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This is from my own heart!Category: We shouldn't make hard on other
Wednesday, 24 April 2013
10:10:18 AM (GMT)
We should't make people think things if it isn't true unless someone willing to show
you the true, the young lady i wrote about she loves her brothers & sister and she
told me to tell then she not mad at them I'm going let the public know my husband and
i been talking to her cause one of brother nick name is, never heard of that name
before is fatback. She move away cause when her mother died; her on sister made her
lose her two bedroom house it wasn't a big house but it was big enough for her fence
all the way around  she hadn't seem her sister in twelve yrs. she ask her to move in
with her she was scare to but she said what the heck why not. So when her sister had
her operation on her back she was there for her and before she move her things in her
sister house she ask her would you put me out and she said no, she ask her three
times. She was talking about selling her house moving to Nashville moving into a
condo together she said it was great sitting up together talking and one day she
wanted to reach out to one the brother before he left to go back home and he rejected
her and she said, she doing again and her sister said who mama and their mother was
in her grave. Public this hard for her to talk about it let me say this the oldest
girl she wanted to give eveybody nothing she wanted her sister to lie in court about
the money in the bank saying it wasnt' any money but the judge make her come up also,
because he seem her at the corner of his eyes shakeing her head no, so he sworn her
in to she got mad and fired the lawyer. But after they came from court the oldest
girl two days later wanted to take over everythang was going give her sister 500
hundred, but when they baby brother got into a motorcycle accident she was going 
give him two thousand and she was going to keep the rest because her father really
left it to her, and she  ask what about the other brothers, her respone was fatback
was our half brother and the other brother  don't know anyhing, that hurt her so she
knew she had to do something fast. So, the baby girl took the money and splitted and
gave the one had the accident a little bit more that why he had two check. The teller
at the bank mess up on his name so she had to resend it she didnt see the mistake he
call her and let her know, she dont want to talk about anymore she did nothing wrong.
My question to the people in the south : Why are yall messing with her? Please write
your comments at the bottom of my diary: And one more question: Do yall know her?
And, what  did she do to you?

flymama writes :   24 April 2013   102529  
She want talk to me anymore, but my husband and i are satisfy and she
except my apologie from me that all it count to me, public i was
getting information for yall to right is right and wrong is wrong
don't judge any one espically if you don't no them.
Seeking for boys i have a husband that loves me, i don't have to seek
nowhere its already here. Public all im saying she don't have to tell
us nothing because we wrong what we doing to her if you believe in the
Lord you no its wrong.


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