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Undone Chapter oneCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 6 April 2010
08:31:16 PM (GMT)
It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since…..well you know.  I happened so
quickly I can’t remember most of it now. Xis and I both decided one day we would
pretend it never happened and go on with are lives back in California. The only thing
wrong it that I love him still my love for his is burned into my mind always there
and it still stings. My love is so great I’m starting to hate it I don’t want to
love him anymore but my gut tells me I still do. My gut also tells me his insanity
was not driven by my actions. I decided to investigate and go visit him.
	The night before I was went to visit Dez at saff asylum; I tossed and turned in my
bed. I had a horrid case of insomnia that night all I could hear was his blood
curtailing laughter and the slow hum of xis’s computer outside the room. He had
left the monitor on the screen let off a comforting blue light in the room I slowly
feel asleep.
The next day I awoke to my alarm clock I turned it off and got up slowly it was many
hours before I could even dream of waking Xis up without fuss so I decided not to
make him go. Then I grabbed am keys and stumbled out the door.

	When I got to my car I slumped down in my seat and hesitated before revving up the
engine. I took the short way to the asylum. On the way there I mind played tricks on
me I kept seeing dez in the corner of my eye and once I even herd him say “I love
you” I swerved I little but stopped to find he wasn’t there. My heart was in my
throat when I came up to the gates I gave the security guard my information and
parked inside. I hobbled out of the car and slowly walked to the front door. When I
walked in I saw the secretary she stared blankly at me as I walked in. I approached
the counter and I ask for the room dez was in. she looked at the screen and said
“130” bluntly almost like she wasn’t talking to me. It took me a few seconds to
walk off when she gave me the information. I trotted up the staircase to the next
level and saw 100 dez had to be on the level somewhere. And I started walking down
the end of the hallway I started to listen to the other patients, creepy. Once I
reached 130 I saw a girl in front of the door obviously blocking it her hair was
messed up skirt ripped and blood stains on her clothes. I stated at her of a minute
in disbelief “did dez rape her?” I thought to myself. I studied her for a few
more seconds before she broke the silence with “I’m sorry, Th-this patient can
not be seen at the moment. He’s getting electro shock therapy right now” I glance
in the window to see dez cuffed to a bed, gagged with a rag and blindfolded, attached
to him was a strange head devices that I would assume to be the electro shock
treatment the nurse was speaking about. I asked if I could get a closer look and she
declined the request with a long sharp stare. She shooed me away as if I were a
ca-….animal. I crossed me arms and walk away. Half way down the hallway I heard a
loud crash, I turned around to see dez standing on a busted down door with the
squished remains of the nurse under it. It took my eyes I second to realize that dez
was there. I realized he also still had his blind foaled and straight jacket on. That
gave him a slight crutch I dashed down the hallway I could hear his muffled words
screaming “Emma” as loud as he could. Now I knew what he wanted I practically
jumped down every flight of stairs and crashed threw the door. I revved up my engine
and got outta there fast. That was the fastest I’ve ever ran in my life, my heart
was like a tympani drum in my chest. When I got home I called the police telling them
that dez was out there and looking for me. You see, a while back when I was still
staying with niju the fbi wanted to put me in witness protection and I declined the
offer. Xis had enough going on in his life already. I locked the doors and windows
(as if it would help) and sat in my bathroom and called Claire I told her what had
happened and she freaked out. “Well should you come over to my house or not I
don’t know” and shook my head and clenched my teeth “no no no it wont make a
difference he knows where I am always.” Just then I herd a small knock at the door,
it was xis. “Mommy? I had a bad dream. Can you come here?”  I hung up the phone
without Claire knowing and left it in the bathroom. I opened the door and knelt down
to pick up xis as I held him in my arms he whispered to me his dream I felt terror in
my eyes and dropped him and I ran upstairs with a butcher knife dez was in his room I
was sure of it. I climbed the stairs up to his room and kicked the door open I turned
to see dez sitting at the edge of xis’s bed. I held up the butcher knife ready to
fight. I almost fainted when I saw the dez had 10 arms.

He lunged at me with eight of them restraining me from movement me at all, but not
enough to crush me. The other two arms he placed behind his back and smiled
devilishly. Then dez whispered in a blood curdling demonic voice “hello” he
lifted me off the ground and near his face “silly little girl I finally caught you
and now no one is gonna save you” I struggled to get loose but it was hopeless I
was stuck. Just then I herd a crash of loud glass in the other room, the dez ran into
the room all heroic like I paused for a minuted and said “waait waaat?” the dez
in this doors eyes were burning red pointing like knives at the second dez. The
grotesque blond haired man squeezed me tighter the normal dez pounced on him as the
other dez released me from dez cutting off his oxygen. I started to run down the hall
I pretty much scooped up xis and hoped in my car. I started driving as fast as I
could half way down the same road he almost caught me on from last time my heart
skipped a beat when I herd a giant blast coming from my house. I put my foot on the
gas pedal and the tiers screeched from grinding up the ground.

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