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The HorseCategory: Eidetic
Sunday, 27 November 2011
11:57:49 PM (GMT)
Spring grew on all the trees and creatures that called the Nima Forest their home, shining its fresh warm rays on the living and the non-living, drenching the land in life and happiness. Animals throughout the thick trees of the forest flourished and came out of their long sleeps and cave hideouts to play in the new warmth that left the ground foliage and bark wet with melted snow. A soon-to-be Alpha wolf of the MoonShadow clan stepped from the den, his paws digging into the fresh moist soil beneath him as the sun shown through the bare trees and touched his lackluster grey fur. His pack was already out, running through the forest as he heard them howl to one another occasionally. The Alpha's were leading a small practice hunt with the pups and Kinto stretched by himself in the sunshine. Kinto was preparing to become Alpha by the next winter and was well loved by the whole pack, giving him an inarguable sense of family pride. He trotted happily through the bare trees who hadn't had enough time to regrow their thick leaves, his ears swiveling quietly and his blue eyes searched through the seemingly infinite trees that he called his home. He saw a couple animals here and there as they bounded and ran through the forest in fits of glee, releaving their winter restlessness with stretched legs and quick heartbeats. However, among these familiar animals, his quick eyes caught a dash of pearly white through the trees, moving too fast for him to focus on what it really was. He stopped, searching the trees and straining his crystaline eyes. Again, he saw it. In a flash, the white burst through the trees with speeds that he normally didn't see in his forest. Curiosity pushed his muscles to follow the glimpses of lighting pearl through the trees. Slowly, after following blindly in the direction that the glimpses seemed to be going, he came across a deep river that split the forest into its Northern and Southern sections. Finally, Kinto's eyes rested upon a large animal with velvet white fur and a long flowing tail. -A horse? In the middle of a forest?- He tilted his head lightly in confusion as he fearlessly approached the beast that sipped at the flowing water. The horse was no less than three times his size with muscles that seemed to be like marble beneath its shining fur. "Excuse me, who are you?" He asked with an authoritative tone. The MoonShadow Pack weren't the rulers of the Nima forest at all, for that particular authority belonged only to the Tigers but the Wolves were a fast second place, reigning regional authority and keeping the forest in order. Moving with such unbelievable grace, the horse lifted its head to look at the wolf with piercing green eyes, it's mane falling like silk over it's long face. "I'm Paula." The horse spoke in a whispy but carefree voice as her eyes glistened in the springday sun. They seemed to be full of happiness. Pure and utter happiness. "What are you doing here, Paula?" The wolf continued to question, his tail swaying with curiousity behind him as he stood with pride in front of the large animal. The horse turned away from the river and lowered her large head to look at the wolf at his level with her striking eyes that almost seemed to hypnotise. "Proud wolf, I am here to live." She spoke whimsically, her eyes staring into his own with purity and respect as her hooves sunk slightly into the moist and rich soil of the forest floor. Though her answer was wise and thoughtful, it didn't answer his primary question. Irritation was impossible to feel, however, while staring into the horse's eyes. "But why?" He pushed, his own claws sinking into the soil with curiousity and pressing attention. She seemed to laugh lightly at how serious he was taking his interrogation, lowering her head more so to get her face closer to the wolf. "I'll tell you a secret." She whispered quietly into his ear. He stared at her in silence, waiting for her to share this claimed secret. "I'm a unicorn." She stated with the same tone, her eyes gleaming as she stared at him for a response. At first, he wasn't sure whether he should take it as a joke and be offended or whether he should pity the poor horse for her strong delusions. He stared at her for a moment before sitting down on his hind legs, his eyes never leaving her own. She nodded with excitement as she shook her head, her mane falling away from her face to reveal an old scar on her forehead where a horn would be if she were a unicorn. This of course, proved nothing as the wolf had many scars of his own and a conveniantly placed scar said nothing. But the look in her eyes told him that she was serious and honestly believed that she was a magical unicorn. Who was he to judge? If it made her happy, then she was a unicorn. "A unicorn, eh?" She nodded frantically, her eyes glimmering and sparkling with the happiness that she had within her. He smiled a wolfy smile and nodded. "Well, if that's the case, then stay as long as you want. We need a unicorn around these parts." He told her, loving how happy she became when he claimed that he believed her. That month, the wolf and the horse became friends as he saw her around the forest and spoke to her often. The more he spoke to her, the more he realized that she really did think she was a unicorn, fully equiped the special powers that, out of the respect for the animals around her, she would never use. His pack quickly found out about his new aquaintance with the strange, lonely horse and began to caution him against such a friendship. The Alphas, his parents, were especially against it as they were worried that her delusions would negatively impact the soon-to-be-alpha. His mind needed to stay clear if he wished to lead the back by next Winter but he ignored their cautions and continued to talk to the sweet equine. She meant no harm and it was painfully clear to him that she had no other friends to be around, probably scaring away most of the other animals with her incredilous stories. So the wolf took it upon himself to be friends with the friendly female and friends they quickly became, often being spotted in the forest laughing and running around with each other through the trees. The more Kinto was spotted playing with the pearl horse, the more the animals began harassing and making fun of him for it. "Shouldn't the preAlpha be doing more than dancing around with a mental goat?" The birds would laugh whenever they got the chance. One night when the sky was clear and the air was crisp, the two journeyed out to the