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"The perfect Artwork..." -XaveriaCategory: Organization 13
Saturday, 6 November 2010
12:21:09 PM (GMT)
(I listened to this whilst typing this story out. The tune is quite fitting, ne?-

She sat there. In her dark room, sitting on her bed, staring into space. She was
alone, once again. She knew why she was always alone.
No one loves me... so no one talks to me, or comes to see me..., that's what
she thought.
Xaveria sat herself up, and grabbed a notepad from her drawer, and a pencil. She
started drawing on the notepad. It turned out to be some sort of person. A young man,
that looked around her age. He had messy hair, blue eyes, wore glasses, and was drawn
to be quite tall. He wore the usual baggy jeans, and t-shirt, his hands in his
This was, what Xaveria called, the 'perfect person' that she could think of. She did
this out of loneliness. She drew this person, so she could love them, since 'no one
loved her back, or liked her'. She would keep this picture in her coat pocket. Yes,
to you this may seem rather odd, or creepy.. but to Xaveria, it was perfectly normal,
and she never felt alone.

One night, whilst looking at her drawing of the boy, she made up her mind. She would
go and find this boy herself. But not by going out and asking people 'have you seen a
boy that looks like this?!?', oh no. Xaveria... would go, and chop up pieces of other
people's body parts, to actually create this person! Her mind had finally snapped.

Each time she went out on a mission, she would always come back with a different body
part. She would transport herself to her own room after missions, instead of the Grey
Room, so that no one could see what she was holding. She would place the severed body
parts onto her developing model of the 'perfect person', her room getting covered in
blood, and her room beginning to smell of rotten/burning flesh. To Xaveria, her room
looked and smelled wonderful.
She would go out and do her mission, and then take out her weapon, her Giant Blade.
She would cut open a villagers body, and take what she needed. Blood smeared all
across her coat and face. She never cared. All she would have to do is wash her face,
and clean her coat before showing herself to everyone in the castle.

As each day came and went, her 'perfect person' was nearly completed. It just needed
a head. She had got baskets set up in her room. Each basket had a sticker on it, with
a name wrote on it. Xemnas. Saix. Axel. Xigbar. Xiannon. Shexia. Demyx. These
were baskets for heads...
She decided to kill the people that annoyed her or upset her in the past. Xemnas and
Saix, for locking her in the 'Hall of Empty Melodies' numerous times, and hurting
her. Axel, for being his usual 'prick' self, to her. Xigbar, for being his usual
'perverted' self to her. Xiannon, for bullying her at school when they were
Somebodies. Shexia and Demyx, for kissing each other before Xaveria told Shexia that
she could have Demyx. The only reason she told that to Shexia, was because she knew
Shexia loved him, and she could tell that Demyx liked her more than herself, since he
had stopped talking to her, and had been going to visit Shexia more.
They would all pay.

She would kill them all and place their heads in the baskets, hanging the baskets on
her bedroom wall, so that she could gaze at them every night.
But she decided she would keep one head, to be the head of her 'perfect person'.
Which head? Demyx. It would complete 'The Perfect Artwork' she had been creating all
these weeks.
She grinned psychotically, her large shark teeth shining like blades that had just
been lunged into someone's head. Her shark teeth covered in blood.
"...they'll all pay...!".
Last edited: 5 December 2010

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   6 November 2010   817410  
Holy Shizlesticks!
scary stuff man, don't kill Dem Dem! D:
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   6 November 2010   272655  
kyekyekye >:3 She shall and she will. For her 'perfect person' to be
completed, and she will never be lonely again! >:3 (insert psychotic
laughter here)

And Chococandy... if you read this, I am sorry Shexia is on one of the
baskets XD If Xaveria hadn't snapped and gone completely psycho, she
wouldn't have put Shexia on a basket. But since she is a proper psycho
now... yah, you know XD Sorry ^^' 
‹◄chery♦桜の木♦blosom►› says:   6 November 2010   845093  
thats actually a song vocoloid origionally made it its called Kagome
Kagome or cirle you circle you here the origional song i was listening
to circle circle you rgith when i found this diary lol how odd

Ju_Ju says:   6 November 2010   165025  
i love it!!!!! turn it into a book!!!!
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   6 November 2010   202982  
I know! ^^ It's such an awesome song. And Yeah, that is pretty weird,
but awesome at the same time XD

awww thankyou ^^ I do want to write a few books of my own. I think I'm
starting by writing short stories like this, to get the hang of it.
Before I write a full book ^^ 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   6 November 2010   845266  
Ah, creepy! But good! ^^'
‹knight of ren› says:   6 November 2010   376998  

Lulz, its amazing.
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   6 November 2010   664524  
thankyou... so sorry XD ^^' But yeah, Xaveria wouldn't have put
Shexia's name on a basket if she wasn't psycho ^^'

XD I know. But she's really upset/angry, and now psycho. So she wants
the perfect head for her 'perfect person', which to her, is Demyx ^^' 
ice_princess45 says:   7 November 2010   594268  
There's actually a movie called May, which is sort of similar to
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   7 November 2010   508629  
Really?!? Awesome! I want to see it now! 
‹Tama_♦› says:   7 November 2010   726773  
Dem Dem Dem Dem Dem. She must still like him, if his head can fit the
perfect person, ne?^^
ice_princess45 says:   7 November 2010   787111  
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   7 November 2010   137271  
Got that right, Tama =^^= She does still like Demyx ^^

Thankyou ^^ I'll take a look ^^ 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   8 November 2010   416954  
woah, that really is like my story XD That's so freakishly weird how
alike it is! :S XD 


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