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Grizzlie's AgonyCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 20 August 2014
11:50:24 PM (GMT)
She couldn't believe what she had to endure, living in this wretched place known as
Kupika City. Kupika City had really fallen into dispair over the years and had
essentially become a hellhole. Despite the condition of the city, many Kupikans opted
not to move away from it and instead to stay in the place they've called home for
years now. Sam was one of those people, she'd be here since early childhood and over
time had come to be very partial, to the point of unmistakablelove, toward a girl
everyone knew as Tana. She had charm, charisma, and wasn't the prettiest but wasn't
quite ugly either. It was the quality and perks of her personality she loved so much,
not her looks however, she'd always had a soft spot for nice personalities.

These warm feelings toward the girl were beginning to involve into something not so
partial, into something that bordered on murdureous insanity, and insane she was
being driven. She thought she was the best candidate out of anyone else to be Tana's
partner and yet she chose someone much less worthy than her, she truly believed that
whatever happiness this person could bring Tana, paled in comparison to the sort of
joy she could bring her. It started with Tana acting strangely, not at all like her
usual outgoing self, she'd been coming outside less into Fleeting Thoughts Square to
interact with everyone the way she usually did, the way she mingled with everyone,
you could tell she didn't care what anyone thought about her.

She'd often go to make sure herself that Tana was okay, the two of them were close
enough, she'd even been given a copy of the house key into Tana's house, that was
just how strong the trust between them was. Despite this, Sam understood she wasn't
opening up to her as much as she could be and there were some things she just didn't
want to talk about, not even to her. Sam didn't want to push her, to irritate
whatever emotional or mental wound she had but even with this level of understanding,
she'd be needlessly lying to herself if she didn't admit, this left her herself
wounded in a way.

Then she saw it, what led to the scene in Tana's kitchen now, where she was presently
holding a butterfly knife in her left hand, stsnding over the slumped over body of
Tana, who had a bloody slit across her front neck, blood spilling out from where her
throat should be. She knew she had given Sam a copy of the house keys, but was
baffled to her in her kitchen inexplicably. She'd parted her lips about to ask what
brought her to her home all of a sudden, she'd already done a wellness check on her
mental and emotional condition not too long ago, to be doing another one seemed to
soon in her mind. Before she could utter any words, Sam, with great swiftness,
brought the butterfly knife from behind her back and striked Tana's throat with it,
slashing across her neck.

She seemed to just stand there in shock, eyes wide, tears spilling from her bottom
eyelids, holding onto her neck and falling to her knees before she finally let go of
neck, gurggling blood initially and then falling silent, dead. Sam felt satisfied
with what she had done, she'd only done what she felt was appropriate after the
sickening scene she had to witness yesterday. Tana was standing outside of Percess's
house after coming from inside of it, they exchanged inaudible words and then faced
each other for a while before beginning to slowly close their eyes and make lip
contact. Sam felt her stomach lurch, as she recalled she might've even seen tongue
involved. The memory made her absolutely sick to her stomach, she visited Tana
everyday, with the secret feelings she held toward her, the sort of feelings that
longed for more than just friendship and to be reciprocated.

How then Tana repay her for all her attentiveness? By making out with Bitchcess, she
had always acted like she hated Tana and only started to pay positive attention to
her when she wasn't acting like herself. Sam on the other hand had always loved Tana
for who she was, this was the least she deserved, for driving her insane, to be dead
and in hell hopefully. With no regrets, Sam turned and left the kitchen, left the
house, and started getting rid of evidence.
Last edited: 21 August 2014

‹Lifeless Baby› says:   21 August 2014   307726  
This is actually really well-written and moved at the right pace.
Mind you. I could never picture Sammers doing this, but that's besides
the point. I like how you turned this website into a city and
"Fleeting Thoughts Square", I had been trying to do just that when
explaining my life and I like that idea behind turning it into
something more concrete. I do think you could add a little more
description about Sam's "insanity". Was she pacing her apartment like
a caged tiger? Did she have pictures of Tanager pasted all over her
wall like a freaky stalker? 
But, all in all, I liked it.
KayKay183 says:   21 August 2014   934107  
It's pretty good... Thank you for sharing that
‹Sherry Web› says:   21 August 2014   963353  
It was my pleasure, glad you liked it  
KayKay183 says:   21 August 2014   841318  
Yeah. Haha thanks for sending me a message. Lol
‹Sherry Web› says:   21 August 2014   483563  
I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, I'm trying to be more detailed
oriented. Sam actually requested I write a fanfic in which she 'slit
my throat', so, yeah, here it is xD 
Grizzlies says:   21 August 2014   727108  
Hahaha omfg i love this :')
‹Sherry Web› says :   21 August 2014   167421  
I'm glad you think it's good, but it's ironic considering before you
said you expected ''disappointment''. 


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