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Thursday, 14 June 2012
01:25:18 AM (GMT)
▲: hell0
▼: aa!
▲: 0h hell0 s0llux
▼: hey
▼: ii wa2nt expectiing two 2ee you
▲: 0h, well i g0t kind 0f b0red s0 i g0t 0n this website
▲: f0r s0me reas0n n0b0dy wants t0 talk t0 me. they all l0g 0ff as s00n as i say
▼: ii couldnt iimagiine why
▲: well i did talk t0 kanaya but she seemed... 0ff.... has she been taking pies
fr0m gamzee 0_0
▼: ii would hope not
▼: that would be a 2trange thiing two wiitne22
▲: yes, id think that she w0uld kn0w better. s0 h0w are y0u?
▼: ii am doiing pretty well
▼: except for the fact that ii am bored dead out of my thiinkpan
▼: how about you?
▲: im d0ing 0kay. just b0red als0.
▼: diid you get the chance two talk two anyone el2e
▼: even for a moment
▼: liike a human maybe
▲: um... 0h yes i think i talked t0 dave f0r a bit but he was kind 0f rude s0 i
▼: ye2
▼: that bulgeliick ii2 po22iibly the wor2t of all of them
▲: hm i guess s0. i was just h0ping t0 ask him ab0ut s0me things regarding 0ur her0
0f time p0wers but he was just pretty mean ab0ut it. i think i may have c0ntacted him
t00 early 0n his timeline
▼: that ii2 a po22iibiiliity
▼: perhap2 he would even be vague about iit iif you contacted hiim at the riight
▲: well... als0 i think he was hitting 0n me which was very unc0mf0rtable t0 say
the least... i d0nt think i really want t0 c0ntact him again 0_0
▼: ii wouldnt blame you iif you diidnt
▲: s0 wh0 have y0u run int0
▼: a2 of recently?
▲: sure
▼: well thankfully iive only 2poken two 2triider rarely and briiefly
▼: eriidan cant 2eem to leave me alone
▼: and the la2t tiime ii talked two gamzee he wa2 threateniing me two 2tay away
from kk
▼: he kept 2ayiing ii wa2 makiing pale pa22e2 at hiim
▲: that s0unds... interesting
▼: (( oh, and happy late 612! :D ))
▲: ((oh yeah! I forgot to draw all the fanart i was going to draw and gahh 612
▼: (( pshh. you should draw it anyway. its never too late for awesomeness cx ))
▼: iit wa2
▼: kiinda 2cary two
▲: h0w s0?
▼: he had been typiing weiird
▼: diifferent than how he normally type2
▲: well i w0uld imagine it is kind 0f difficult t0 type like that... maybe he just
g0t tired 0f it?
▼: ii dont know
▼: he 2eemed angry
▼: and kept calliing me a lowblood motherfucker
▲: that is pretty strange. i didnt think gamzee cared much ab0ut the hem0spectrum
▼: ii know
▼: he alway2 2eemed 2o laiid back about
▼: well everythiing
▲: perhaps y0u caught him later 0n the timeline where s0mething had happened t0 him
that just put him in a bad m00d?
▼: ii gue22 2o
▼: but iim happy iit2 over
▼: kiinda freaked me out two be hone2t
▲: well im s0rry it freaked y0u 0ut, but at least its 0ver
▼: ye2
▼: ii thiink maybe everyone ii2 a biit off
▼: liike iim iin one place iin the tiimeliine and everyone el2e ii2 iin variiou2
2pot2 around me
▲: yes. i think it's this chat client. where are y0u 0n y0ur timeline anyway?
▼: were about two 2tart the game
▼: and no one ha2 theiir 2hiit together
▲: 0h. well i am afraid i myself am a little later 0n the timeline than that but i
can tell y0u everything will turn 0ut 0kay
▼: oh
▼: that2 good two know
▲: s0 y0u talked t0 eridan and dave? h0w did that turn 0ut
▼: dave ii2 annoyiing
▼: ofcour2e
▼: and iinfuriiatiing
▼: and eriidan ii2 a2 de2perate as ever
▼: and 2eem2 two have changed wiith each conver2atiion
▲: h0w s0?
▼: my la2t conver2atiion wiith hiim 2tarted out wiith hiim a2kiing me about beiing
black for hiim
▼: ii mean ofcour2e ii hate hii2 gut2
▼: but that doe2nt mean ii hate hiim enough two be hii2 kii2me2ii2
▲: well it d0es seem that he hits 0n every bipedal sentient being.
▼: becau2e he doe2
▼: and then he 2ay2 he ii2 red for me even after ii 2aiid ii diidnt de2iire hiim
iin any way
▼: a2 the conver2atiion goe2 on iit get2 more uncomfortable and weiird
▲: 0_0 i think i may have had a similar c0nversati0n with equius.... *shudder*
▲: needless t0 say it had similar results
▲: thankfully he eventually left t0 get a t0wel which is creepy but at least he was
n0 l0nger speaking t0 me
▼: equiiu2 ii2 creepy periiod
▼: iid rather not talk two hiim
▲: at least if y0u did y0u pr0bably w0uldnt get hit 0n 0_0
▼: that2 a plu2
▼: why even would you be talkiing two that per2piiriing priick
▲: i d0nt kn0w, he's the 0ne wh0 started talking t0 me
▼: weiird
▲: well i mean i am his server player but i was fairly certain after getting him t0
the sec0nd gate i did n0t really need t0 talk t0 him anym0re
▼: but that wa2nt the ca2e wa2 iit
▲: i guess n0t. the fact that his m0irail is very shipping-0riented did n0t help
▼: oh jeez
▼: 2peakiing of that feliine
▼: have you talked two her recently
▲: n0t t00 recently. a few days ag0 i think
▲: why?
▼: ju2t wonderiing
▼: ii have no partiicular iintere2t iin her for the tiime beiing
▲: uh 0kay
▲: well i have t0 g0 expl0de n0w, ill talk t0 y0u ab0ut it in the future

‹IsAnyoneUp!?› says :   14 June 2012   314022  

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