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Sunday, 12 December 2010
07:30:58 AM (GMT)
THIS is what we are learning in History. And what i need to learn for my test
The growth of towns had put a lot of pressure on the housing and led to many problems
such as; Overcrowding, badly built houses, bad sanitation, lack of ventilation and a
lack of clean water.
The Glasagow Tenements were tall tower-like buildings, built upwards as it was
cheaper and less land was being used as a result of this. Normally the tenements were
three or four stories high consisting of lots of stairways. The houses were cheap to
live in and a lot of people could stay in one room. The problems with these houses
was that there was no privacy. Especially sharing one room with at least another four
or five people. There was no windows at all, this didn't help the lack of ventilation
and the germs would spread rapidly aswell. One family would also have to stay in the
basement, which was up to fourteen feet from street level. All the rooms, including
the basement, were stuffy in the summer and very cold in the winter. it wouldn't help
that the actual rooms were very small and didn't have any light, unless you had a
candle. The end of the bed was normally cut off due to the rooms being small and
narrow. And there was only one bed. The whole tenement would have to share one
toilet, and this helped towards disease.
Small animals, vermin, could breed easily in these conditions. There was no proper
drainage or sanitation. The houses were made from poor materials and they were
filthy, damp and badly ventilated. There was no proper water supply. Everyone would
throw their waste into the river and then other people would drink out of it.
1835 - Municipal Corporations Act
Allowed town councils to improve sanitation, street lighting and paving.
Cholera - The main disease at the time of poor housing, this was caused by polluted
water. which everyone was doing. Shared toilets and bad water.
Typhoid - Just caused by horrible water.
Thypus - Dirty houses, overcrowding and a bad diet cause this.
TB - Overcrowding, bad diet and poor ventilation.
Diptheria - Caused by dirsty living conditions.
lol i found a page that said nice primorksy and had a shit load of moustache
drawings on it
Public Health Act 1848 - Central board of helth was set up to suggest way in which to
improve health.
Public Health Act 1875 - Medical Officer was appointed, Local authorities were to
maintain sewrs and provide clean water and clean streets.
1847 - the discovery of chloroform(whoopfuckingwhoop...)
1882 - Louis Pasteur discovered that germs caused disease.
1928 - Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming.
People were getting better because of new hospitals and medicines. They had a better
diet and cotton clothes were being used, as they were easier to clean.

okay, done. i have to learn all of that for my test. not exam. test. a little
'warm-up' as my teacher calls it. wish me luck ; A ;

‹Foxhound› says:   21 December 2010   316384  
HOLY SHIT! im one year older and we dont get these kinds of test :O
lucky us
‹paynush.♥› says :   21 December 2010   293409  
honestly ; A ;? dude i'm only in my third year of high school. i have
three more years ; n ;... 

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