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Wednesday, 1 June 2011
09:42:29 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1- The beginning~

Crash! Was all you heard as Vladimir King went tumbling over a knocked over trashcan.
"Ow..."Vladimir mumbled rubbing his elbows and knees.
     "Boy! Get off my lawn! And pick up my trashcan!" An elderly gentleman
yelled at Vladimir.     "Damn Teenagers..." The man mumbled.
     "Sorry, Sir!" Vladimir called getting up and picking up the elderly
gentlemen's trashcan and wiping himself off.
     "Better be!" The elderly man said turning and going back inside. Vladimir
smiled bashfully as he straightened his messanger bag. He then walked on mentally
kicking himself. He'd been too busy lost in his music and thus fell over a trashcan.
He continued on to school and after a long walked reached the school building.
      "Vlad!" A cheery male voice called from somewhere in front of him. He
looked up and saw a guy with brown hair that went a couple inches past his ears,
layered, and blue eyes. His bangs went to the left partially covering his left eye.
The lower left part of his lip had a blue knob piercing. He was smiling happily and
walking toward Vlad. "Hey, Vlad, what's up?" The guy asked. Now that he was
closer Vlad could see his outfit. He was wearing a black and white striped long
sleeve shirt with black skinny jeans that had rips in them by the knees and further
down the leg. He was skinny and slightly pale, he also was wearing black high top
converse. He too had a messanger bag.
      "Oh, Hey, Dani." Vlad said smiling. Dani, Daniel Rogers was Vlad's best
friend. Their parents were close, really close. "I pissed off an old man..."
Vlad said chuckling.
      "How? Did you step on his new grass or something?" Daniel asked.
      "Well...not technically...more like a faceplant in his yard..." Vlad
said bashfully rubbing the back of his neck.
      "That explains the grass in your hair, I thought you put green streaks in
your hair." Daniel said chuckling.
      "What?? There's grass in my hair??" Vlad exclaimed searching his hair
frantically trying to find the grass.
      "Relax!" Daniel laughed. "I was playing around!" Daniel
continued. Vlad put his hand to his chest and sighed in relief.
      "Don't do that! You scared me!" Vlad said before lightly punching Daniel
in the shoulder.
      "Sorry, it was too funny..." Daniel laughed. Vlad smirked.
      "Asshole, let's go before the bell rings." Vlad said pulling Daniel, who
was still laughing, by the sleeve. By the time they'd gotten inside, Daniel was no
longer laughing and was now sulking at Vlad's right as they walked to their lockers.
[b["What's wrong now?" Vlad asked as they'd reached their lockers, which were
right next to each others.
      "I feel bad now..." Daniel said sadly.
      "Why?" Vlad asked.
      "Cuz, I really shouldn't have done that, I know how much you care about your
hair..." Daniel said. Vlad closed his locker and raised a brow at him.
      "Wow...Dani...I didn't realize you were a girl." Vlad teased. Daniel
jerked his head up at Vlad and mentally scolded him but laughed.
      "I'm no girl." Daniel said smiling.
      "Oh really?" Vlad asked smiling.
      "Really, I can prove it, do I need to rip my pants down?" Daniel asked.
      "No Thank you!" Vlad said quickly.
      "Then why'd you even think such a thing?" Daniel asked smiling. Vlad
gave Daniel a sidelong glance.
      "Shut up, grab your books, and let's go." Vlad said rolling his eyes.
Daniel chuckled but did as he was told. They had somehow managed to be put in all the
same classes except for one, literature. Daniel was in a lower class then Vlad. They
walked to their classes together all week and before they knew it, it was Friday.
      "Felt like the week would never end!" Daniel sighed.
      "I know, right?" Vlad said throwing his books in his locker after
grabbing his bag. "Let's get the hell outta here! Want to stay at my house this
weekend?" Vlad asked.
      "Anything to get me away from my aunt." Daniel said. Daniel's mother had
died shortly after Vladimir's mother, whom died on Vlad's fourth birthday. She died
from a car accident, she was going to pick Vlad and Daniel up early from daycare to
celebrate. Vlad and Daniel were playing with Lincoln Logs by themselves...
