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Wednesday, 23 January 2013
06:46:01 AM (GMT)
My name is Ruby, when I was six my father died and left me and my mother with
Nothing, she always tried to keep a smile on her face but the job she had payed
Very little and we weren’t able to keep the house. Even though we lost everything
Always smiled and told me that everything is fine. She got a job at a fancy
restaurant as the cleaning lady I would
Help. We both are living homeless out on the streets. I didn't mind working with my
Mother at the restaurant it also gave me a chance to eat something i was the one who
Cleaned the floors and the windows while my mother cleaned the dishes and they kept
Coming and coming. On my 14 birthday the boss was kind enough to give me a job as a
Person that takes rich peoples cars and washes them then takes back to the front
Entrance one of the weirdest jobs I know but it paid good. i have been 14 for two
Months and my mother died when sleeping it was probably because of how cold it was,
She gave me her blanket. After that even when i was angry i smiled it’s hard to
When your sad but when I was yelled at I smiled and took it. Now it’s my 15
And that day my life started to change.


While I was at the local markets I was trying to make a little bit of money by
playing my father’s guitar, I wasn’t all that good at making up songs but I got
few change from playing at the market, today the market was full of people, a lot of
people were raising money for charity and stuff like that, I don’t want to be
selfish but the money that I make is what I really need. When I walked through the
entrance carrying my guitar and stool I saw side shows little rides food stalls
antiques, plants, toys and tools everything I wish I had. As I walked over to the
middle of the market place there was a little girl crying I walked over to her and
asked her “what’s wrong kid?” she sniffed and said “the mean clown won’t
let me have a balloon she started to cry some more I looked around and in the
distance was a bunch of balloons I looked back at the little girl and I asked “my
name is Ruby, what’s yours?” “it’s Lola”  she replied while rubbing her eye
“ok Lola could you watch my stuff and I’ll get you that balloon” she whipped
her tear away and nodded I nodded back then stood up and ran over towards clown with
the balloons. “Hello can I have a red balloon?” “HEY I’m NOT IN THE MOOD FOR
can I have this and can I have that right now! OK?!” said the clown by the smell of
his breath he was drunk “how about five bucks?” I asked he turned around to me
and said “how about shut the hell up!” I looked down then i saw scissors in his
pocket I smiled and quickly grabbed the scissors and cut the ribbon with the red
balloon on it and then ran with it he yelled and shouted at me and I was having the
time of my life until… I was nearly hit by some guys motor bike *screech* I think
my heart stopped for a second the guy got off his bike and then yelled to me “what
do you think you were doing, you could have gotten killed!” I just smiled and said
“sorry got to go” I ran and left him in a shock because of what I said. I ran to
the centre and found the little girl I ran over to her. She said “are you ok?” I
was bending over trying to catch my breath i then stood up and said “here a red
balloon” I felt good “thank you so much, but how did you get it?” I smiled and
said “I have my ways” she giggled and ran off.  I started to set my guitar up and
left the case open and I sat down then I started to play. “I don't want you, I need
I don't care for you, I love you I'll be there for you because of you I'll do
anything for you, you, you I'll  do anything for you I'll do anything for you, you,
you I'll do anything for you I won't sing for you, I'll belt for you I won't cry for
you, I'll bawl for you I won't die for you, I'll live for you I'll do anything for
you, you, you I'll do anything for you I'll do anything for you, you, you I'll do
anything for you If you want me to stay, then I'll stay Oh, oh, oh If you want me to
go, I'll go Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
I don't care for you, I love you I don't want you, I need you I won't kill for you,
I'll live for you I'll do anything for you, you, you I'll do anything for you I'll do
anything for you, you, you I'll do anything for you” I got a big audience they
clapped and sent their children to give me two dollars, even the guy from the bike
was watching but he soon walked away. When I was finished I got at least forty bucks
or twenty I don’t know but I got to have something to eat. When I was walking
around there was something going on at the stage when I was walking over my hand was
pulled I looked down and it was that little girl “what’s going on?” I asked
“the millionaire’s sons are having a fight”. The two sons were named Theo and
Aaron, Aaron was the one who nearly ran me over and Theo owns the market and the big
shopping centre well actually he’s the manager his father owns them. They were
arguing about how Aaron risking his and someone else’s life to raise money “no
one will be in your stupid act” said Theo, Aaron then said “I’m pretty sure
Lilly will” he looks at Lilly and she shakes her head “what!? I have known you
since first grade and you don’t trust me?” she panicked a little and walked away,
Theo smiled and laughed a bit then Aaron looked at the crowed and then I started to
move up to the stage. The little girl tried to stop me but I kept going “I’ll do
it” I said while walking up the stairs “Who is she you know her?” asked Theo
Aaron was about to say something then I said “you could say that, he nearly ran me
over” then a little voice from the crowd said “HER NAME IS RUBY!” I smiled.
