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Sunday, 25 April 2010
10:19:15 PM (GMT)
People love the idea that wormholes are the key to time travel, and interdimensional

The theories do have a certain logic.

But the reason these theories center on wormholes is that we actually know nothing
about them. It's easy to think that anything might happen when you theorize based off
an object that we've only ever theorized about it.

The entire interdimensional theory seems questionable to me. It's neat to think
about. Of course it's fun to say "Oh yeah, I was watching a show that explained how
whenever we go left, I am creating another universe in which I go right."

But really, are we that important? Why should daily decisions that even we think of
as insignificat be acts of great cosmic creation? 

What is important enough to justify generation of other existantial

I think that when you go left- Ya go left. Have fun.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   26 April 2010   163164  
I don't really think we're so important that each time you make a
choice, you'll create a whole different "dimension." I don't want to
use "universe." It refers to something that everything resides in. If
there are different universes, there should be one huge universe
holding them inside it. Then you could say there could be other
mega-universes, etc.

Our universe is compicated as it is. If there are any more, whatever
created it all should've run out of ideas by now. Think about it:
there sre billions of people. Chances are, whatever situation you're
in has probably happened before with someone else. If we made a new
dimensions, then every time we made a choice, there would be an
infinite amount of dimensions that are copies of one another. 
Even if wormholes did send you to another dimension, I wouldn't try
it. Who knows what kind of backward (or dangerous) place you'd end up
Kirti says:   26 April 2010   549528  
Well, according to brane world cosmology the megauniverse is called
"The Bulk". But... When you get into paralell dimensions that are a
milimieter away but we aren't aware of them, and sheets made out of
foam in whcih every bubble is a universe...

After a while theoretical astrophysics becomes as hard to beleive in
as the Gods. At least Gods are comforting.

I've got a friend who is very caught up with the idea of hell just
being another universe where everything is oppisit. Stars are cold,
ice burns you, ect. He says it's more logical then a metaphysical
hell. But... It's likr you said. Isn't the universe complex enough? 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   26 April 2010   982880  
We haven't even reached the end of our own ever-expanding universe.
Maybe we should start with baby-steps before trying anything that may
or may not exist. >.<
Hmm...Hell being another universe? That brings up another idea. When
you die, do you go to another dimension? Is Heaven or Hell or whatever
people believe another dimension within our own or is it on the other
side of the Bulk? 
Who knows, maybe there's an entire universe so tiny it fits under my
bed. Or maybe there's one so big it holds our own without even really
touching it.

The scary thing is if answers are ever found for any of these
questions, we'll most likely already know out of personal experience. 
lunasan says:   2 May 2010   207969  
Excuse me here but I believe that this is sorta true.

Thing is the dimension isn't a dimension in the sense of the word.
It's a place in our head that we can access, prolly through
I can only believe this as I've gone left and right at the same
time. That would also explain how seers see the past or future.
They can enter that state easily and reverse the process until they
see the past of others other then themselves (because this could also
explain memory and false memory), and log in the most likely
situations to happen until they get a vision of the future of
something likely to happen. . .

Je-sus, that makes sense.
Kirti says:   2 May 2010   284987  
But what you're describing is completly different than modern theorize
centering around wormholes or M-theory. You're talking about spiritual
experiences, which although credible do not have much to do with this
branch of science. 
lunasan says:   3 May 2010   312698  
It seemed relevant.
Kirti says:   3 May 2010   513287  
It's the same concept as "If you don't save the Hogfather, the sun
won't rise and light the earth." ... "So what would have happened if
we hadn't saved him?" "As we orbited a ball of burning gas, it would
have warmed the earth."

It's just like that. 
lunasan says:   4 May 2010   390602  
Kirti says:   4 May 2010   572291  
I get the impression you're just trying to avoid an argument. So thank
you. Neither of us need that, right? How are you? 
lunasan says:   4 May 2010   604409  
I woulda said horrid about five hours ago, but I'm good. and you? 
Kirti says:   5 May 2010   480501  
Ashamed. I didn't meet my goals in P.E even though I've been
exercising. What happened five (well, twenty not) hours ago? 
Kirti says:   5 May 2010   403042  
Correction- I mean "now" instead of "not".
lunasan says :   5 May 2010   311363  
Oh, just friendship tensions. 


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