      "No! You can't put that one there! How will the car get in??" Daniel
      "Through the roof?" Vlad laughed.
      "Cars can't fly! Can they?" Daniel whined.
      "Here they can. One day we should have real flying cars!" Vlad
exclaimed. The teacher, Miss. Bell Clara, walked over to the only two left.
      "Where's your mommies and Daddies at boys?" Miss. Clara asked.
      "Probably maybe at their jobs." Vlad responded, Daniel was quiet and
looking down at the floor, he was naturally shy. Just then the phone rang. Clara
quickly walked over to the phone, exercising her no running policy, and picked it up
as Vlad and Daniel went back to building their mansion. After awhile of talking on
the phone, Clara walked over to the boys and held them gently by the shoulders. The
two boys looked at her questioningly.
      "Someone will be here shortly." Clara said gently. The boys nodded. Soon
enough, Daniel's Aunt Trisha showed up, her eyes were red and swollen. She looked at
Daniel then at Vlad and her eyes watered as she walked over to Vlad. Vlad stared
confused before Trisha's arms were around him. Clara held her hand to her mouth
looking as if she'd start crying as well.
      "Aunt Trisha, where's mommy? Where's Vlad's mommy?" Daniel asked.
      "We'll talk about it in the car." Trisha said. Trisha had blonde hair
and blue eyes. Freckles lay on her cheeks and over her nose lightly, she had a petite
body. She was seventeen, she was Daniel's mom's sister, Six years younger than
Stephanie, Daniel's mom. Stephanie had Daniel when she was nineteen and when Vlad's
mom, Marissa, was twenty. They had their kids on the same day coincidentally, they
became friends in college, lost touch then met up again at the planned parenthood
Clinic. They'd actually gone to middle school and high school together but never
knew. Marissa was just a kid in the halls while Stephanie was a Social Outcast.
Trisha sat the boys in the back seat of the car and got in the drivers side.
"Daniel, your mommy is in the hospital with Vlad's mommy." Trisha said
      "Why?" Daniel asked. "Is our mommy's okay?" Daniel asked. Trisha
hesitated for a minute.
      "They're working on making Vlad's mommy better." Trisha said as she
drove to the hospital. Once they got there, Trisha walked the boys' to Marissa's
room. Stephanie was sitting in a chair next to Marissa holding her hand sobbing.
Chase, Daniel's dad, sat red swollen eyed next to Stephanie.
      "Mommy! Daddy! Where were you?" Daniel asked running to his mother and
father. Usually they didn't act so friendly. Chase ran off with a man and got Daniel
on the weekends but today they sat next to each other as if friends. Daniel wrapped
his arms around his mother and father as Vlad stared at his limp, pale mother. His
father, Lloyd, sat on the other side of Marissa with his head on Marissa's other
hand. He would kiss her hand a few times then lay his head back down. After they
visited for a while then went home. Vlad stayed at Daniel's house. Daniel woke Vlad
up by crying.
      "Dani, what's wrong? Why ya cryin'?" Vlad grumbled rubbing sleep out of
his eyes.
      "A-Aunt Tr-Trisha is gone, so is daddy and mommy! They left us here all
alone!" Daniel cried. Vlad opened his eyes and looked at Daniel.
      "I doubt it, they wouldn't do that, would they? C'mon, let's go look for
them." Vlad said grabbing Daniel's wet hand. Daniel stopped crying and looked at
Vlad's hand, sniffled then let himself be towed around by Vlad. "Trishy? Chase?
Stephy?" Vlad called out. "Where are you guys?" Vlad called out, the house
was eerily quiet aside from Daniel's whimpering. Vlad sat down on the ground in shock
and looked at Daniel who was crying harder.
      "I told you!" Daniel cried.
      "Shhhh, it's okay, they'll come back, they'll come back." Vlad said
using similar words to the ones his mother had used when his father went away on
business trips. He seemed calm on the outside but on the inside he was crying just as
hard, he was scared. They sat in front of the door...waiting...waiting...finally
there was a click. Daniel's sobs subsided as he watched the door. The door opened to
reveal Trisha and Stephanie pale faced with red rimmed eyes.
