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I...am confused about their relationship.Category: my love life
Tuesday, 10 May 2011
07:26:41 PM (GMT)

A few days ago, Jonathan told Sarah he likes her.

Ryan told Cicily, Jonathan's girlfriend.

Jonathan tried to deny it, but Cicily got mad and knew he was lying.

They had a little conference at recess....and Cicily walked away crying.

At first we all thought they had broken up, but then we weren't sure.

So much has happened this afternoon, that I have no idea where they stand with each

Cicily wouldn't talk to Jonathan at first, but then she did.

I sit across from him in class so I heard a lot of their conversation.

He kept saying over and over that he was sorry, does she trust him, I promise it
won't happen again, I'm sorry, Cicily please listen to me.......

But I couldn't see her so I don't know what she said.

In my opinion, they should just break up; they've had too many second chances.

Plus, I just don't think they're good for each other.

I mean, Jonathan obviously cares about her (at least, he did) but I never see Cicily
smiling when she's with him.

And she's only her usual, bubbly, funny, crazy self......when he's not around.

I hope they break up.

Then Jonathan will be a single man  and.....I honestly just don't think
they are good for each other; and I am not saying that just because I like Jonathan.

I mean, I love Cicily and all, but......no. Just no.

And that is what happened today.

‹Kairos› says:   10 May 2011   128169  
Omggg they should have never dated, sometimes theres those
relationships where they go out only for popularity reasons, like
cicilia or whatever I'm too lazy to scroll up knows he's the
man of the hour and wants him so that all girls can envy her...
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   390168  
haha, it's cicily, and im not too sure about that but yes he is one of
the most popular guys......i mean i sit across from him in social
studies, our desks are in little pods and there are 4 girls including
me who sit in that pod and all the girls including me have a crush on

no joke.

and cicily doesn't even sit there. 
CraziiShyness111 says:   10 May 2011   247604  
i agree!!
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   452571  
with audrey? abour cicily only dating him because he's popular? 
CraziiShyness111 says:   10 May 2011   133064  
i agree that they aren't good together 
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   301389  
oh, ok. ^^ 
‹Ikiru♥› suggests:   10 May 2011   662761  
I think cocky and Jonathan shoul break up an he should go out with
youu. But I'm being serious there on their what? 8 th chance
‹Ikiru♥› says:   10 May 2011   577504  
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   567389  
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   438684  
Hannah But don't you think it was totally rude of him to tell Sarah
that I mean he did that before when he was dating Gina.  He told
Allison that he would break up with Gina to go out with her!
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   905134  
i guess its just that he started liking another girl and really just
couldnt help it, but yes he could have at least broken up with his
current gf. but maybe he didnt break up with cicily first so that if
sarah didn't like him back he would still have cicily.

honestly they should  not get back together because duh, he likes
sarah or at least said he did, cicily shoulld kinda hate him for that
or at least be reeally pissed off. i mean come, what happened to "if
we break up again, that's it, we won't get back together again because
that's too many" or whatever...... 
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   966471  
I know if i was Cicily I would hate him so much!  But i'm just saying
he did the exact same thing to different people so i think it's his
fault even  if he didn't like him any more!
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   112179  
true, true. and thats one of the reasons why i'm afraid that if we
ever got together, it wouldn't work, cuz he's such a flirt. but at the
same time i like him because ive seen his softer, nicer side, and i
just love that side so much, thats when hes really sweet, and
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   364844  
Ya I guess but he has way to many faults for my liking If he ever did
this to you I would have went up to him and killed him!!!!
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   943224  
haha thanks for that, but its different for me i could literally go on
and on and on about what i love about him. 
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   811592  
Ok hannah
‹Ikiru♥› says :   11 May 2011   148857  
Hahaa, yeah that made my day too. xD x3 x] x) 
> u < 


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