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Long time no diary... Well, I'm off~~Category: (general)
Thursday, 11 February 2010
04:36:54 PM (GMT)
It's that season again~~
I'm going on holiday on Sunday, and I won't be back until late the following Sunday.
:B I'm going skiing in Andorra with my friend Dondon (her real name's Lucy actually),
which should be epic fun.

Going to work on skiing the wrong way.

Intentionally, mind you.
I'm a good skiier, srs beanz.
My sister is the one who crashes all the time. Haha.

Anyway, since it's only 7 days, messages will still be there when i get back, so
you'll just have to wait for a reply after the 14th. As for
www.kupila.com/club/Quinacridone, Rose_chan and SatrDust are your stand
in moderators and will kindly look after the happenings there. :D I will make some
more interesting topics soon, promise. ♥

The sad thing is that I also have to revise for a series of mock exams approaching
after 1/2 term holiday. D: I have to learn a 6 minute French presentation, including
80 questions, of which I will be asked about 5... yeah. That's for my GCSE mock oral
exam, on the 25th. I've already had writing and reading (which both went well, and I
got an A* in both) and my listening (not so good, only a high B), but I don't like
speaking. ;_;

Then, I've also got to keep my Mandarin and Spanish fresh in my head for oral exams
in both of those at the beginning of March. I've also got a freakin' Mandarin essay
to write on my hobbies, and a page of translation to do. -shot- Plus, I have to write
an essay on Lord of the Flies for English coursework, about Simon (so sad when he
gets mauled and dies!)... all whilst I'm skiing. Lol. I'll leave the revision for
everything else until I get back, I guess.

As for cosplay, I'll be thinking about that whilst I'm away.
I should be booking hotels and buying the wigs for May Expo pretty soon, and we have
a pattern for the costumes already; just looking for suitable material. Hey, matching
red stripey and green stripey material is hard to come across, you know? As for wigs,
i need to invest in many, dark pink Sharpies, as I have to dye half of my wig for my
character. Lol. I also have to make a hat, attach a fur collar to the third costume,
and make three pairs of ears. Hooray.

You'll probably get a new update on that soon.

The final piece of news: NEPAL.

Oh yeah baby.
Summer of 2011, that's where I should be going. For one month.
Can't fucking wait. 

All that stands in my way is the 3000 pound price tag... I have to raise half of it
at least, but my folks'll pay the rest. :P Well, we're doing community work out
there, so we should be able to earn quite a bit over the next 18 months.
Oh yeah, I'll have to get a load of vaccinations too. Yum. The rabies jab goes in
your abdomen, you know? Ouch! And the Cholera one is nasty too. Plus: tetanus,
typhoid, TB, hepatitus A and B, yellow fever, malaria, menengitis, and some other
crap. xD Oh, but it'll be worth it!!

I'll tell you about that some other time too.

Au revoir~~

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