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Sunday, 9 December 2012
01:21:41 PM (GMT)
Everyone is probably aware of the grandiose earthquake which took place in the coast of northeastern Japan yesterday afternoon, and the tsunami that followed which caused havoc especially in Sendai. The first quake was strong enough to be felt all the way in Kyoto (according to a friend there), and in Tokyo several buildings gave in and people had to be evacuated. Due to this, PS Company and Pony Canyon have decided to cancel all SuG’s events in Tokyo (Tower Records, Brand-X and Joy Police). These events were to take place on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, but due to safety reasons they have been canceled for now. Originally only the 11th and 12th day events were to be canceled, but later on the 13th day one was added to the list. The members have all posted on their blogs that they are alright, and Takeru was able to get in touch with Mitsuru, reporting that he’s also okay despite having stayed in Tokyo. The number of casualties is not yet clear, but the apparent number of deaths has slowly gone from tens to hundreds during the day. The area in Sendai where the tsunami hit the worst has not been reached. Here’s a list of jrock and visual kei artists that have been reported safe! If you wonder about someone, don’t be afraid to ask. We must help each other! This list will be edited as more are reported. IF THE ONLY THE BAND IS LISTED - ALL MEMBERS ARE CONFIRMED SAFE. 12012 2side1BRAIN 9GOATS BLACK OUT 9mm Parabellum Bullet Acid Black Cherry Administrator ALiBi AliceNine An cafe – Kanon, teruki, miku, Takuya aicle Aigis - Tenka ALSDEAD amber gris AND Angelo - Kirito Aoi from Ayabie Arc Art Cube - Z AUBE AYABIE Base ball bear Black cat - Makoto (ex) Black:List - Kyotaro BLACK LINE Black run Blam honey BLOOD – Dora, Hayato, Kiwamu Blood Stain Child BORN BUCK-TICK Calmando Qual Chaos system - TOMO, Kyouka Chemical Pictures (also ex member Jimi) CindyKate ClearVeil – Ryuuto, Nozomi Cocklobin Cube D D=OUT D’eiz D’espairsray Danger Gang DaizyStripper Dear L’Novel - Kazuho DEATHGAZE DecoLa Hopping DELUHI DER ZIBET DIAURA - Yo-ka Dio -Distraught Overlord - mikaru, denka Dir en grey DJ SiSeN the Dopes DOG in the PWO Doremidan Downer – Kagome DuelJewel E’m~grief~ - Cecir EGOIST - Rui exist trace FEECHE the fool Gackt (plus Chachamaru, Jun-ji, Ju-ken and You) Gakido Galneryus the GALLO the GazettE (ex) GHOST - Kousei Girugamesh GLAY Golden Bomber Guild heidi. Hi:BRiD – Zero, Jill (ex member) HITT HYDE (Since he’s in L’ac~en~ciel) Irokui Jinkaku Radio Jui (ex-vidoll) Juka Kaya Kagrra, THE KIDDIE Kiryu Kozi Kra Kuroyume KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND L’arc~en~Ciel Lacroix Desphere La’cryma Christi LAGING – Orochi Lauder - MAST, LEN (ex) Lareine – Emiru, Kamijo Lc5 Lin -the end of corruption world- Lolita23q LOST ASH LM.C - Aiji & Maya LUNA SEA Luzmelt Lycaon - Yuuki lynch. Mana Matenrou Opera Megaromania – Misery, Hyoga Megamasso Merry Misaruka MIX SPEAKER’S INC. Miyavi Moi dix Mois – Seth, K MoNoLith MUCC – Tatsurou, Yukke, Miya Nega – Yuu, SAN NEXX - Shikoto Nightmare Number mouse - Kyohei Oblivion Dust -OZ- - Aki, Nao ONE OK ROCK Oyuugi wagamama-dan x PaRADEiS Para:noir (ex) Panic Channel - Kiri Penicillin The Piass – Takayuki Piko Plastic Tree R-shitei – Mamo, Z, Kaede Reivier – Jey, Makoto, Kou, Hiro remming - Kosuke Royz QUAFF – (ex members: Hal, Shingo, Ukusemi, Takuma) remming - Sou rice the Riotts Sadie Satsuki Schwein – Yam, Zin, Takeru, Hina SCAPEGOAT SCREW (ex member Yuuto as well) Secilia Luna Sekihan Sel’m - Tsubaki Shaura SID SKULL - Die SOMATIC GUARDIAN – Saki, Junya spiv states SuG (also ex drummer Mitsuru is safe) Sugizo Suzaku Synside Takanori Nishikawa (T.M.Revolution) TissueHime Tokami – Agato, K, Shige (ex) Tokyo Shitei – Shibuya, Ren, Runchu UnsraW UNXAG) – Yun, Yukihira Ultimate Sonic - Yuu V-last – Shyena v(NEU) (ex) VAJRA - L Vallquar – Hikari, Mikoto VAMPS Velbet (ex) Velgreed - Naru Velvet eden Versailles VII-Sense Vidoll – Tero, Jui, Shun vistlip ViViD VURNY - Hina X-Japan XA-VAT Xenophobia - Benjamin xTRiPx Zoro - Ryuuji ZUCK
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