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Time for some sentimental stuff. :UCategory: Hm (:
Saturday, 17 April 2010
03:20:31 PM (GMT)
I don't know why but I felt as if I needed to share this.

One of my goals in life is to become a popular artist. Probably not a professional
one because I can't do assignments/deadlines constantly for a living, I can try but
it won't last very long. What I mean is that I want to become a very good artist that
knows what they're doing and enjoys it. Of course I have alot of problems with my
anatomy, colors and lines but when I look back at my previous entries I'm actually
amazed at how I got better. 

So far I have made 2 goals.
My first is to make an entry that'll get on Tegakie's featured page. (Most of you
probably have no idea what that is ;l )
This is what it is:
I love how it's so unbiased and you need a really good entry to get yours on there.
And when I mean good, I mean mind-blowingly good.
It's not the popularity that I want, but for me it'd be an honor to get up there.
So I haven't given up yet. 

My second might take a long while to happen but, 
I want 100 bookmarks c: Tegakie related but bookmars are basically people subscribing
to your entries.
And since I know it's possible to happen, I want that to be my goal. 
So far I have 16 but you know, the better I get the more bookmarks I might get also.

And that's pretty much it for now. It might be a while before I complete either of
them but I'm still determined to become a good artist and in the future, help others
who'd like to do the same.
Last edited: 18 April 2010

exquisite says:   25 April 2010   378129  
Well, Kala.

Practice makes perfect, just keep practicing and practicing and soon
you'll end up there on the front page. I know you can do it! [:

Also, I'll subscribe to your entries, how do you do that?
‹burblegurm› says:   25 April 2010   635693  
Thank you! c: I hope you get on it too, you're art is amazing and I
have no doubt that youd make it there too,

xD Bookmark. 
exquisite says:   25 April 2010   984230  
You're welcome! But you keep on trying and trying, I just give up
after 2 tries. You can do it Kala, I have high hopes for you. <33

Oh, obviousssly. xD 
‹burblegurm› says:   25 April 2010   222700  
;-; Don't give up! you're such a good realism artist and with each
entry you just keep getting better.

xD Don't worry, there's a, "subscribe entry" tag too, so it's easy to
get confused. 
salsabuffalo says:   25 April 2010   545239  
Man I feel the same way. Maybe not as specific as all the goals and
what not, but I generally just want to be, eh, good or something. I
always get discouraged when I see someone who's like wayyy better than
me. But this really amazing artist told me she didn't let the jealousy
discourage her, but she lets it motivate her, which I thought was
like, awesome.
/god what am i rambling about ;n;
Anyway, I know how you feel?
/lol shutup salsabuffalo
‹burblegurm› says :   25 April 2010   635265  
Nu, don't shut up. ;n; Same here, I feel like my art is so worthless
compared to that person. I admire them and yet I kind of envy them at
the same time. My bestfriend's so good, and when I tell him how
amazing he is he discourages it and I explain to him how envious I am
of his artwork. 
That is awesome, ;; I think negative comments are what motivated me to
get better. A while ago I posted some of my artwork on gaia and asked
what people think and one girl told me, "uhh, hit an anatomy book
It hurt but if I compare how I'm doing now to my work before, c: Her
comment helped.
/trust me, I ramble more. xD 


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