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Saturday, 5 May 2012
08:00:02 AM (GMT)
Yet another con day has arrived and here I am again once more to recollect what
happened ; u; Pretty much personal use.
Ok, it started off pretty awesome and remained that way for the rest of time~ When I
got onto the bus, I realized that I was surrounded by four cosplayers: all of them
already had their makeup on, fake lashes and all, and one even had a wig that was
visible in a bag. I was kinda nervous, but mah. When I arrived, I had to find a
proper place to change and shit, but they blocked off the basements (which was were
the bathrooms were located). So I had to sneak up to the third floor and use some
random bathroom. 
What was awkward was that there was a religious event also going on today, so many
middle-aged conservative women also entered the bathroom. And there I was in a tight
tank top and tight pants, looking half-male. I bet they were thinking something like
'ah, youngsters these days..' So, as Gakupo of matryoshka I only did makeup in one
eye, but I realized I'd be blind in one eye, because the wig covered it. So I still
did light makeup on the other. My wig was insanely messy and I bet I looked so mehhh
D; And I had to clip up the bangs for most of the time cuz I couldn't really see.
Well, I was done relatively quickly, because hey, only makeup on one eye! :'D
This is the only shot of me that I was able to take of myself; and it's in that

Anyways, my main aim for today was to be able to work my friend's dslr and to get
photos. I first encountered the box mascot of NND and he came over really close. I
was like whattt, do I know you? But took some photos and walked away. Then another
photographer beckoned me over and said 'Oh, that means he wants a pic with you!'
Gosh, I prob didn't hear him :P
I ran into another matryoshka Kaito cosplayer, and we really hit it off. There were a
few other matryoshka cosplayers, buuuttt they were busy...? I didn't get a photo of
her though D; She was also around my age, but far more experienced that I was orz.
She's got like 3 cosplays lined up already :'3 I asked to take a photo with her so
she got her other friends to help us do so. She asked for my blog and I immediately
told her I am inept at Mando and I come from Canada. She said she could kinda tell
because I apparently have an accent LOL. After chilling with her next to her other
friends doing Fleeting Moon Flower, we decided to wonder the area. 
Cosplayers and photographers were forced to gather in the front courtyard, because
the back courtyard is under co. But we still meandered our way around to a back area,
and it was close to empty. There were like fences everywhere D;
There, we met a group of cosplayers called 'FUN COS' and they were promoting a
cosplay competition that they are going to hold in the next week or so.

I met two Inu x Boku SS cosplayers, some OP, and others as you can see in the back.
They also told us that they do makeup lessons, so I found that cool. Three of them
gave me their namecards, and I ALREADY ADDED THEM ON FB OHOHOHO /no shame.
I couldn't really properly communicate with them because well, my Mando sucks D; But
they found it pretty cool that I'm from Canada and stuff. I felt soooo inexperienced
standing next to them, but they are all super friendly. The male crossplay of Inu
apparently was the leader?! And upon learning I'm from Canada, she was joking with a
Amerikan accent. I also met this other Canto gurl, and she knew a bit of English, so
I could talk to her more fluently. And she asked to take a zhipai with me ; u; I felt
a bit more shy than usual, because I really didn't know what to talk about :P We got
along well anyways~ Some male OP cosplayers did a duo shot, and it was like huggy, so
PHOTO OP!! With some bear-headed guy, we did some funny photos, but I was just like
whatttt, I don't follow. WHATEVER, I FINALLY MADE SOME FRIENDS HAHA I can't recall
what we exactly talked about, buuttt it was fun anyways. 
Some other male cosplayers joined us, who were a part of FUN COS, and we just talked
and messed around for most of the time. But it was like 3 by then, and I really
wanted to go get some photos, because that was pretty much my sole reason for coming
today. Kaito and my Kaito seemed to know each other ahead of time, and I was like
whoaa ; u; They all know so many people and wanted to meet up with others. I'm just
forever alone orz
Also met an upperclassmen who was cosplaying too. She recognized me and I was like
NONONONONO, SHHH, NO, YOU DON'T KNOW ME. I still took her pic though haha

Anyho we moved out, and into the courtyard and I separated from FUN COS and my Kaito
to take pics. Goddamn, my wig was so messy AND IT WAS LIKE 32 DEGREES, HOLY FUCKKK.
D; I changed out in that bathroom awkwardly and took more photos. The photos were
over-exposed and was too bright D; But since the courtyard's at the front, I couldn't
get too many photos D; I talked to a Caucasian English professor who worked at the
uni and it was cool to see that he actually likes cons. He kinda gave off a haughty
aura buuttt I still communicated with him fine. I ended the convo, because there were
some cosplayers who were leaving when I talked to him and I really wanted their pic.
Said bye to FUN COS and matryoshka Kaito and left. I happened to see matryoshka Kaito
a lot on my way to the bus stop though haha
Last edited: 5 May 2012

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