      "Mommy!" Daniel sobbed jumping out of Vlad's reach and into his mother's
arms around his mom. Vlad looked at Trisha and Stephanie. Trisha and Stephanie looked
shocked. Stephanie wrapped her arms around her son though. After a while she released
Daniel and looked at Vlad, blonde hair, staring currently at her with blank
green-blue eyes, pale skin. He even had a somewhat feminine body. People always said
he looked just like his mom. Stephanie burst into tears and wrapped her arms around a
very confused Vladimir.
      "Vladimir, your mommy won't be coming home from the hospital," Stephanie
      "Is she sick?" Vlad asked very innocently. Stephanie looked at him for a
      "Yes, she's very sick and can't leave the hospital, she got in a car crash
and the wounds- er- booboos got dirty." Stephanie said her eyes watering. She
couldn't tell Vlad. He was so young. She would tell him another day, when he was
      "But, she's okay?" Vlad asked, he was a mommy's boy.
      "...S-She's not hurting..." Stephanie said sniffling. Vlad stuck out his
little hand and wiped a tear from Stephanie's cheek.
      "Don't cry, Stephy, Mommy isn't hurt. So she's happy..." Vlad said
smiling. Stephanie kissed Vlad's itty bitty hand squeezing her eyes shut preventing
tears as much as she could.
      "Such a sweet boy..." Stephanie said smiling sadly at Vlad.
      "Thank you, Stephy." Vlad said politely. *Years passed, Vlad and Daniel
were approaching their eleventh birthdays. Vlad sighed and walked over to Stephanie,
who was sitting at the bar looking for bargains in the paper and for another job.
"Stephy," Vlad said. Stephanie looked up at Vlad.
      "What is it, Vladimir?" Stephanie asked.
      "We need to talk..." Vlad responded with a sigh. Stephanie set down her
      "About...?" Stephanie asked.
      "My mom," Vlad said looking up at Stephanie who looked like she might
      "O-Okay," Stephanie said blinking back tears.
      "She's dead, isn't she?" Vlad asked, Stephanie was silent. "Why
didn't you tell me when I was younger? Why did you make me believe she was just
sick?" Vlad asked sounding hurt.
      "I'm sorry Vladimir, I didn't tell you because I didn't know how you would
take it, you were so young...I'm so sorry Vladimir." Stephanie said as tears
welled up in her eyes. Vlad stood like a stone. He was unable to believe that his
mother was dead this whole time. Vlad wasn't angry at Stephanie, she did nothing but
help him. He couldn't be mad at her for that. He wanted to cry with her, but
couldn't. Shortly, Daniel walked in.
      "Vlad, you never came back outside," Daniel said. Then he caught sight
of Stephanie. "Mom, what's wrong?" Daniel asked sadly. Stephanie wiped her
eyes and looked at her son.
      "Nothing, mommy's okay." Stephanie said smiling. Daniel looked at Vlad
and the smile he so briefly wore, disappeared. Stephanie bent down and kissed
Daniel's forehead. "Alright, Daniel, go try to play with Vlad." Stephanie
said. Daniel nodded. "You're okay, Vladimir?" Stephanie asked. Vlad looked at
Stephanie and smiled and nodded.
      "I'm fine, let's go!" Vlad said grabbing Daniel's arm and ran off with
him. But after a while when they had made it to their spot in the woods, Vlad sat on
the ground and rested his head on his knees, which were pulled to his chest.
      "Vlad, what's wrong? Are you okay?" Daniel asked.
      "Just found out that my mom's been dead since I was four, but yeah I'm
okay!" Vlad said sounding like he was crying.

*= Newly posted.
Will write more later, tell me what you think by commenting below!
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Last edited: 17 July 2011

Cozzette_Azealia says:   1 June 2011   322076  
I like it. ^^' I'm not feeling well enough to say anything except for
‹ThineRiddler› says:   1 June 2011   887881  
I. LOVE. IT. I can't wait for more!!!!!! =DDDDD
‹Dullahan› says:   26 July 2011   941920  
You're a little heavy on the adjectives and descriptions. Things like
people's clothes and physical appearances don't tend to be as
important as anything else. Work a bit on condensing such things.
Over all it is great, though. :D
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says :   26 July 2011   658153  
Thank you friend. :] 

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