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Thursday, 24 May 2012
05:01:42 PM (GMT)
Val and Kari get locked in the library and have to stay there all night what a
shame.  Kari ends up falling asleep in Val's arms awwh and Val stays awake
because he's awesome and shit...  They get let out the next morning.
After a couple of days, more drama happens.  Kari meets Sabriel (a Polish ballet
dancer) and she tries to teach her to pirouette and fails epically and Kari kills her
ankle.  They then decide to go to the bookshop (YAY) and yet more shit goes down. 
The shop-keeper is all bloody and unconscious, and then a ghosty witchy woman makes
an appearance and slashes Sabriel across the eye, and stabs Kari in the stomach. 
Luckily, Val comes to the rescue and attacks her with fire and Kari's all dying, but
she still manages to figure out that Val's the firey bloke from the church, and then
she's all "Oh shit, you're not human D:"  And Val's going all badass on witchy's ass.
 Witchy gets defeated and gets sent off to the afterlife, and calls Kari the Abhorsen
again, but she's nearly unconscious and doesn't realise and Val's all "O.o I work for
him..." but still goes heroic and carries her home <3
He heals her and is all cool and stuff, and tells her that the Abhorsen's pretty much
the dude that sends people onto the afterlife and it's a pretty shitty job, tbh, but
hey, someone has to do it!  But the Abhorsen at the moment's still going strong. 
He's just trying to get out of it.
Kari gets wierded out and runs away in her nightie in the rain (o.O), and sits next
to her old house and cries :c  Then, dun dun duuh, Salem makes an appearance!  And
he's all "Don't you know who I am?" And Kari's all "AAAHHH, SALEM!" *glomp* and
they're all happy and reminising.  They knew eachother from ages ago, but Salem left
without saying goodbye or anything   Anyhoo, Kari doesn't hold grudges, she's far
too forgetful for that, and is all happyful again.  Salem also used to (and still
does) love Kari, so he's trying to be all subtle, and then he finds out where Kari's
living now and goes all SILENT INWARD RAEG.
Uhhhh.... I can't really remember much... but the next mahoosive plot point is that
Kari and Salem go and sit by the lake in the Dulce's gardens, Kari goes to pick some
flowers or something, and gets back, and Salem's been stolen by a lake
monster/ghostie/thingy, and the lake's frozen over with him underneath.  It was all
very tense.  Kari goes all panicky and runs onto the ice and goes flying, and tries
shouting, but that doesn't do a thing to break it, and she runs inside to get Val. 
Meanwhile, Salem's having an epiphany with his dead mother talking to him and telling
him to love Kari, or something...  Val gets dragged out by Kari, and breaks the ice
and jumps in after Salem, but the ice freezes over the top again.  Salem somehow
manages to get out through a plot hole, and is on the grass choking and half dead
because the water ghostie poisoned him...  Val's trapped under the ice, and Kari's on
top hitting it.  Val starts sinking, and Mr Abhorsen himself makes an appearance and
says that if Kari accepts her place, he'll stop hurting everyone, if not, Val will
die >:3.  She goes all RAWR and smashes the ice in pure rage and a bit of freaky
magic, and she falls in the water, but Val pulls her out with him.

Drama pause.  For now.  DUN DUN DUUUUUUH!

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