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Tuesday, 1 November 2011
02:29:49 AM (GMT)
Which Asian Nation Are You?

Hong Kong
[ ] You have thick eyebrows
[ ] You're 'Eurasian'
[x] You seem to lack expressions<-on the outside
[ ] It is hard to tell how you are actually feeling or thinking on the outside<-you
see the "x" up there? I'M A PARADOX.
[x] You can be quite blunt
[ ] You like fireworks

South Korea
[ ] You have a curly strand of hair on the right side of your head.
[x] You like wearing clothing with over-sized sleeves 
[x] You like video games and the internet
[ ] You love Korean dramas<-love their music though
[x] You're good at drawing anime
[ ] You love your family very much<-ಠ_ಠ
[x] You're very affectionate…<-sometimes.
[ ] …Too affectionate.
[ ] You like breasts. 
[ ] You always claim that you invented things
[ ] You're the youngest person in your family 

[ ] You like wearing a lot of pink
[ ] You have long hair
[ ] You have a flower-shaped birthmark
[ ] You're very fashionable
[ ] You are unable to stop worrying about things these days.
[x] You can have a short temper at times.
[x] You don't like China at all 

[ ] You love Pad Thai
[x] You look good in white
[ ] Whenever you cook, it's always something really sweet or very hot 
[x]  You're absent minded<-sometimes. Again.
[x] You wear glasses
[ ] You're a very easy going person.
[x] When you're in 'working mode' you will go for things head on.<-I'm forced to take
charge, yes

[ ] You love Hello Kitty
[ ] You know someone who always dresses up in a costume
[x] You always wear your hair in a ponytail
[x] You always like to have what you want
[x] You love cuisine…
[ ] …So much that you'll nag if it has a certain pattern of taste
[ ] You always end your sentences with 'aru'
[ ] You're very cheerful most of the time
[x] Sometimes you can slip into depression<-I do that. A lot.
[x] You are easily annoyed and prone to snapping

[x] You're very quiet
[x] You're shy and you need time to adjust to other people<-Usually
[x] You're an otaku/huge anime fan
[x] You're very interested in learning things from many other cultures
[ ] You're don't know much about the outside world
[ ] You have isolated yourself before for a very long time
[x] You love animals…
[ ] …Especially cats 
[ ] You have a weakness to things soft and fluffy
[ ] You have a pet dog
[ ] You seem very calm most of the time, and getting angry is rare for you.
Total= 5

I get Japan.  .  .
And China. ಠ_ಠ
Last edited: 1 November 2011

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