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Chapter 14Category: (general)
Tuesday, 23 March 2010
07:04:39 PM (GMT)
Shhhhhhhh. I'm not on again, I swear.

Chapter 14
As me, Ed, and Aki were being driven up to the house, I had only been cursing my bad
luck. At first, I didn’t think Aki was that bad, but now that she has ranted about
Megs, and completely IGNORED me, she gives off a
‘Spoiled-brat-who-gets-whatever-she-wants’ impression. Now, something was on her
mind, and it was probably a bad idea.  I was on edge the whole car trip, ready to
contain her in a force field if she tried anything funny. I also kept an eye on Ed,
who also seemed pretty tense. About what, I wasn’t sure.
When we pulled up to the house, I noticed it was significantly different from the
houses around it. The other houses were modern and contemporary. This one was old and
gothic-styled. It reminded me of an American haunted house. (Remember, this is Japan
we’re in.)
As we climbed out of the limo, Ed led us up to the front door, where he was about to
push the doorbell, but hesitated and looked around. I only then remembered that it
was the doorbell that set the trap off last time. Nobody was around but us,
thankfully, so Ed proceeded to ring the doorbell. We waited for about half a minute.
No answer.
Without hesitation now, Ed clapped his hands together and placed them on the lock,
making it into a useless shape.
“Ed, what on earth are you doing?!” I said quietly as he opened the door slowly.
He said nothing in return as he took a few cautious steps in, making the door hinges
creak loudly. In the house, there were two ways we could go. To the right, there was
a long staircase, leading to the upper floor, while the left led into a living room
and kitchen on the main floor. All the lights were off, and there wasn’t a single
noise. Ed continued to walk in, with me and Aki close behind him.
“H-Hello? Anyone here?” He asked the emptiness cautiously.
No responce.
“Well, nobody’s here, let’s go.” Aki said quickly as she tried to book it for
the door.
“Oh, no you don’t.” I said firmly as I gripped her expensive-looking blouse.
“There could be people here still, we gotta comb the house.”
“The WHOLE HOUSE?!” She said loudly; I quickly covered her mouth with my hand.
Was she stupid?! There could be Lycans roaming around still! My compassionate side
was urging me to reassure her it was going to be fine, but then I remembered that
this was AKI, and then I wanted to say something like ‘Go get a spine.’ I decided
on something in between.
“Just stay close, and buck up.” I said as sternly as my voice would allow while
being quiet, taking my hand off her mouth. I turned back to Ed, who was giving me a
look of awe. Maybe he could see that, even though I just told Aki better, I was a bit
scared too. I’m not that good at lying, and my face often gives away my true
feelings, even if my voice is in another mood altogether. I always thought I could be
a good voice actor because of this. That isn’t really important now though, so
maybe I’ll go into detail on that another time. Without a word, Ed gestured for us
to follow him, and we started combing the first floor.
The smell of animal in the kitchen was overwhelming, as well as most of the house,
but no matter how hard we looked on that floor, there was nobody, Lycan or Human.  Ed
then decided to comb the corridors upstairs. When we were almost to the top, Ed
hesitantly grabbed my right hand with his left. 
That was the second time today. What gives?
“Hey, Ed, you’re sure acting...protective today, to say the least.” I whispered
so Aki wouldn’t hear.
“...Sorry, it’s just something Meaghan said yesterday.” He replied in the same
“What did she say?” I asked, curious. I got no response from him, other than a
noise that sounded like he was going to say something, but decided against it. Well,
feel free to call me confused.
The silence of the corridors was deafening. Ed checked each to we passed, to find
them all empty, and most of them unscathed. That is, until we reached the last door.
It was locked from the inside.
We looked at each other with mixed expressions. Eagerness, longing, fear. Ed let go
of my hand then and clapped his hands together quietly, and placed it on the old
lock. Once it was useless, the door slowly crept open on its own, with loud hinges
squeaking loudly. I got ready for anything, arming a force field. What entered my
eyes was shocking. The first thing I saw was blood. Both Lycan and Human.  My hand
went to my own mouth, as blood drained from my face. It only got worse. I then saw
the bodies. There were three Human, and six Lycan bodies on the old rustic floors.
