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Monday, 28 November 2011
08:40:09 PM (GMT)
Branden: I'm gonna be a rocksstar!
Me: Marry me! I've always wanted to marry a rockstar!
Branden: Okay! :3

Branden: Would you be okay if I flew a (Insert fancy name here) fighter plane?
Me: A what? 
Branden: A (Insert fancy name here) fighter plane, with missiles and stuff? 
Me: You mean an airplane that shoots things?
Branden: Yes Denise, an airplane that shoots things

Me: It says u-cuh-lyp-toos
Branden: Eucalyptus. 
Me: Dammit! I said it wrong!
Branden: Nah 
Me: Eucalyptus
Branden: Eucalyptus 

Me: My phone makes sound when I turn it on. What makes sound when it gets turned
Branden: *Bursts out laughing* 
Me: Hey!
Branden: Sorry *Still laughing*

As he's laying his tired self on my lap and I'm stroking his hair
Me: I'm your new therapist. How does that make you feel? 
Branden: It makes me feel good 

Bruno talking to Makayla
Bruno: Makayla, you're my whore
Makayla: Yay!
I turn to Branden
Me: Hey, why don't you ever call me your whore? 
Branden: Because.. You're not a whore...!!!
Makayla dies laughing

Me: You are my Scott Pilgrim
Branden: And you are my Ramona Flowers

Branden: You look really good today
Me: You say that everyday
Branden: Because you always look good!

Branden: Awweh, you're so adorable!
Me: I could be wearing footie pajamas and you'd still consider me adorable
Branden: YES!
Me: I could be wearing a clown suit and you'd still say that
Branden: Mhm
Me: I could be dressed as a Playboy bunny and you'd still think I'm adorable
Branden: Actually.. I wouldn't mind that.. But I would rip out other guys' eyes out
if they kept staring at you...

Branden: Is it weird that everytime I see you across the hallway running towards me,
my heart becomes a roller coaster?
Me: Really? And no, not at all
Branden: Yes. And that's where the goofy smile comes from 

Me: No, I look like crap today :/
Branden: No. You are beautiful, amazing, nice, funny and you know what? 
Me: What? 
Branden: I wouldn't ask for anything better 

I'm sure we've had more. 
But ya.
Last edited: 28 November 2011

broken_into_hearts says:   28 November 2011   857265  
aawwww so cute!
‹Fairy.Wind.› says :   28 November 2011   898717  
Thank you! 


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