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Friday, 22 July 2011
09:04:50 PM (GMT)
I am so unbelievably sunburnt.  Stupid me for not bringing my special personal
SPF 60 with me.  Stupid friend for being Lebanese and not owning sunscreen,
period.  At all.

   I'll admit it, I've followed the Royal wedding and their honeymoon and Canadian
tour very closely and loserishly.  One thing that has been really bothering me with
the coverage is all of the attacks on Kate Middleton's weight.  Sure, she's skinny. 
Sure, she was a little too skinny on her wedding day and you could see her
collarbone.  All brides lose weight before the wedding due to the stress of it, and
imagine how much stress she was under.  Plus, she's gained a fair amount of that
weight back- at the very least, you can no longer see her collar bone.  Admit it,
reporters whose faces (or bodies) will never been  to the public- you're jealous. 
You wish you were as skinny as Kate Middleton.  You wish you were as young and
pretty and lucky as she is, but you're not.  Sucks.
   The main reason this bothers me so much is that it ties into my life right now and
something I've been experiencing lately.  Have any of you ever been called a skinny
bitch?  By a fat person?  (No offense to fat people.)  If you have, you know how bad
it feels, especially when they're being so hypocritical.  Obviously I would never,
ever call anyone a fat bitch.  That term is just rude, plus with the new
definition of "bullying" that schools seemed to have adopted (aka anything that's not
I LOVE YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND), it wouldn't be worth the suspension.
   And yet... the term "skinny bitch" is a joke, according to society.  In the same
way that some people approach their friends and say "Hey, hoe," or whatever, it is
now acceptable to use "skinny bitch" as a colloquialism.  It's bad enough when other
"skinny bitches" call me that, but when big people use it as an insult... ugh.
 I'm going to turn around and call them "fat bitch" the next time, and see how they
like it.
   So yeah.  My heart goes out to Kate Middleton.  Magazines rarely talk about people
being overweight, and when they do it seems like it's out of genuine concern for
their health rather that cattiness.  With Kate, and other stars who are just lucky
enough to be slim, it's like a bitch fight.  Sorry, but the last time I checked it
was better to be a little bit underweight than massively overweight.

   Happy birthday Daniel Radcliffe.  

   I've honestly had enough summer.  I have a great first semester next year and I'm
ready for school... plus I don't want to go to summer dance camp.  
   All the shops downtown are so ridiculously expensive.  $95 for a T-SHIRT???  Yeah

‹Ambreen› says:   8 August 2011   590380  
Oh I think they're on Kate Middleton cause she is already a size 0
and is losing more weight... which i have to say, is a bit extreme.
There's good skinny, then there's "holy shit, that is way too skinny"
skinny. I thought she did look graceful until it was put in
perspective. People always look good when you just seem them in photos
and don't have real people to compare them to.
tiggerlemon101 says:   8 August 2011   646358  
I heard she's a British six, which is an American two.  Could be
...She could be a size twetny-four.  I'm just saying.  Why attack her?
 Why not attack overweight people?  It's the same situation- just as
unhealthy and unneccessary. 
‹Ambreen› says :   14 August 2011   404682  
Overweight people do get attacked. :P A lot. Even average sized people
get attacked these days. For the media, there only seems a small
window thats acceptable for them... 
Really? I was reading magazines and stuff which said she was a size 0. 


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