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Phoenix Genesis: ArmageddonCategory: Story
Tuesday, 23 October 2012
03:18:08 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Color Key
Apollo: Red
Diana: Yellow
Mitsuki, Light: Dark Orange
Samantha, Air: Cyan
Abbi, Water: Plum
Kayam, Fire: Sea Green
Arthur, Earth: Lime
Izzy, Ice: Magenta
Dark soldiers: Dark Red
Boreas Lightning G: Wheat
Dius Wind G: Lemon Chiffon
Bianca Water G: Deep Sky Blue
Luna: Dark Slate Gray
??: Slate Gray
Aditos: Black
Astrum: Sandy Brown
Desina: Dark Slate Blue
King Solaris: Light Blue
King Endymion/ King Arma: Royal Blue
Omni: Navy
Kasai Fire G:Sienna
Silex Earth G: Dark Olive Green
Kairi Light G: Pink
Chaos: Purple[/SPOILER]

Apollo: Sword
Diana: Dual Pole Axe
Mitsuki: Daggers
Samantha: Bow and Arrow
Abbi: Water Staff
Kayam: Twin Swords
Arthur: Gauntlets
Izzy:Ice Staff
Boreas: Spear
Dius: Twin Short Swords
Bianca: Double Sided Axe
Luna: Multy Weapon
??: Sword
Kasai Fire: Axe Hamme
Silex: Gauntlets
Kairi: Dual Shape Shifting Pistols

Planet Solisian: Home of King and Queen Genesis
Planet Earth: Solaris Guardian Planet
Planet Ardor: Flame Planet
Planet Glacious: Ice and Water Planet
Planet Lacinia: Electric and Wind Planet
Planet Eos: Site of first great war
Planet Serino: Light Planet
Planet Terra: Earth Planet
Planet Lunaris: Home of Defeated Lunar army

Chaos Generals:

Adam 5th Rank, Giant Sword: DarkRed
Suki 3rd Rank, Trident: Teal
Julia 2nd Rank, Dual Pistols : Pale Green
Shinrai 1st Rank,Scythe :YellowGreen
Sora 4th Rank, Wind Staff: PaleTurquoise[/SPOILER]

On the planet Solisian there lives a race of powerful beings that govern the
Universe.They are beings of light and are known as the gods of the universe. Every
thousand years ten warriors are sent to planets to protect them from danger. Prince
Genesis was part of the royal family and would become king someday but he grew tired
of his life in the palace and asked his father to let him be a guardian. His father
Apollo refused but his mother Diana thought it would be a good idea. They decided to
send him to a new planet that had come into being. He would be in charge of
protecting Earth. Solaris was excited about going and quickly wanted to leave. After
a brief festival and the guardian ceremony, he was on his way.

When he arrived there were only large creatures that would soon be called dinosaurs.
He saw that since the planet was full of new life on it was stable and peaceful. One
day on the planet he summoned a giant meteor to practice his strength with but missed
his first attack. The comet ended up wiping out the dinosaurs. Afraid he might do
something else wrong, Solaris went to sleep in a mountain until about three hundred
BC. He lived amongst the people and hid his powers. Sometimes he would fly around the
bright sky as a bird of light. Legends spread and people started telling stories of a
phoenix who flew through the sky's protecting the Earth.

Solaris decided in the year two thousand to go to the Earth school. There he met
several people who he became friends with. Samantha was one of the first people he
befriended. Then came Abbi, Mitsuko (Mitsuki to him), Arthur, Izzy, and Kayam who he
found out was dating Samantha. They were inseparable but Solaris made sure they did
not know his true identity, once any one started noticing he did not age or saw him
using his powers he would erase any trace of himself from the planet.
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‹※I•Heart•Hello•Kitty※› says:   23 October 2012   374572  
Too long. o.e
‹Phoenix Genesis› says:   23 October 2012   960949  
Lol originally the top half is supposed to be compressed by tags but
not sure how to in Kupika
‹HelloEcho♥› says:   23 October 2012   376636  
This is awesome(:
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says :   27 October 2012   733075  
you're a great writer 


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