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Aubrey and AlexCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 1 January 2013
07:06:26 PM (GMT)
"Aubrey... Aubrey wake up." I slowly open my eyes and see my mother peering at me
over the blankets. "What?" I croaked out. "You still have a week of school left." She
walks to the door but turns around. "This means you need to get up now." She leaves
my room and heads down the hallway.

I push the covers off myself, and slowly pull myself out of bed. Ugh school. It has
no purpose. It's just a place for judgment and hate. I walk across my room and into
the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror. It’s funny how my friends, Alex,
Kendra and Copeland, tell me I’m pretty because I honestly don’t see it. I pull
off my pjs to weigh myself. 
I take the scale out of the bathroom cupboard and lay it on the floor, tapping the
power button with my toe. I step onto the scale, close my eyes and wait for the beep.
Gosh, I hope its low, please be low. *BEEEP* I look down. The scale reads 103.7. I
smile with satisfaction, and place it back in the cupboard. I walk over to the
shower, turn on the hot water, and step in. Today will be a good day.

After showering, I go to my closet to get school clothes. Once my mother tried
getting me into a private school. I locked my door and refused to do anything until
she called the school and told them I wouldn’t be attending. My eyes scan over each
band t-shirt until I see my new Pierce the Veil shirt. I picked up the usual black
undergarments and black skinny jeans, along with the PTV shirt.

I head back into the bathroom. I put on the undergarments, trying not to look at my
body. I pull on the jeans and slide on the shirt. I opened the bathroom drawer and
dug around for the right kind of bracelets. I picked out two black and white
checkered cuffs. This should cover everything. I plugged in the blow dryer and
straightener too. It took me awhile to blow dry my long, thin, and very dark hair.
After it's dry I comb my bangs into my face, hairspray it, and start straightening.
Then I reached for my makeup box and pulled out the usual eyeliner and mascara (I
don’t need any kind of cover up because I don’t get pimples. Mainly because my
skin is so fair, and because both my parents had it in their jeans to have nice
skin.) I apply the black eyeliner generously along with thick mascara. I quickly
brush my teeth and swish some mouthwash. "Aubrey, ten minutes!!!" My mother calls
from the living room. Ugh, shut up. 

I find a pair of socks and pull on my  favorite, sort of worn, black Chuck Taylors. I
grab my school bag and slam my door. That should make it obvious that I’m leaving.
I head down the hallway and into the kitchen I opened the fridge and filled my bad
with 6 water bottles. I closed the fridge and made my way to the door. Before I
leave, I look at my mom and say "Tell Avery ill see him tonight. Don’t leave him
home alone today." I gave her a really annoyed look and walked out the door. I pulled
my iPod out of my bag and put the headphones in my ears. King for a Day by Pierce the
Veil featuring Kellin Quinn starts playing. Good, I need to hear Vic and Kellin
singing this morning. 
I keep to the inside of the sidewalk, hoping not to trip over anything. I guess there
is something good about living 2 minutes away from your school. You don’t have to
ride a bus full of people you hate.

When I make it to school I realize I’m a little earlier than I need to be. I sit on
the brick wall in front of the school and wait for Alex, Copeland and Kendra. Would
this be one of those times to think about life or something? Ha, I wish. I start to
sing along to Bulls in the Bronx by Pierce the Veil, but Alex showed up first and I
didn’t want him to hear me sing.

"Hey! Did you get my message?" He looked at me with bright green eyes through his
dark, black hair. Ugh, he's too cute. "I’m sorry Alex, the bitch took my phone
again." I looked at down at his new black Vans. He hops onto the wall next to me and
wraps his arm around my shoulders. "Hey it’s okay, I'll lend you my old one again."
I look at him with sadness and embarrassment. "Are you sure you don’t mind." 
“Aubrey, I don’t. Ill give it to you after school, okay?” He looks at me. His
face is so close to mine. I wish I wasn’t so shy, so I could tilt my head up and
kiss his perfect lips. “Okay Alex. Thank you.” I smile at him then look back at
the ground.

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