“Are you sure you? It’s pretty dangerous” said Aaron in a cheeky way I sighed
and smiled then said “I have survived a lot of things that has happened to me all
my life I am pretty sure I can do some stupid stunt of yours” he got more pissed
off the more I smiled but I couldn’t help it he crossed his arms and then looked
down at me “you know you could die” I crossed my arms and smiled then said “it
would be better than the life I live now” he uncrossed his arm then grabbed me by
the arm and said “fine”. Ok I was standing on one of three trucks holding a
balloon there was two ramps one on one side and one on the other side. The young
millionaire was starting up his motor, he was looking at me with devil eyes, he then
put his helmet on then I stuck my hand up with the balloon and I may have looked
brave but I was scared out of my mind especially when I heard the motorbike coming
straight towards me. When he was in the air I stopped breathing for a few seconds
after grabbed the balloon from my hand. When he was finished his brother ran up to me
to see if I was alright “you ok?” I was breathing very deeply then I said to him
“I could use a lie down” then I blacked out after that. When I woke up I was in
some seat and Theo was staring right at me he almost made me fall out of my chair. I
rubbed my eye then I asked “did he make the jump?” he smiled and said “yeah, he
did” I then stood up and stretched and I said “Oh no my guitar where did I put
it?!” “What guitar?” “it’s my dad’s, it has an A on the front it’s in a
case “I then sighed and sat down I looked at Theo and smiled and said no worries
it’s just a guitar”. I looked at Theo’s watch then I grabbed his wrist and then
I said “oh shit I’m late do you think you could give me a ride?” he looked at
me funny then he said “ok then where to?” 
“uh… it’s called… uh god I have worked there since seven and I can’t
remember the name” he then says to me “do you know what it looks like?” I
walked back and forward and I said “it has two big front doors beautiful furniture,
usually two people standing at the front door royal red wall paper, a car park that
goes around the back of the building and it has a fountain as a roundabout” he then
remembered what she was talking about he was taken there when he was little “oh I
know where it is come on”. His car was so cool it had windows that could go down by
a push of a button! “so don’t you have a car?” he asked, as I was playing with
the window I replied “oh I can’t afford one”  “why not?” “well when I was
little my father died and my mother started to lose money and her job didn’t pay
well and with all the bills and everything we were kicked out” I said then smiled,
“where’s your mother?” when he asked that question I felt a thud “well she…
she died it was so cold that day she gave me her blanket” a tear rolled down my
face I quickly wiped it away and smiled “I don’t really like talking about it”.
When we pulled up I opened the door and then I said to him “thank you” I got out
and walked up and went in the back way, as he sat there in his car he started to
remember when he was little in that restaurant he was watching the waiters going in
and out of the kitchen door when suddenly he noticed a little girl on the floor using
a wet cloth of some sort cleaning the floor she was really working hard but she was
just a kid, when she noticed him he got a bit shy she smiled and then did something
funny when the doors opened she made different faces trying to make Theo smile it
worked she then got up and ran out the kitchen door and to the bathroom doors, he
then asked to go to the bathroom he ran over to her and she said “Hi why aren’t
you happy?” he then said “it’s my mother there’s something up, why are you
happy?” she just kept smiling and said “because I am helping” then she ran off.

