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Lunch Date: Stimulating ConversationCategory: naughty stories
Sunday, 23 September 2012
03:14:41 PM (GMT)
Sharon and I would meet for lunch, on occasions. Today seem like a typical day, but
needless to say it was going to be one of those days. As we sat there, we talked
about work, little things that seem meaningless. After a short time, we placed our
orders and sat looking at each other. Sharon’s manner seems perplexing as she lean
across the table slightly, "What would you do if you had your way?" She asked in a
quite shy way, not to let others hear our little conversation. My mind wander and a
smile seem to dance across my face. "Whatever do you mean?"  I asked, hoping to guess
what she meaning might have been. Sharon looked at me with her eyes suggesting that I
knew what she was talking about. "Oh - ," I lean slightly over the table as she lean
over to hear what my thoughts were. "I would gently tease your lips.  Brushing mines
against your lightly, to taste their sweetness. Slowly my lips would embrace yours,
in a deep passionate mad kiss. I would hold your body close to mines, so that our
breath would be as one."  Sharon’s eyes slightly flutter, and a little smile sprang
from her lips. "Go on," she whispered. "My kisses would slowly work down your neck,
gently kissing your soft skin. As I move down your neck, my fingertips light trace
down your back.  With light gentle easy my lips lightly hover over your skin, inches
away but close enough for you to feel my warm breath upon your chest. With caution I
slowly toil my way down your chest. As if it was a game, I keep my distance from your
soft pale skin, yet close enough to feel the tiny hairs upon your body. With every
breath you take, I pause and kiss you ever so lightly.
My fingers would work their way lightly down your side, teasing you. As I work takes
me down between your breasts, my cheek would lightly brush against them."  Suddenly a
hand appeared on the table surprising us both. "Your drinks," said the waitress, as
she put our drinks on the table, and walked away. As Sharon took a drink from her
glass, I watched her place the glass up to her lips. I looked up and saw Sharon*s
eyes watching me as I watched her.  Taking her glass away from her lips, the tip of
Sharon’s tongue slowly pressed against the top of her lips; then she smiled.
Leaning forward against the table, "Mmmm - please do...ugh, continue."  She said.
"Ugh - My fingers would gently grasp and fondle your breasts, but careful not to
touch your nipples."  Sharon’s eyes seem to open wide as I continued.  "My lips
would lightly touch and tease the tiny hairs upon your breasts. With light gentle
warm breaths, I would tease you. And if I heard your breath become deeper with a
sense of panting, I would take my tongue and ever so lightly tease and torment the
tiny hairs around your breasts. As my fingers tips lightly trace their curves. If you
cry out or moan, one of my hands was lightly trace down your side, down to your hips.
I would ever so lightly touch its way to your inner thigh.  Oh - not to quickly
relief you of this pleasurable torment, but my fingers would gently brush the tiny
hairs of your inner thigh. Mean-while my warm breath would slowly traced down your
stomach, and my other hand, the finger tips would run down to the basic of your
breast and lightly stroke up toward your nipple, but never to tease it. When your
body, and only when your body quiver with passion. I would then gently squeeze your
nipple and touch your swollen lip with the lightest touch of my fingertips." Leaning
back against the booth, I could see Sharon’s face fluster and her breath quicken.
With a smile I lean back, taking a drink from my glass. "Who had the baked chicken
breast?" ask waitress.  We both looked at each other and smile and laugh. After
lunch, as we began to leave the restaurant; Sharon held my arm, "Next time, we are
having lunch at my place." With a dumb silly look on my face, "Oh - lunch is on you."
She smile and laughed.
A few days later we met for lunch again, but this time it was at Towers restaurant.
As we rode up the elevator I notice that Sharon had on her cream color dress that
seem to always be flowing then the wind catch it. Looking up I caught her eyes
watching mines, Sharon leaned over to whisper in my ear.  Sharon asked me, "So do you
like what you see?"  Blushingly I looked away and try to compose myself.  Turning
back around I leaned over to her, and whispered, "You knew that, that dress would
always catch my eyes."  Sharon smiled at me as the elevator stopped on the 4th floor.
