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My thoughts on relationshipsCategory: Rambling
Friday, 25 May 2012
05:04:32 PM (GMT)
People get really depressed when a boy dumps them and they complain nonstop about
how they thought they were gonna be together forever. First off, most of the people
on here are middle and High school students. Boys come and go. Nothing to get
depressed about. Plus in middle and high school all guys are douches so you shouldn't
really date until college. You'll actually get to meet guys from different towns.
Different states. Even different countries. Plus, you never really know what its like
to lose someone when you actually see up close someones cold lifeless face. Or at
least go to a wake or funeral. Me? I've been to two funerals so far. One right before
9th grade, and the second one was a couple of months ago. I'm in 10th grade right
now. You think you've lost someone when someone moves away or dumps you? When someone
dumps you, you still get to see them everyday whether or not you decide to continue
being friends. When someone moves away there are so many ways you can get in contact
with them. When someone dies you can never see or hear from them ever again. My
conclusion is that only good people die. Murderers and rapist are still roaming the
streets while good people are suffering and dying constantly leaving people who love
them behind.

Last edited: 25 May 2012

Kisnyuszi says:   25 May 2012   176755  
People live and people die, it's the circle of life and happens in
all species. Though I will admit that pointless killing in most other
animals isn't common, because animals typically only kill for food or
because they feel threatened. People have far more developed minds
which leaves room for psychological disorders and morality differences
between others.
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   25 May 2012   951735  
That wasn't the point of this diary entry. I was saying how
middle-high school girls get so upset over a boy dumping them and how
they say: "I just lost the one person who really gets me." Or
whatever. No. Just no. "Losing someone" has nothing to do with
breaking up. Yeah you lose friends. At one point, I lost all my
friends, they turned against me and I nearly killed myself. But truly
losing someone is watching them suffer or even when your on your knees
crying your eyes out by someone you loved's lifeless body. 

And yes. I'm not stupid. I know its the "circle of life" as people say
but only the good die. Not the bad. So your pretty much trying to
prove how smart you are but I'm smart and I know probably more then
you do. I've probably experienced more then you and I'm only 15 almost
16. I don't deny that I'm suffering from depression, and Ptsd though. 
Cami1728 says:   25 May 2012   226410  
I don't have a problem with young relationships. As long as they are
done the right way and with respect, I don't see anything wrong with
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says :   25 May 2012   334485  
Yeah but when they break up, the girl is always in tears and crying to
her friends and then her friends overreact and they act like the guys
fault. But its usually not unless you get my case where he uses you
for sex but after I broke up with him I didn't complain. 


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