A few hours later I was so tired today was such a long day as I was washing cars I
was falling asleep “oh so TIRED! Ok nearly done” I just needed to wash it off I
grabbed the hose and I know I was being childish but everyone does it “bang bang
bang” I laughed, I was using the hose like a gun. “done” then from my shoulder
I here “Ruby we need the car back over” “Jacob, you don’t need to say over
this is not a mission” I said as I got in the car. When I reached up to the
entrance a lady with a little dog in her bag, I smiled and gave her keys  to her as
she got into the car I said “good luck” then I went to stand next to the fool on
the radio before “who were you saying good luck to?” I flicked my hair and I
replied “the dog, I don’t like how they use the dog as an accessory” he then
said “oh” I then looked at him and smiled and said “did you try anything with
her?” he then put a serious face on and said “of course not, it’s against the
rules to flirt with the guests” I was laughing in side “what happened Jacob” I
said while leaning on his shoulder he then said “ok, I couldn’t every time I
tried to get a bit close that stupid dog would try to bite me” I really tried not
to laugh then he said “go ahead , I know you want to” then I stopped leaning on
him and I asked “are you sure?” he then nodded then I just laughed and laughed I
was falling down “ha ha ha you ha you were too scared to because of a chiwawa
hahaha oh that’s to funny!” I just kept laughing and then I fell to the floor I
started to hit the floor “oh I can picture it ha ha ha” he just stood “are you
finished” I then stood up and took a breath and said “yes” in a serious way. A
car pulled up and it was that girl that Aaron knows, as she stepped out of the car
she flipped her hair then looked at me like I was a bug, I kept looking at the ground
thinking “shit, shit, shit, it’s her what is she doing here” Jacob was looking
at her like she was a queen or something. She walked up to me and then said “do not
interfere with what the princesses do” she then stuck here keys in my face and then
I slowly stuck my hand out and she dropped them in it, I was frozen just standing
there “Ruby? RUBY?” he said I then shoved her keys to Jacob and I said “here, I
know you want to” he ran into the car then drove off to the car park.  Business was
starting to slow down a bit maybe because it was ten o’clock, I was falling asleep
standing up and I am a deep sleeper. A car rolled up and it was a great car, ok I was
asleep and my head was looking at the ground with my hand out. It was Aaron he walked
up to me then waved his hand in front of my face he didn’t recognised me because my
hair was in the way then he said “hello?” I just mumbled “so… nice”  he
then looked confused and put his keys in my hand then he walked inside. I started to
fall forward then I fell on the ground, of course that woke me up “ow, ow my
face” I looked at the window and I looked at my reflection and nothing was bruised
or broken. I then saw Aaron with that bitch, after that second I ducked from the
window and I saw keys in my hand and the car it must be Aarons. I smiled I kept
having thoughts of outing scratches on it… or kicking the window in… or turning
on the rock radio then turning it up the volume and taking the nob off… yeah I can
just imagine his face in all those three situation, but have to keep this job since I
lost my guitar. Ok I drove up to the parking lot and I got cleaning, when I was
finished I looked in the back seats and then I said “oh man, those seats must be so
commutable” I opened the door then I sat down and closed the door and said “I was
right these are…” then I fell asleep. 
Meanwhile in the restaurant Aaron and that girl were talking I think her name was
Vanessa “thank you for the meal” said Vanessa then Aaron picked up his glass and
said “so why didn’t you trust me?” she looks away for a second then looks back
at Aaron and says “I wanted to trust you but I didn’t want to risk my life” he
then put the glass down and said “do you really think that I would let harm come to
you” she takes a quick deep breath and says “Aaron, I hate being in a dangerous
situation” “you weren’t in any danger I knew what I was doing” she then got
up and said “I’m going” then she walked out the door. One of the other guys was
standing there and he quickly turned his back and said “Jacob?”  “yeah?”
“did you get a car from a tall blonde by any chance?” after he said that her car
quickly rolled up then Jacob ran out of the car and gave Vanessa the keys and said in
a high but low voice “here” she took the keys and said “uh… thanks?” she
then walked to the car and he was still standing in the same pose “your welcome”.
A few minute later Aaron walked out of the doors and asked for his car Jacob talked
into the radio and said “hey we need the car back” I was still asleep in the
backseat and I said to the radio while sleeping “can’t… I’m on… a break”.