 A few more people came in and we continued up. Holding my hand she squeezed it
light, to get my attention.  Leaning back over towards me, "If we were alone in the
elevator what would you do?" blushingly asked by Sharon. My eyes blinked trying to
grasp why she asked me this question here with all these people around. I smile that
the lady across the way from me and lean slightly towards Sharon. "You are bad! But
if we were alone, I would move behind you. And then kiss you on the back on the
neck." I responded.  She grinned, and leaned closer to me, "Umm... and then what?" 
Suddenly we came to another stop and the few people that go on got off, and an older
woman came on.  We both smiled at her.  She looked at us, "y'all look like a cute
couple." We both thanked her, and we continue upward.
Nudging me slightly to answer her questions I lean closer to Sharon. "I would trace
up and down your neck with my lips, and let warm breath caress your skin; while my
hands slid up your waist, cupping your breasts in both hands gently caressing them
through your cloths." I whisper to Sharon.  Again we stopped on the 15th floor the
older woman got off and we were alone again. " I have to beg you for more,"
she said in a sexy whispering voice.  I looked at her, "you know how to brake me down
don't you." Sharon smiled at me and hugged her body against my arm. I leaned my head
closer to her, "As one of my hands fondle your breasts through your clothing. The
other would slide down your hips and pull up your dress so that it could slip
underneath it...." Before I could continue Sharon interrupted me, "ugh....I'm not
wearing anything on under this dress, just to let you know."
My eyes open widely, "Ummm....nothing under the dress?" Just as I said that she
slipped my hand under her dress, letting the back side of my hand brush against the
thin hairs that slightly cover her mount. Moving my hand quickly away from under her
dress, I was shocked and amazed; with a wicked smile on Sharon’s face, "Don't be
bashful, it won’t bite you." I just blushed like a red tomato that has been sitting
in the sun too long. Sharon laughed and smiled at me and we stop once more and two
women got on. They smile and said Hi to us. But I was too embarrassed to say
anything; once again we headed toward the top. Nudging me once again, Sharon cocked
her head slightly at me. Whispering to her once again, "Slipping my hand underneath
your dress, I would trace your hip down to our outer thigh.  Then slowly slip my
fingers inside of your inner thigh. Barely touching your skin I would work my way up
to your mound. I would tease you by lightly stoking the thin hairs that covers it,
but careful not to touch it yet. If you lean your head and body back against chest I
would kiss your lips every so lightly and brush my cheeks against yours. Then I would
slide my other hand under your dress as well to tease your thin hairs." I whispered
to Sharon. Suddenly my eyes glance up towards one of the ladies; her face had turn
bright red and her eyes seem to be affixed upon me. I wanted to die, and yet Sharon
smiled and giggled under her breath. I could see the woman panting slightly and
somewhat embarrassed. As the elevator doors open we all walked out on the 25 floor
where the restaurant was located. The waiter showed us to our table and we sat down.
Behind us sat the two women that were in the elevator with us.
Looking out of the window we could see the downtown landscape, leaning across the
table Sharon said, "I just love it, you should have seen your face and her face. 
Only if I had a photo of that it would be priceless, and to image that she sitting
right behind you. Oh it’s too much for a girl to bare."  Shaking my head at her,
with my lips pressed together, I chucked. The waiter came up took our drink orders
and the order for our lunch. Sharon took the glass of water and took a sip of it,
letting a piece of ice slip between her lips. Looking at me Sharon slightly stuck her
tongue out at me letting the ice slip between her tongue and upper lips. Gently
sucking upon it, " were teasing??..." Leaning close to the table I whisper
to her, "yes teasing your thin hairs with both of my hands letting my fingers barely
touch them. Gently I would probe the edge of your pink soft mound, tracing my fingers
up and down the edge of it. I would slide down behind you slightly so that one of my
hands could be able to come from behind underneath you to slowly caress the lower
part of you moist mound and the other hand would be able to caress the top part."
