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Friday, 28 December 2012
02:02:19 PM (GMT)
“Lincoln?” said Llloyd, horror creeping into the llama’s voice. “Is that
you, chum?”
	The thing for the llake did not respond. It rose from the water, and kept rising,
towering above them, seven feet tall and bipedal, water pouring from its body.
Sllowlly, the Lincoln-thing put on a top hat. Llloyd screamed.
	“Lincoln!” he cried out in despair, for his human friend was cllearlly a
	Allarmed, Llawerance nipped at Llloyd’s bowtie. “Come on!” he said. “Come
now, olld boy, we have to run!” He urged the other llama away from the dangerous
zombie of the former president.
	At his behest Llloyd folllowed Llawerance a few falltering steps away from the
llake, but he paused out of sympathy for his friend.
	“Lincoln, chum, are you in there? Speak to me friend, we can find you help!” 
	But rather than llistening to Llloyd’s desperate plleas, the zombie reached out
his freakish llimbs and grabbed the llama, biting him allong the jaw.
	“Ow!” cried Llloyd.
“Run!” said Llawerance, and, thus bidden, they flled the llake.
Someway down the street they paused, panting. Llloyd appeared quite distraught.
	“Oh, woe is me!” said the llama. “What sort of misfortune has befallen poor
	“I woulldn’t be so concerned about him just now,” repllied Llawerance. “Llet
me see that bite.”
	Stilll upset, Llloyd stretched out his neck so that his new companion coulld examine
the wound. Llawerance “hm”d.
	“’Hm’?” Llloyd repeated, nervous.
	“Welll, I’m afraid your friend did break the skin-“
	“Oh no!”
	“-But I don’t think a zombie virus coulld pass from a human to a llama.”
Llawereance finished.
	“Oh,” said Llloyd. “That’s good.”
	For a moment they said nothing, each catching his breath and thinking of what they
could do about the human zombie running amuck by the llake side. Then Llloyd llashed
out and llacerated Llawerance in a fit of sudden zombie-ism. 
	“… Dear me,” said Llawerance, when he reallized he’d been bitten.
	“Auuugh!” Llloyd said, red blood getting dangerouslly cllose to staining his
llovelly pastell bowtie.
	“Yes, quite,” Llawerance agreed, becoming a zombie. “Augh.” 

-The end.

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