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Saturday, 8 May 2010
11:12:31 AM (GMT)
What were you doing at 11 last night?
watching Napoleon Dynamite and texting mark. oya.

Do you think you and your best friend will be friends in 10 years?
i hope so! that'd be nice.

What could you eat any day of the week and never get tired of?
cookies from the caf! oh yum.

What's the craziest thing you've done?
snuck out, oh my!

Someone knocks on your window at 5am, what do you say?
depends on the person is

Funniest thing that happened in the last 24 hours?
it's been a pretty boring 24 hours.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?
it is the weekend! i suppose mark will
come over, and tomorrow i'll probably
go to the mall, or finish my art hw.

Would you change yourself for the person you love?
no, he constantly tells me never to change lmao

Let me guess, your last incoming call was from the opposite sex?
no! my motha.

Would you kiss anyone you have texts from in your phone?

Do you find drinking unattractive?
drink up me hearties, yo ho!

When was the last time something bothered you?
last night.

Do you know how to work a computer well?

To who did you last give the finger to?
probably taylor

Is it more common for you to follow your heart or your mind?
mind, most of the time.

Six months ago, can you remember who you liked, who was it?
not sure. maybe tyler.

Do you like to hold hands?
of course!

Anything embarrassing happen today?
not really.

Would you ever go on a game show if you were offered?
i don't like game shows.

What does your phone do when it receives a new text?
the screen lights up and it buzzes.

Has anyone ever done mean things to you while you were sleeping?
maybe, i don't know, i was sleeping.

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
purdy much.

Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?

Would you rather be at the beach or lake?
empty beach at night!

Last thing you spent money on?
2 4 1.

What are you doing after this?
i'll continue eating these strawberry mini wheats.
then i'll listen to music, and possibly practice piano.

Have you ever cried from being so mad?

Are you happy with the choices you've made?
sure why not!

I bet you miss someone, huh?
huh. lol american.
but yeah i do. terribly.

Would you rather be forced to eat 100 bananas or 100 apples?

Have you dated the person you texted last?

Is good grammar attractive?

Are you friends with the people you were friends with two years ago?
yep, and i've made new ones.

Is there anyone you know with the name Mike?
everyone knows a Mike.

What is today's date?
may 08! i missed star wars day. fuck.

Who was the last person to call you baby/babe?
trisha or mark. i can't remember.

Has anyone ever sang to you?
yeah i almost died.
not because it was bad, though

What is your favorite color?

What color are your eyes?
green yo.

How tall are you?
5'6", my docter told me so yesturday.
i feel shorter now.

What do you have planned for tonight?
mark mark mark!

If you could have one wish right now what would it be?
strawberry milk.

When is your birthday?
next year.

Do you want to get married and have children one day?
nah, i'll pass.

Who is the 9th contact in your phone?
half ginger (taylor).

Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?

If you could spend more time with someone you used to be very close with, would you?
if we're not close anymore, then there's a reason for that. so no.

Could you go a day without eating?
probably, but that would be a shitty ass day.

Did your parents force you to go to church or let you make the decision?
they forced me. and look at me now!

What are you excited for?
today, and tuesday, and suummerr

Would you date an 18 year old at the age you are now?
next friday mark will be 18.
so, yeah? lmfao

What are you listening to now?
dance anthem of the 80's!

What woke you up today?
my dad. fuck.

Would you take someone back if they cheated on you?

Have you ever dyed your hair?
yeah. mistaaaaake.

Who was the last person you have a missed call from?
dj. called me on the fucking bus. bitch.

Where was your default picture taken?
st.denis school yard.
you are cool wheennn!

How many windows are open on your computer?

Anything you really want?
strawberry milk! mark would be nice, too.

How many pillows do you sleep with?

Can you have more than one best friend?
already doo!

What was the last thing you drank?
the milk from my cereal. 
it tasted like strawberries <3

How many pets do you have?

What do you like better: hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
hot chocolate. apple cider is gross.

Who last texted you?

Who did you last text?

What do you want right now?
you've asked me this like, twice already.

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