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Chapter 27Category: Sam & Meaghan Stuff
Thursday, 15 July 2010
08:51:46 PM (GMT)
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Chapter 27: Impossible, Do You Even Know My Dictionary?! That Word Is NOT In
                 I sat at the back door to me and Ryoki’s house with Cedric
climbing over me excitedly, finally at my breaking point, just as Cedric’s head was
right behind my right shoulder I lifted my arm and punched him smack in the middle of
the face.
	“Ahhhh.” Cedric cried, and then he slumped to a unmoving blob on the floor
behind me, with that I put my had under my chin again and stared out at the wall me
and Ed and Ryoki had when Sam had fallen ill, I knew she was out there, but I
didn’t quite nowhere yet, and there was these pictures that kept showing up in my
head of glimpses of forest and a boulder. I wasn’t sure if it was a new power or a
vision. But honestly whatever it was, it was giving me a major headache because it
was making my brain process so much at once. I was on brain over load. 
	“What’s the matter Meaghan?” A soft voice asked me, I glanced to my left to
see two black shoes step out onto the concrete beside me and then I saw more of the
person as they sat down beside me.
	I smiled; it was Kokori Asou, my love. Ohh I felt weird just saying that in my head!
And my heart skipped a few beats when he pushed up his glasses; it was funny how
something like that could do that to me. I would forever be stumped by the logic of
	“I have a very bad feeling about Sam and either I’m having visions or I got a
new power, either way, it’s giving me one heck of a headache.” I told Asou. 
	“Then shouldn’t you be following your instincts and go searching for her?”
Asou asked me, leaning in so I would be looking at him directly. I looked at him
once, he gave me his sly smile, I covered my face in arms for a few seconds and then
stood up, I clenched my fist and punched it into the sky.
	“Alright! I will!” I yelled to the sky, just as a wave of desperation that
wasn’t mine engulfed me, and I knew then, Sam was in trouble. Asou smiled at me
again and then stood up, he brushed off the dust on himself and then pointed to the
	“Shall we go then?” He asked. I nodded, now focused internally on finding Sam,
and with that I charged into the forest with Asou following me. 

	It didn’t take too long to find the boulder where I had seen Sam in the last
little picture thingy I had seen. Asou was calling me a seeker, pfft. I did not just
get a new power. 
	“Is this what you saw, Seeker?” Asou asked me. I stopped looking at the boulder
and turned around to look at him, but I just couldn’t glare at him. 
	“Shut up Asou and stop calling me that!” I pleaded; Asou nodded and then stepped
forward to look at the rock.
	“Funny...” Asou muttered, I ran my hand over the rock and then looked at him
with a questioning look.  Asou moved my hand off the boulder and then bent to look at
the spot where my hand had touched it closer. 
	“What is it Asou?” I asked, Asou pulled something off the boulder I couldn’t
	“It seems your friend here can turn invisible...” Asou muttered. My jaw almost
dropped, Sam could turn invisible and she had the same power as Asou?! SOO not fair!

	“What exactly is that?” I asked as Asou let the invisible stuff slip through his
hands like goo, it almost grossed me out, except for the fact that it was invisible
and I couldn’t see it, well I could if I wanted to probably, but I didn’t. 
	“It’s what comes off invisible people when they get their power to turn
invisible, it only happens though when we get the power.” Asou explained to me.
Well whatever, that was still nasty. 
	“Eww. Well anyways, does this give you any clues to where she is?” I asked, Asou
looked at me and then sighed.
	“Meaghan, I can hypnotise people, and turn invisible, I do not have some super
smell thingy nor am I a seeker, we’re just going to have to use our instincts from
this point on. But I think I’ll be able to help more if I’m invisible, after all
invisible people can see each other when they’re invisible, and you look for tracks
and use your seeker power, okay?” Asou asked me, he also grabbed my hand, I bit my
lip and looked down at the ground.
	“Well fine. But no running off on me so I can’t see you.” I said, Asou laughed
and slowly became invisible.
	“That would be why I’m holding your hand Meaghan.” Asou told me, and then his
invisible self started dragging me foreword. 
	“Okay, slow down Asou! I have to look for tracks you know!” I said, Asou
stopped, but it was weird since I couldn’t see him, but then again I was used to it
because I used to spend a lot of time power training with Asou.
	“Oh right, sorry.” Asou said. I bent down, still holding his hand and rubbed my
finger over a patch of dirt that seemed to be a mark from a foot turning to run, ah!
My logic about running came in handy! 
	“It seems like someone took off running...that way!” I said, turning to point to
my left where Asou was standing.
	“Alright, then let’s go this way!” Asou said, and suddenly I was being dragged
to the left, trying to stand up, but failing.
	“Asou! Asou! Let me stand up first please!” I cried, Asou suddenly stopped.
	“Sorry I forgot I was holding your hand.” I brushed off the dust on me and then
stood up fully.
	“Yeah no kiddi—” I didn’t get to finish what I was saying though because
Asou was once again dragging me along to the left. 
	We walked, or rather Asou dragged me for a fairly long time before I heard a noise
that made me slap Asou’s arm and force him to stop walking. 
	“What is it?” Asou whispered, I yanked on him until he was at my height, or so I
thought he was, I couldn’t tell. 
	“Did you just hear that?” I asked. Asou paused, I could hear his breathing stop
as he tried his best to listen to what I had heard. 
	She’s around here somewhere, keep searching! 
	I knew that language...LYCANS! I grabbed Asou then and dragged him over to a pine
tree and got under the needles, I curled up to the trunk, and looked to my right of
the trunk to see two big lycans walk by.