Among the human dead, there were two young adults, a male and a female, along with a
16 year old girl. At the very end of the bedroom was a small glimmer of hope. There
were two children, about the same age of me. And they were alive. But only just.
They looked like identical twins, only of different genders. They both had very
bright blonde hair, and blue eyes. The girl looked in better shape than her brother,
who was laying on her lap in a pool of blood. They stared at us with both hopeful and
frightened eyes. They said nothing, but gripped each other as we tried not to trip on
bodies to help them. I was the first to kneel down beside them.
“Are you two alright?” I said pointlessly. Of course they weren’t alright.
Their family was killed. They gave me wondrous stares, but no reply. It was then I
realized, they might not understand me. Again, we ARE in Japan.
“...Do you understand English?” I asked them now. They slowly nodded. Well, at
least they knew what I was saying. They looked pretty traumatized. I would be too. 
Their gaze was suddenly off me, focused on the door. Fear filled their eyes as we
swung to see what they saw. Great, we got a Lycan in the doorway. And it was BIG. Ed
sprung up from where he was kneeling.
“Sam, watch the kids and Aki; I got this!”
“Like hell I’ll let you fight by yourself!” I cried back sternly with one of my
un-occasional swears. The look he gave me told me that he was dead serious. I  gave
in to his pleading golden eyes, and slowly created a force field around the four of
us. I could tell, he looked seriously worried about something, but Heaven knows what
it is. I could only wonder as he changed his right forearm into a blade and rushed
the king-sized Lycan. I turned my attention to the kids, who were staring in
amazement at my force field and Ed’s metal arm. The boy was still bleeding badly on
his sister’s lap...
“Aki, do you know any medical?” I asked the blonde sister of Ryoki to my left.
She nodded shakily.
“Can you try and take care of those two?” I asked again. She didn’t hesitate as
she got herself over to the twins. As much as I was cautious of her, I don’t think
I could allow the twins to suffer any more then they have.
A heard a large clang of metal, and my focus returned to Ed and the Lycan. Ed was
landing hard on his back; the clang had been from his blade breaking apart. Just
simply snapping in half. I mean, it may SOUND simple, but remember, his arm is made
Before Ed could get up again, the Lycan was on top of him, using its paw and pushing
down on his right arm. There was suddenly another snap, and the Lycan’s paw hit the
ground. I soon realized, Ed’s arm had been crushed. Again, a STEEL ARM had gotten
SNAPPED OFF. I saw the millions of pieces falling out of the sleeve of his
turtle-neck, and the extent of the damage was shown. It was too broken up to simply
be repaired. I couldn’t do ANYTHING with the millions of remains. Angrily, Ed
stripped his turtle-neck so he was just in his sleeveless undershirt, and
disconnected the now useless arm. Well, this is NOT good. Ed only has his left arm
now. Now, not only was his fighting skill greatly diminished, but he couldn’t clap
his hands together now. And yet still, his face of determination only strengthened.
He crouched down and used his good arm to boost a high jump. He then swung his steel
left leg at the MegaLycan’s snout. It let out a cry as it’s front paws flung to
its face, and Ed let out a satisfied grunt. He swung his head at me, to check on what
was happening with us, and my face only showed worry. It was then I saw GodLycan
behind him, foaming at the mouth. I reacted very quickly, ended the force field
around me, and focused a new large one on the Lycan. It struggled to understand what
was containing it, as Ed only then realized the danger he was just in. It then took a
hard swing, and caused the largest pain in the head I’ve ever had. The shield
shattered from the force, and I cried out as I held my head in pain. That was, by
far, the strongest thing I’ve ever tried to contain.
Ed’s face was on me, with a look of shock, and then of rage. He took another jump
at the Lycan hastily, but it was sloppy enough that the Lycan was able to grab onto
his left leg in mid-air. Before Ed had a chance to retaliate, the Lycan tightened its
grip. There was another crashing sound, and I came to a horrible realization.
Now Ed’s leg was broken too.
The Lycan dropped Ed, and he fell onto the ground hard, along with the remains of his
metal leg now piling with the ones of his arm. Well, NOW I was really worried. Ed
only had two limbs left now. With only two limbs, he was just about COMPLETELY
helpless. Damn it, this is really, really, BAD. Now what?!
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