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Saturday, 4 September 2010
12:24:00 AM (GMT)
When you get married, will you convert your last name? 
noooooooo i really like my last name

Are your parents divorced, married or seperated? 

Has someone ever left a relationship with you for someone else?
uhhhhhhhh how do you leave a relationship with somebody and it not be for another
unless you go back to them

Have you ever eaten your way through a breakup? 
no, trust me eating isn't how i make myself feel better lololol

Who was the last person you texted? 

Do you usually buy popcorn when you eat at the movie theater? 
idk, i'd rather have nachos personally

Have you ever kissed someone under fireworks? 
aw yea, my cousin's friend. where my mom comes from they don't use fireworks just for
holidays they use them when they're bored

Did you sleep alone or with someone last night? 

what would your name be with just the first three letters? 

Have you ever been in someone's wedding before? 
i was a bridesmade for my dad's second wedding

How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed? 
holy cow idfk

Do you know anyone who tries to steal everyone's boyfriend? 
i'm not really friends with people like that i mean being jealous of somebody's
relationship is one thing but trying to separate the couple is dick.

If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be? 
i'd get invictus written on me

When did you last spend the night at someone's house? 
uh last week

What song is currently resonating through your ear drums? 
the gay Sims music

Are you happier single or in a relationship? 
it depends

Have you ever slow danced with someone? 
haha yes but i don't think i've ever SERIOUSLY slow danced with somebody

Who do you usually talk to when your feeling down? 
i don't talk to people when i'm down, why would i want to make other people down
fuck that

Who was the last person you hugged? 

Are you wearing any make up right now? 
no, i never am

Would you ever have children before you got married? 
i don't think i ever want to have children, or get married so ya

What piercings or tattoos do you have? 
3 lobe and 1 cartilage on each ear, my nose, naval, and tongue are pierced

When was the last time you cried really hard? 
idk i don't cry much

How many people have you liked this year? 

Are you happy at the moment? 
no i'm bored as shit

Did your last kiss mean anything to you? 
haha it meant what kisses mean, think about it

Who do you usually go to for advice? 
shawn and other cunts

Have you ever tried learning another language? 

Without saying any names, say something to someone: 
reference reference reference reference :P

Did you cry at all today? 

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? 

Could you ever forgive your best friend for sleeping with your boyfriend? 

Is there something that happened in the past that you hate talking about? 
who doesn't have something they don't like to talk about?

How has your day been today? 

Are you going on holiday any time soon? 
i go to my first two days of school, then i get off a day for Rosh Hashanah, then
it's friday, and i have the weekend off

Are you listening to a song right now? 
Aerials by System Of A Down

Have you ever been drunk? 
i've been not only drunk sir, i've been shitfaced.

Or what about smoked a cigarette? 
i'm addicted to them

Do you send kisses when you text people? 
no i don't physically contact people through text. i haven't figured that one out yet

What sort of music do you listen to? 
classic rock, hippy shit, metal

Current relationship status? 
good question.

You walk in on your bestfriend making out with your ex. What now? 

What's your favorite kind of cake? 
birthday cake

Have you ever cut yourself? 

Do you get a 'Good Morning' text from someone every day? 

Do you have any gay family members? 
not that i know of

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing? 
stop and shop hahahahha

Do you miss any of your ex's right now? 
uh a couple of my friends technically are my exes so yea i miss a few

Who was the last person to text you before you went to bed? 

How do you feel about the last person who texted you? 
she's kewl

What are you doing this weekend? 
chilling at my dad's house

Who's the last person that slept over your house? 
uhhh sophie

Do you still talk to the last person you kissed? 

Do you wear a toe ring? 

Have you ever wanted to be famous? 
when i was younger yea

Would you ever get a boob job? 

Did your last relationship end because of you or the other person? 

Have you ever tried to break up anyone because YOU liked the guy/girl? 

Is your belly pierced? 

Would you ever take someone back if you found out they cheated on you? 

Do you regret many of the things you did in the past? 

What would you say if your last ex told you they still loved you? 

How many people have you kissed this year? 
a handful

Have any of your ex's ever given you roses? 

Had your heart broken much? 
not for a long time, but i have

Do you like to get your nails done? 
i've never gotten them done

Have you ever used your bra to hold things like you would a pocket? 
i can't hold money in my purse, i will lose it

What is your longest relationship to date? 
i don't count fuckin days with somebody that's dumb

Do you like when a guy takes you by surprise and kisses you? 
lol if i like them that way i'd probably be embarrassed but i would think it was

Have you ever gone for someone despite knowing they were bad for you? 
Yea, you could say that.

Have you kissed anyone who's name started with 'C'? 

DAVEY lol camp romances<3
i wonder if that kid is on facebook


aw fuck
i was so close to not even remembering lol


When was the last time someone gave you flowers? 
the only time anyone ever gives me flowers is when my dad gives me a bouquet at my
dance recital every year

Has anyone ever sung to you? 
that was the cutest moment of my life i think. and to think i forgot it until now D:
my first boyfriend<3

Does it matter if a guy has a sense of humor? 
uh absolutely

Have you ever dated someone shorter than you? 
i'm 5'9" okay, lots of guys are shorter than me

Have you kissed anyone today? 

Will you kiss anyone tomorrow? 

Who got married at the last wedding you went to? 
i do not remember :D

Would you ever or do you have a nose piercing? 
yes my nosey has a holesy

Do you ever eat when you get bored? 
...if i'm hungry?
Last edited: 4 September 2010

shawnman says:   4 September 2010   675380  
whos beky 
aannn uuurrr aaaa fuckinretatdpoopshufler
‹AudioWhore› says:   4 September 2010   137547  
oops that was Saralyn's answer i didn't erase/replace
my bizzad 
‹AudioWhore› says:   4 September 2010   477746  
shawnman says :   4 September 2010   912026  
lol. hahahahaahha

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