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Saturday, 28 January 2012
06:18:20 AM (GMT)
Yep, CON DAY, CON DAY CON DAYYYYYY. This is more or less for personal use so I can
look back and recall what happened and smile ; u;
First off, dammit, I arrived way too early than my friend. Walked around the area for
a bit and tried to recognize who are cosplayers by their heavy baggage or luggages.
Saw a girl in full lolita outfit. Kudos to her.
Later, I had to get prepared alone in a stinking bathroom D; Awkward as poo cuz all
these other amazing cosplayers kept on coming in and I was just standing there in a
very basic outfit orz Not to mention the sinks were all wet so I ended up getting my
makeup bags wet too... Since it was also graduation day, many families were waltzing
into the bathroom, WHICH JUST ADDS ON TO THE AWKWARDNESS D; Btw, my home-made chest
binder SUCKSSS. 
Anyways, without further hassle, I managed to get my makeup done, get my wig on and
get outta that horrid bathroom. Buuutt my friend has yet to arrive. So I spent the
next 10 minutes wondering about and trying to pinpoint her location. After shouting
into my phone for a good amount of time, I finally met up with her and continued to
the cosplayers' courtyard. 
At first, I feared that no one would recognize me and that trepidation lasted for
quite a while as no one asked for my picture D; But as usual, my business was mainly
to take pics of others, and not care so much about myself... So that's what I did lol
I got a total of 187 pictures today. SUCCESS!
But along the way, I did get stopped for photos. And at first I was like whoa, ok.
Then after a while, more and more photographers flooded in. But it was more of those
girls who fangirled over Sekihan rather than those proper DSLR photographers. Ah
well, not that I'm complaining. I'm already grateful for all the photographers who I
met. My friend who I met up with eventually became my kameko haha and carried all my
junk for me orz I gotta thank her properly later. 
One guy tried to speak to me in English and I applaud his attempt heehee. Another was
this small girl who seemed like she was gonna explode from excitement. Took a few
pics and left. Then she came back asking to take pics just of the puppet. I actually
let her put it on and I took pics for her. I hope it was a good thing to do :P 
Most often I get stopped randomly by random girls and I'm totally not prepared cuz
either my glasses were resting on top of my head, hand puppet not in place or wig
disarray.... I wish I could've looked better at least for them haha. But I swear I
think I got recognized as Piko by some, instead of Sekihan... Haha, must be the hand
puppet orz
One time, when I was totally unprepared and took a while to get ready, I yelled 'AM I
BEAUTIFUL OR NOOTTT?' And did a jig. I really want to reach out more to photographers
and fans than to just cosplayers.
Kameko friend bought some food, I sat around the vendor and yelled at people. I bet I
come off as a crazy cosplayer.... And probably scared off some others.
On the way back to the courtyard, a Ciel in Wonderland cosplayer asked to have a
group pic with me. I was like asdadsfdsfdsf in my head, but she was also asdsadsadsad
so we were both secretly asdadfdsfd. She was like 'Oh, we aren't from the same
animanga, but who cares haha' I think I came off as a creep later orzz When we parted
ways, I was like asdsafdfdsfdsfdsf all over the place from joy and excitement. ; u;
Happy, jolly me. HERE:
I managed to meet up with another cosplaying friend from school and she was doing
Gumi of Matryoshka. Dammit, I feel inferior next to her orzz An unsuspecting
classmate was apparently with her and I immediately took cover when I saw her. I DO
time I talked to Gumi, I was masking my face with Gumi's yellow smiley face thing. I
fled the scene later with my kameko friend.
Gumi et moi: 
Soon, my kameko friend had to leave but first we sat down to let her finish her food
cuz we've been pretty much running around for the past hour. I started singing for no
apparent reason to test my vocal range. Hey, there was a reason afterall, why I
cosplayed Sekihan... Haha, I sing both alto and soprano so often I switch between a
high pitched voice vs a low (man) voice, which is kinda what Sekihan does. But the
opposite haha~ (See here for an old old old cover:
) God, looking back, I feel so embarrassed
to have sung outloud. But still fun :P After the singing plug, asked kameko friend to
take a few pics. She left and I continued to wonder the courtyard.
I went to look for my Gumi friend but she seriously just disappeared... By then, I
was tired as poo and when someone asked for a photo, I was even more blehhh D; 
But despite me being tired, a Chrome and a 96neko cosplayer approached me. God, I
felt so flattered ; u; They were like 'Holy, you're so tall and skinny' :'D I rarely
get that from strangers and never in cosplay. Took a pic of me with my wig all mussed
up asdsadsad. When they left, they were still asdadsfgfdgdg and like SEKIHAN SEKIHAN.
; u; 
And I left and slumped over a railing, chugging my tea cuz I was pretty worn out
haha. They still came over and was like lol what. They gave me a red envelope and
cookies. Chrome gave me her blog address and I wish I could somehow contact her. I
may just create a blog after today... Cuz I feel so bad if I didn't msg them some
time or another.
The end of the con just kinda drifted by with me retiring after taking more pics. I
ended up losing my Sekihan puppet after I failed to properly tuck it into my skirt.
And at the bus station, I swear some people recognized me... 
So the con day draws to a close and concludes with me concluding this entry. Fun o'
fun. I feel so damn accomplished!
For some more cosplay pics: go to my tumblr at

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