Sharon lean back in her sit and with one hand; she stoke her glass of water. Her
fingers slid down the frosted dew glass, collecting the moisture on her fingers and
then brought her fingers to her lips and rub her fingers against them. The waiter
brought our drinks to the table and left us once again to our own vices. Taking a sip
of the drink, I smiled at Sharon.  Leaning forward once again, "please go on," she
whispered to me.  Placing my glass down I lean forward, "Teasingly I would barely put
the tips of my fingers in between your moist pink mound and gently move rub them
lightly, careful not to let them slip too deep into yet. Then when I hear your breath
quicken I would slip one finger in, to probe its way in from the bottom. If your body
quivers I would send the other from the top part of your moist mound. When you seem
to lose your senses I would slow penetrate you with all my fingers slowly wiggling
their way to every little opening, touch every fiber of your being. Gently stoking
you in and out, and from side to side; making sure that I can feel your every being."
 Sharon eyes seem to open widely, "Mmmmm... will the elevator stop?" She asked me.
"Oh no, it won’t stop.
We'll be in a building at night with hardly anyone around. Better yet, we'll live on
the edge, once on the elevator we press all the buttons. When doors open we just hope
that no one sees us. And if they do, we can say we elevator testers." I said with a
silly grin on my face.  Sharon looked at me, "Ooo you do like to live on the edge. It
would be fun to do though." We both lean back, and the waiter brought us our lunch.
As we ate lunch I could see Sharon playing with her noodles, letting each one slider
between her lips. Sharon’s eyes look up at me catching me looking at her. Shyly I
look back to my place. "Oh you have a little bit of sauce on your face." Sharon said
to me. She leaned forward and took her finger and whipped it from the side of my
mouth and slowly slipped her finger between her lips and tasting it. "Mmmmm....
it’s very tasty,” she said as she smile at me. Blushingly I smile back at her,
"care for a meat ball," I asked Sharon. Taking one between her index finger and thumb
she bite into the meat ball, "I just love your meat balls." I just wanted to die
right there and have the cart me away.  After we ate, I excuse myself for a phone
call. But instead I headed to the restroom. Walking over to the wash basin I looked
into the mirror. "Calm down and get hold of your senses," I said to myself as I put
my hands in cold water and sprinkling it lightly on to my face.  I walked back and
sat down at the table. I notice Sharon smiling ear to ear, which made me worry even
more. "Oh you know that lady that we rode up in the elevator with us, the one that
overheard you and were blush brightly?" Sharon asked me. I shook my head yes, "Well
she came over after you went for your phone call and she asked if she could do lunch
with you. And I told her that you would love to."  Sharon smiled and giggled. My eyes
just about bounce out of my head and I started coughing. Then suddenly from behind a
gentle hand pat me on the back, "are you ok?" Said a soft voice; I turned and looked
up to see who it was, and to my surprise it was the lady from the elevator. Coughing
a little more I took a drink of water, "ye....yes... uhm.. Thank you." I said to her.
"Be careful, don't want to hurt yourself." She told me, as she sat back down behind
I looked at Sharon, "what are you trying to do to me?" She grinned and giggled at me,
"You are silly when you are embarrassed. Here’s her number, but I told her that I
had to be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Beside I don't really want share
you, but I'm curious on how you would handle two women asking for it." I looked at
Sharon with a complex look on my face. Leaning back she made a questioning sound, as
if she might know what would happen. I guess we should go for now, it’s getting
late and we have to get back to work. After paying the check we got into the elevator
and headed back down. As the door closed we were alone in the elevator, and Sharon
stood behind me. Just as the door close people could hear me from outside of the
elevator, "WOW, Watch them hands."

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