Jacob then turned to the other guy then he said “go get the car” “no you get
the car” he replied “ok scissors paper rock…” Jacob losses “damn why do I
always go for scissors” Jacob said while walking off “it’s always scissors”.
When he got up to the car he didn’t notice me at all he just brought the car around
to the front, I think he didn’t notice me because he was to angry about choosing
scissors, when he gave Aaron the keys they all still didn’t notice me in the car
what stupid idiots. Ok now I am in the car and Aaron is driving back to his place!
Along the way he came up to a red light and did a quick break which made me fall to
the car floor, he heard the thud and he looked behind him and saw nothing, he was too
stupid to look down, ok now I am being to mean but It would have been a lot smarter
to look down. 
He pulled up into this house that to me is the greatest house ever it was on right at
the beach. He got out of the car then to the boot and got out my guitar. After he
went upstairs I heard from my shoulder radio “Ruby? Ruby? Where are you? Are you
done from your break?” I then slowly woke up then I said in the radio “I’m not
on a break, I was just sleeping in one of…” I then looked around me “wait
what!?” “shit, uh I’m going to call you back” then I switched it off I kept
thinking to myself you are so stupid, why would you fall asleep in a guy’s car? I
slowly walked up the stairs and I saw heaven I mean his lounge room you could put my
apartment in it, no I’m lying, you take half of his lounge room and put my
apartment in it. I was looking at the TV and it was huge, I started to hear foot
steeps coming down the stairs, I ducked behind the couch and waited for him to leave.
He went over to the refrigerator and grabbed out a carton of milk and drank out of it
I guessed he was depressed when he left I then got up and said to myself “ok, need
to leave now” I quickly walked around trying to look for the front door, when I
finally found it there was no handle I then started to panic and I waved my hand
where the handle should be and I then quietly said to myself “no, no, no where’s
the handle?” I then felt around the door, I was so confused, I then turned and
pushed myself to the door and slid down I quietly cried to myself in a pathetic way,
after two minutes of throwing a pathetic tantrum I looked at the door and I said in a
whining voice “please open” then I heard a click I slowly got up and I said
“open?” the door then opened and I ran through and I looked back at the door and
I asked the door “do you want me to say close?” the door slowly closed and I then
said “oh ok”.
The next morning Aaron got up from his bed and looked at his computer and noticed it
flashing he walked over and sat down at the desk.  When he opened the computer he
then saw on the screen it said an intruder he clicked on the video footage it showed
everything that happened, me getting out of the car, talking to myself hiding from
him and also the saddest moment of all crying over the door not opening and He just
laughed at that bit. He even heard me say should I say close, really embarrassing. 
That night I arrived at my apartment and I start to panic a bit more and said to
myself back and forward “on oh what if he had cameras, what if he found out and
told my boss I fell asleep in his car and ended up walking through his house, what if
I get sacked then what will I do? Oh no this is not good at all, I know I just
won’t think about it” I then marched over to my Mini fridge and got a coke out
and then I shut the door and I said “yep I’m screwed” I fell onto my small bed
and I twist and turned, I hit the bed and yelled. I was still yelling and then there
was a nocking at my door then I fell off the bed when I did I screamed then I heard a
voice say “Are you ok?” I then panicked because I thought that it was Aaron
“hello?” I then crawled across the floor to the bathroom which was right near the
door. I then slowly crept up the door and looked through the peep hole and it was
only Jack. 
Jack is my next door neighbour; he is also the best friend I could ever have because
once when I was little I got separated from my mother and when I was looking for her
I was attacked by a drunk man in his 30’s or something he chased me to an alleyway
and it was a dead end he shouted to me as he was chasing me why are you running and I
just want to show you something, oh yeah and he said come back here you little *****.
When I found out I was trapped in an alleyway he grabbed me by the arm, it really
hurt it left a bruise, then all of a sudden a pipe hit him on the back of his head
when he fell down I saw it was a boy after that I learned he was jack. He also helped
me get this apartment.
I opened the door and then he said “are you ok? You look a little stressed” I
then looked through the corridors and then grabbed Jack by the
Last edited: 26 January 2013

Love_Me_2 says :   27 January 2013   695223  
That's a long story... Longer than mine... I should make mine
longer... Can u edit diary entries?!


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