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Chapter 1: Potter vs SnapeCategory: (general)
Friday, 13 April 2012
10:11:13 PM (GMT)
The dark, gloomy potions classroom echoed with the sound of reluctant footsteps as
the fourth-year Potions class came in. Snape looked at the class with a look of
disdain, as he did every lesson. 
'Please be seated', he said smoothly and slowly. 'Dim-witted though some of you
undoubtedly are',- The Slytherins smirked at the Gryffindors- 'We will be making an
extraordinarily simple potion today- a love potion. Though, obviously, it is
impossible to create love, this potion creates an obsession. If Mr Potter were to
give some to Miss Granger, she would become obsessed with him, not becoming normal
again until the antidote was administered. Ingredients are in the cupboard, and
instructions are in your textbooks. Begin', he finished and strode to his desk. 
Harry, Ron and Hermione rushed to the storeroom and begin collecting their
ingredients. Harry sat down and looked at the book, then at the cauldron, apparently
hoping the potion would make itself. Ron attempted to cut up a newt tail with a wave
of his wand and instead sent it flying across the room, hitting Neville in the face.
Hermione chopped up the ingredients with the air of a deranged chef, and started
feverishly stirring. Seamus had managed to set fire to his robe sleeve while
the cauldron. 
'Aguamenti', he whispered, exstinguishing his sleeve. Neville, meanwhile, had
to knock over his cauldron with a resounding 'Clang'. He scrabbled around on the
floor helplessly, trying to recover a long-lost bat eye. 

Near the end of the lesson, Snape stood and said 'All right class, I will now
your potions. It should be a bright pink colour'. He strode around the room, peering
into everyone's cauldrons, sometimes with a sneer, smile, or grimace. He
came to inspect Harry's, Ron's, Hermione's, Neville's, and Seamus's last. He
at Seamus's dark blue mess with a 
'Now, Mr Finnegan, that will not do now, will it? Everyone look at Mr Finnegan's
sorry excuse for a potion'- The Slytherins all stood to look, reminiscent of
meerkats- 'and use this as a lesson: always follow the directions very carefully'.
Snape waved his wand and emptied Seamus's cauldron. He came around to Neville.
'Well, Longbottom, let's see how you did today.' Neville put down his stirring rod
and prepared himself for the worst. 
'Poor bumbling Longbottom has mixed something upgradeable. Not unlike Finnegan.'
another wave of his wand, he emptied the cauldron of it's bright yellow mixture.
He moved on to Hermione. He simply looked at the hot pink potion and didn't say
anything, which, due to experience, meant he could find no fault. 
Snape looked down his long nose into Ron's bright red liquid. 
'That may pass, Mr Weasley. But only just', he said reluctantly. Ron, however,
Snape strode slowly around to Harry's cauldron and peered into the bright green
'Well, well, well, Potter', he sneered. 'How like your father you are. He had the
same disregard for directions. Fail.'
'But the potion was supposed to go bright green before it went pink', Harry
'Sir', said Snape menacingly.
'You don't need to call me sir', said Harry, his temper rising. 
'Very well, Potter. Detention and ten points from Gryffindor. Come to me this
Saturday night at 8 o clock'.
Yes, SIR', Harry spat the last word out.
The bell rang and Harry hurriedly packed away his things and quickly walked out of
the dungeon.

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