river where they had first met. "People are making fun of you." Her soft whispy voice sang as she lowered her head and sipped at the cool water. Kinto's ears fell as he sat beside her, curling his tail around his feet as he attempted to think of a response. Before he got a chance, her face rose slowly from the clean water and her piercing green eyes seemed not to be shadowed by the night as she stared at him calmly. "They do not accept me and they make you suffer." She truthfully stated, staring at the wolf with eyes that didn't seem to match the words that she was saying. In an effort to ease her heart, the wolf spoke with a soft voice. "They're just jealous that they're not friends with you." He claimed, wagging his tail in hopes it would lift her spirits. Her face remained the same as she looked up into the stars. "They do not want me to be a unicorn." She stated with sadness seeping slowly from her whispy musical voice. After so long, the unicorn speak was not something that was new to him and he accepted her words now as if they were true, beginning to believe within himself that she truly was this magical creature. Her personality and life were as pure and happy as one that would be of magic. "It's not their choice." He said to her with a smile, his tail still wagging. She looked down at him with glimmering eyes and smiled at him, happy to hear that he was an animal that truly believed in what she believed in. In a swift but graceful movement she swooped down and nipped his ear before running in a thunder of hooves in the opposite direction, leading him to chase her playfully, barking and yipping as he nipped at her heals and tail. Another month passed by and spring was beginning to turn into summer as the sun grew closer to the Earth, warming its forests and oceans. Kinto and Paula had become close despite the forest animals' arguement against their friendship. She had become important in Kinto's life as he needed her upbeat attitude and playfulness. She was a special kind of animal inside and out, he knew that, whether or not she was a unicorn. An afternoon that was full of the heat of a warm day led the two animals out into a meadow found deep within the forest. It was one of Kinto's favorite places to go and he knew that Paula would love it. The two ran headfirst into the open grasses, prancing about in the sunlight that hit their fur without any interuption from the trees that grew thicker with leaves by the day. While Kinto pranced, he stopped, suddenly smelling his own pack with his nose. His tail started to wag as he looked around for his family yet he could not see them. "What are you looking for, Kinto?" Paula asked with her green eyes looking around curiously. "My family is here, I could swear it." He told her, searching the small meadow. All at once, his entire family lept from around the trees around them and charged, leaping onto the pearly horse with snarles and barks. Unsure of what was happening, Kinto looked around him in a panic until he heard the soul tearing scream of his equine friend. He knew then that his family had revolted, piling onto the horse, tearing at her flesh with their teeth in an effort to rid the forest of her life. Kinto cried out to his brotherin and jumped on them one by one, trying to tear the vicious pack off of the horse who had slumped down into the grass. Tears in his eyes, he faught with his family who began to clear from the dying horse. His father looked at him with his large black body and scortching glare and simply said; "Next time, you'll spare a life by taking your family's recommendations." Kinto frantically looked over the torn body of his best friend with tears running over his grey fur. "Paula, Paula, please talk to me!" He begged, wanting to just see her eyes. She was breathing but each breath seemed pained as she opened her eyes to look at Kinto. "Kinto, please, hurry. To the brushes by the Eastern Oak tree. There's a small den. Hurry." She choked out as blood began to run from her lips. In a panic, he did just as she was told, sprinting through the trees as fast has his canine legs would take him. He jumped over the Calinora creek and ran through the trees of Zina until he finally reached the Eastern Oak. He searched frantically in the bushes beneath the tree until he saw a small opening barely visible by searching eyes. He dug at it with his paws until the moss and plantation clear away enough to allow him to weasel his way into the den. It was dark but he searched restlessly until his eyes met a shard that seemed to look like crystal. It was a strange looking shard that seemed to resemble a jagged icecicle. He picked up the crystal carefully with his teeth and climbed from the den, sprinting back to his dying friend. Her body lied mangled in the grass where he had left her as he ran up to her face, wondering how such a strange crystal would help her. He dropped it carefully in the grass by her face. A smile spread across her long face as her eyes looked up at him with a glazed wisdom. "Proud wolf, you have proven yourself pure at heart." She spoke with her whispy voice. He stared at her, puzzled with what she was saying. "That is the horn that was once broken from my body once long ago when my own soul became inpure. Without its power, I am nothing but a horse but your belief has kept the legend alive. Your heart and soul are pure with love and your friendship with me has proven you worthy to own this magic piece." Her voice was quieting but his eyes widened, looking at the jagged horn that he once held in his teeth. "It cannot help me now but your love has given you the power to use its magic. Keep it hidden, it is..." A cough shook her large body as he listened with streaming tears. "It is coveted for its powers. Heal your family, keep the forest alive, and keep your heart strong." She smiled up at the grey wolf with gleaming, dying eyes. "You are the only animal that a unicorn has ever fallen in love with." Her voice trailed off with its whispery music until the piercing light in her green eyes faded to a dull glaze and her body fell still. He mourned her death with tears and cries until the moon had risen high above the land. When his tears had become stale and his lungs hurt from his howls, he turned his greiving eyes toward the crystal that glowed softly beneath the moonlight. He took the unicorn's horn softly in his teeth and ran to the river that seperated the lands. With one might jump, Kinto and the magic horn disappeared into the water. Neither were ever seen or heard from again.
Last edited: 28 November 2011

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