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Tuesday, 24 September 2013
11:39:59 PM (GMT)
We.  That word should have new meaning to us today.  We sit here in civilian rank
and file, honored guests of a distinguished past, proof of History’s greatest
mystery.  That is the ability to steam forward, endless and boundless; the ability to
remember a man forever, immortalized in space, and ubiquitous in time.
However, today we see a difference.   She no longer remembers this man or that woman.
 She hails and praises a generation of men and women that saw a future as never
before seen, that had a vision larger than History itself.  A man of our great
generation once said, “We may not be geniuses, you and I; we may not be the best of
the best or the highest of social classes.  But for our part, we had a vision.  To
see a galaxy, nay a thousand such in a blink of the eye, surely this is a gift worthy
of genius.”
He could have been speaking of us, of Generation 2K in the years and steps we have
taken to shape the fortunes of this planet.  We entered this world in the last decade
of a century fraught with turmoil, and a millennium of unparalleled changes and with
us we brought something She had caught only glimpses of in bygone years.  What was
it?  Vision.Ambition.Optimism.But perhaps most of all, faith.  Not just faith in God
above and not simply faith in the system or the social order of the righteousness of
one’s personal endeavors, but an unquenchable faith in one another, an unequivocal
belief in camaraderie, an insatiable thirst for progressive knowledge, and an
unrivalled passion for the universal well-being and enlightenment of mankind in its
We.  If I could say that the afore-mentioned successes of our generation were
attributed to anyone else, I would lay to rest the grace of my task and permit one to
say otherwise.  And with all certainty, She would laugh silently and continue
They used to say that “we” threatened “I”, and without “I”, thought and
innovation were impossible.  We showed them otherwise.  We proved that collective
knowledge is far more intellectual and effective than an isolated and dissimilated
idea.  They said war was a necessary evil, a natural extension of law and policy.  We
proved otherwise.  Today the world is treading a new, unprecedented path of global
unification on all fronts economic, political, and social.  Today we have shown that
war is the lesser expression of a greater ideal.  Universal education, ubiquitous
healthcare, and devotion to such humanitarian acts as ridding the world of poverty
and spreading the vaccines for preventable illnesses as acts of selflessness in favor
of the well-being of every member of the human race is the greater expression of
mankind’s divine right and purpose.  Thus we have proven.
We delved into the deepest depths of the human heart, and in it we found a common
passion, a common goal.  We crafted from the primeval mud of hard labor, of strength
and determination, a higher purpose and a loftier state of existence that we
privileged men and women could bask in.  We sculpted from the amorphous clay of
scattered and segregated visions and dreams of our forefathers, a true reality worthy
and capable of elevating mankind to a stage of civilization and unification unlike
this world has ever seen.  We were the middle children of history, born at the tail
end of a century wrought by the greatest human calamities since the beginning of
recorded time, born into a world hoping for some semblance of peace, groping for some
sense of security. We were not baby boomers; we had no Great War to fight.  We
weren’t numbered among the Hippies; some of us barely counted as Cold War babies. 
Our generation faced a new war, a war of ideology, a war in which the best defense
was not superior technology, and an overwhelming strength in numbers and arms.  In
this war, the best defense was diplomacy, patience, and respect for one another as
human beings.  And all they had was fear.  We learned that fear was not the correct
answer, not the final solution, because fear of something would only make a person
work just hard enough to avoid that something.
As children, we grew up in an era when optimism was beginning to wane, faith coming
into question, and the all-powerful guards of our security increasingly doubted.  And
we realized in our teenaged years and as we began to choose where we would specialize
so as to give back to the ailing world, that the spark of new hope would have to come
from within us and us alone.  For just as the physical blood of a World War II
generation had been all but spent on the battlefields of the 1940’s, so the
emotional, mental, and spiritual blood of the generation of our mother’s and
father’s had been drained without mercy.  The time had come for a new generation of
men and women to relieve their forebears of the burden they had carried for so long,
a generation that had learned the new lessons of the past and had a profound
understanding of the value of progressive thought, of humility and tolerance, of
respect and camaraderie.    That generation was ours.
But let it not be said that we were never without our flaws.  Let us not make the
mistake of thinking that we never appeared destined to make the same fatal errors as
our forefathers.  In our youth, many a finger was pointed with regards to 9-11,
economic downturns, the Iraq War and so forth.  And yet at a dire moment, when we
were so near the point of inheriting the reins of history itself, we took a crucial
minute to reflect.  As though staring Her in the face was all the understanding one
needed of the gravity of the events that were to unfold, and the magnitude of the
projects we were about to undertake, we found our moxie.  The time for petty quarrels
was over.  We were destined to act, to break from the bureaucratic quagmire of the
powers-that-were, and advance on all known fronts of modern society, not in the name
of one country or another, but in the name of the planet Earth, and the human race
She told us to become, and we did.  She showed us it was time, and we acted.  We
recognized the quintessential message embodied within the very fabric of sentient
life, that not only did we have the right to exist, but the obligation to coexist in
absolute and unquestionable oneness.  And so, in obedient response, we arose to
replace a failing world order with a truly inalienable existence unprecedented and
unrivalled in human history, by the people, for the people, and directed by a course
so obviously natural, that its structure could only have been crafted by a higher
My friends, I present to you our legacy. The unification of the nations in the name
of one human population, and the strength and will to take on Her full
responsibility, and revel in it with the utmost success.
When the day comes that She closes Her great tome of human history, rest assured with
the knowledge that we in it shall be forever remembered, the proud, the honored, the
dedicated, Generation 2K.

‹Leannán_Báistí› says:   26 September 2013   523505  
I absolutely adore this dear It has so much depth and meaning. You
seem to be quite the optimist!
cybergurl101 says:   10 December 2013   700200  
heey baby
Clark117 says :   10 December 2013   800681  
Hey  lol


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