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Magic And Darkness (Chapter 1) IncompleteCategory: Story Time
Saturday, 4 September 2010
05:20:26 PM (GMT)
So yeah. HIYA! this is the first chapter of my story Magic And Darkness. I dont have
a characters page so pay attention when they are introduced!
also its sucks i know i suck D:

Chapter : 1 : Not Safe At Night This was the first night of the new year. January 1st. Its a reason to celebrate, so many people are out. And vampires. Plus all the other monsters that lurk. All of their names mean the same thing. "Soul Stealer" whether it be your life, you soul, or your blood, its all the same. Half the known murderers and thiefs are actually creatures of the night. Propelled by magic, and darkness. Janet walks over to her boyfriends house, fear is in her eyes, she wonders what he will think of their child. The one that in a few months would blow her up like a baloon. She wants to die -- a tiny desire, but a desire that they can sense. This time there is a vampire. Vampires feed off of humans blood, their life force -- some are drawn to the darkness in peoples hearts, and some are drawn to the inncent, some, to anything at all. This one feeds off darkness. He plans to kill Janet in cold blood. As she nears the house fear and darkness envolep her. So much... as she as about to reach the doorbell, he bites into her. She opens her mouth to scream, and only a little shriek comes out, in her last breath. Also a victicm is Ben. Ben is only a child. The purity of his soul makes him a perfect target for a deadly foe -- the Soul Eater (or stealer). As he drifts off into sleep, he doesnt know that this is the last sleep he will drift into as someone with feelings. He will wake up, pale, blank, mindless. And soon he will die. As the soul drinker sips the last of it, bens eyes jolt open. he manages to just get a little of the soul. As its cover is blown it dissapears . There are many of these. Darkness propelled by Magic. So many different species and types. It would take hours, days, perhaps. Anyway, lets go and center on just a single soul in particular. Sakura sakura isnt exactly what you'd call a good person. Or a nice one. She lies about her age, says shes 18 when shes 16. she gets into fights frequently, and does whatever she wants. Today she is going to the R (the part of the library that students are not aloud in) Section. When she gets there, she blinks. A student. As old as her, but a boy. He grins, and she sees his fangs. "Who are you? I am the first person to explore these grounds of the R section, not you! Who cares if your a vampire, you took away that privelige and your going to pay!" she punched him. It hurt like crazy. "YOU!" she picked up a heavy book, slammed it against him hard as she could, and the book fell apart. he grabbed on to her. Picked her up, and took a bit of her blood, just enough so that she would faint. To be continued! INCOMPLETE!
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