;
q: what exactly are you wearing right now?
a: one of my dad's old t shirts. i'm wearing it like a nightie bc my dad is fat, and
i have my man bun on and up bc my mum finally shaved my undercut again and it's

8 ;
q: how often do you listen to music?
a: it depends. not much anymore, unless i need background noise whilst im working and
always on the bus to and from college (because i'm without erin most of the time). i
don't really listen to it at leisure anymore, it's a distraction or background

9 ;
q: do you wear jeans or sweats more?
a: i wear jeans every single day of my life lmao. i feel really uncomfortable wearing
anything else, however i do like to wear my one pair of joggers around the house.
they're great for lounging.

10 ;
q: do you think your life will change dramatically before 2019?
a: nah, but i have some plans that might change that perspective~

11 ;
q: are you a social or antisocial person?
a: i'm both and it's so weird. on the surface i'm quite social and i like to spend
time with friends, be around people etc. but... i resent people a lot and tend to
have really cruel thoughts about others. it's not something i truly feel about anyone
but my brain decides that everyone is a threat an thus everyone needs to be kept at a
distance, and every reason why i 'hate' them. i'd never let those thoughts show
(unless they were right and i was sick of forgiving that person for hurting me)
because i'm not a maniac but it is a difficult dynamic. it makes me feel like i'm
fake somehow, but honestly i think everyone is prone to nasty thoughts tbh.

12 ;
q: if the person you liked said they liked someone else, what would you say?
a: i don't like anyone so idk lmao. in the past, this has happened and i've
vehemently encouraged people to leave me for others; again that's probably defense
mechanism going haywire but hey ho. i wouldn't expect people to stick around me.

13 ;
q: are you good at hiding your feelings?
a: again, yes and no. i'd never make a public spectacle of myself with anything i
truly feel, but online i'll tell anyone & everyone my precise mood in a moment (which
changes within seconds honestly). when i had my breakdown last year, it was a totally
different story, but that's a breakdown so i think i'm excused lol.

14 ;
q: can you drive a stick shift?
a: i can't drive at all

15 ;
q: do you care if people talk badly about you?
a: nah. plenty of the bad things people have said to me have been very direct. it's
like water off a duck's back most of the time, but i never forget what they say. when
i'm feeling especially low or self loathing, then it'll bother me. tbh i'd be a
hypocrite if i cared because i've said far worse about other people than anyone has
ever said about me so ://

16 ;
q: are you going out of town soon?
a: not as far as i'm aware

17 ;
q: when was the last time you cried?
a: a while ago,,, it's bubbling at the surface tho i'm just waiting for something to
tip me over the edge again lol

18 ;
q: have you ever liked someone you didn't expect to?
a: once, and it fizzled out anyway. i don't tend to have romantic interest in anyone,
and if i do it's always mild. i'm one of those people that grows to love rather than
just falls into it, bc i'm so mistrustful lmao.

19 ;
q: if you could change your eye color, would you?
a: nah

20 ;
q: name something you have to do tomorrow
a: film ))); and probably more homework and coursework because rhiannon is incessant
with it. probably making dinner too, or the dishes. i don't usually find out until i
wake up and go inside the house lmfao.

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