	“What are those things?” Asou asked me. I intertwined my fingers with his and
then gripped his hand hard. 
	“Those things are my mission, the very creatures I’m supposed to kill. Also the
animals that hunt humans. They are Lycans.” I whispered, I could hear Asou shift
his weight to get a better look at them.
	“So those are the things that have been keeping you in this place for so
long...” Asou whispered, I nodded and when I did I suddenly felt a pang of fear,
and it wasn’t like when I had gotten a feeling from Sam earlier, it felt as if the
feeling was coming from close by... Very close actually.
	“I’m going to go out, I think I can feel Sam near. But be careful Asou, they may
not be able to smell you or see you, but they can still hear you.” I said. Asou
gripped my hand tightly to let me know he knew, and then I released his hand and
dashed out from underneath the tree, running in a straight beeline to across the
field of forest to a bluish green pine tree, that tree was where the feeling was
coming from, that’s where Sam was! 
	There’s one! I see one! 
	My eyes grew wide but I didn’t stop, I didn’t stop running until I heard a
scream. I turned and within that instant a big lycan came out of nowhere and hit me,
sending me soaring across the field and hitting a tree. 
	“Ow! I do NOT like being thrown and getting hit by needles thank you!” I yelled
as I landed the fall from the tree, the lycan looked at me confused.
	Incredible human couldn’t be, could it?
	“Oh shut up! Midgets can be strong!” I yelled at the animal.
	“Meaghan! Can you help me?” Asou cried, I turned to my left to see Asou, now
fully see able again being attacked by a lycan. My heart thumped wildly as it was
torn in two, one wanting to find Sam and take her away from her, and two, seeing the
guy I liked being torn apart. 
	Biting my lip I made a decision, I would use my super speed running skills, hit the
lycan attacking Asou, tell him to find Sam and get her back home and then I would
take care of these lycans and eventually join them back home.
	And with that in mind, I made a sharp turn and whacked the lycan attacking Asou with
a powerful fist and sent the animal flying backwards.
	“Find Sam Asou, and take her home, I’ll meet up with you guys! Let me handle
this!” I told him hurriedly, Asou grabbed my hand.
	“No Meaghan, we’ll fight together.” Asou told me, and then before I could
argue he ran towards a lycan and then immdetly stopped, I could hear what he was
saying, how he was hypnotising it. 
	You will run back home and forget everything that just happened here, you will
forget about a light brown haired girl, me and my friend over there, now run home!
Asou yelled in his hypnotism voice in the Lycan’s head. I could immdetly see the
animal go dizzy and then begin running away.
	Don’t touch the small one fellow lycans! She is the one from the prophecy, go for
the others!
	A lycan yelled, I turned to look at it. What the hell had it just said?! I charged
at it, ready to ram it into a mountain, but the lycan took off running before I could
reach it, which was strange. Lycan’s were very territorial animals; they would
never run off in a fight... 
	“Asou find Sam!” I yelled, Asou stopped hypnotising a lycan and immdetly turned
invisible, from that second on I couldn’t tell where he was, but that didn’t
matter, I charged at the next Lycan I saw, but that one ran off too when it saw me
come after it, one by one as I charged at them, the Lycan’s ran away, leaving us
alone in the field. 
	I stood in the middle of the field, mouth open, amazed, fist still clenched as all
of them ran off together in the same direction together, home. What the hell had just
	“That was amazing Meaghan! People were right; your thunder attack is really
scary.” Asou told me as he came out of the trees with Sam behind him, looking at
him strangely as she followed him to me. 
	“Uh yeah...” I said still amazed at what had happened, was it really because of
my thunder attack? Sam tapped me on the shoulder, taking me out of a daze.
	“Um pardon my asking, but Meaghan, who is this person?” Sam asked me. I turned
to look at her.
	“Oh him? He’s my friend Asou, from the academy, remember him?” I asked, Sam
shook her head, I smiled.
	“Asou, Sam, Sam, Asou.” I said, well pointing fingers at them. Asou held out his
hand for Sam to shake.
	“Nice to officially meet Meaghan’s best friend.” Asou said, Sam shook his hand
and I laughed as she stared at him sceptically. “Well then let’s get a move on
back to HQ.” Asou told us, and then he started walking ahead of us, Sam tapped me
on the shoulder again.
	“Who exactly is he?” Sam asked me.
	“He’s my friend. And the boy I like, also the only man my father will ever
approve of for me. He’s great isn’t he? He can turn invisible like you! And he
can also hypnotise people!” I said, Sam looked at me like I was a being from
another planet. 
	“Uh Meaghan what’s happened to you, you’re acting weird and your stare has
become scarily gentle...” Sam muttered. I laughed.
	“Like my stare could become gentle! You’re just imagining things Sam.” I said,
slapping her on the back.	
	“No I’m pretty sure I’m not imaging anything...” Sam told me. I sighed.
	“Nothing is wrong with me Sam, I’m the same old me. I’m Meaghan. Maybe your
new power has done something weird to you...I’ll have to ask Asou.” I said. Sam
reached out to grab me as I ran forward to ask Asou.
	“Meaghan, look into my eyes and tell me the truth.” Sam told me sternly.
	“But I’m not lying Sam, Asou! Can you come here for a second!” I called out to
Asou, who stopped walking and started walking back towards us, Sam forced me to look
at her again, and she slapped me. 
	“Meaghan! Stop acting so weird!” Sam yelled at me, I pushed her off and grabbed
Asou’s hand.
	“I’m not acting weird Sam! Come Asou, I must talk to you about the effects of
invisibility.” I told him, walking off with him hand in hand, leaving Sam following
behind us with her jaw wide open in disbelief. What was wrong with being in love?
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