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Even More Fanfiction (Chapter 3: A Prince's Heart)Category: (general)
Saturday, 19 July 2014
04:30:41 AM (GMT)
So I finally gave this a name. It's called "Speak of Love". And here's chapter 3.
(Also, I'm posting this story on fanfiction.net and I'm sure if you search for it and
find it. My username if ICantEvenBruh)

Chapter3: A Prince's Advice

'For being the top of the class he is such a damn idiot' Tamaki thought after hanging
up on his best friend. His feelings regarding Kyoya's love for Haruhi were mixed ones
that consisted of jealousy and encouragement. A part of Tamaki hated him for loving
the female host, but another part of equal size knew he deserved her. The rest of the
space in his brain was filled with love for Haruhi.

While sitting at the desk in his bedroom, Tamaki decided to sort his thoughts by
making two lists: Why Kyoya Should Have Haruhi and Why Kyoya Should Leave Haruhi
Alone Forever.

The first and most important item on the 'Why Kyoya Should Leave Haruhi Alone
Forever' list was the fact that Tamaki was desperately in love with her. From the
moment she walked in the doors of the host club, Tamaki was oddly attracted to her.
Her awkward shyness on the first day is what drew him in, but when he finally
discovered her beauty, he knew there was no going back. The moment he walked in on
the changing beauty, the blond host realized that he loved every single part of
Haruhi Fujioka.

When he completed the first list, Tamaki began the second, which was the 'Why Kyoya
Should Have Haruhi' list. On this list, the first and most important point is that
Kyoya deserves her. Ever since Tamaki figured out just how much Kyoya felt pressured
by everything, he felt a small hint of sympathy towards him. Kyoya would have to work
himself to the bone to stay at the top of his class, have excellent social
connections, and even make his own family proud. The thought of a single teenage boy
having so much pressure on him make even his own relatives pleased made Tamaki's
blood boil. He hoped that someday, someone could relieve Kyoya of his demons and give
the chance to make someone happy by simply being himself.

After the blond added a few more details to the second list, it was complete. He sat
there looking back and forth at each list, comparing them. Each one had the same
number of points; all of equal importance to Tamaki and due to this dilemma, he
couldn't decide which list had won. He was desperately searching his mind, hoping to
find another legitimate argument to put on a list, but his brain came up empty.

As Tamaki continued to search his brain, a maid of the Suoh house walked by the blond
boy's door and discovered his light was still on. She lightly knocked on the door and
then cracked it open when there was no response. When she opened the door she saw a
confused looking Tamaki sitting at his desk looking down at what appeared to be two
lists. She was somewhat concerned with this sight, so she spoke up and said, "Master
Tamaki, it's midnight, are you alright?"

The blond was slightly alarmed at hearing a sudden voice, but then looked up to see
that it was only a maid by the name of Amelia. He then replied, "Yes Amelia, I'm
quite alright. I would like some tea though, if that's okay?"

"Of course master Tamaki. I'll be right back."

When Amelia returned a few minutes later with a pot of tea, she saw her master
examining the same two lists in a confused manner, just as he had been before. She
poured him a cup of tea and turned to leave until Tamaki spoke up and said, "Amelia,
can I ask you something?"

She turned around to face the boy and said, "Of course, master Tamaki. What is it?"

Tamaki hesitated for a moment, deciding how to phrase his question. Soon, he asked,
"Have you ever been in love?"

"I'm afraid not, master. But I can assure you if I ever had been, I would have
cherished it to the end of time."

"Well, let's suppose you were in love with someone, but your friend was in love with
that same person as well. And naturally, the person you both are in love with has no
idea that either of you have such strong feelings. Also, you don't want to hurt your
friend's feelings. What would you do in a situation like that?" Tamaki inquired.

Amelia paused to attempt to figure out what she would do, but then confidently
stated, "I would do everything I could to be with the one I love. I wouldn't want to
upset my friend, but I would hope they decide to take the same actions as me. Perhaps
this may seem a bit cliché, but if the other person were really your friend, they
would accept you no matter the outcome."

Tamaki smiled upon hearing her response and thanked her for her time. When Amelia
closed the door, the princely blond picked up his tea and sipped at it slowly. After
much contemplation and consideration of what Amelia said, Tamaki finally came to a

'I will encourage Kyoya, but at the same time I also have to do what's right for me.
So I guess that means I should get working on a love confession.' Tamaki thought. He
was relieved to have finally made a decision and he hoped Kyoya had felt that same
relief that night.

Finally, with a clear head and an empty tea cup, Tamaki Suoh retired to the comfort
of his bed at 1:30 AM. A peaceful expression passed on his face before he closed his
eyes. That night, for the first time in a long while, he dreamt a lovely dream.
Before, they all consisted of jumbles of unpleasant confusion involving himself,
Kyoya, and of course Haruhi. But tonight was different. In his dream, the prince,
Tamaki, was finally able to make Haruhi his princess.

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