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Sunday, 7 February 2010
11:00:52 AM (GMT)
Do you think you'll have a Valentine this year?  
hmm. maybe, maybe not? :'}

Do you always have to have a Valentine?
I've never really had a "Valentine" ;u;

Are you wearing a ring?  

What is the closest thing to you that is blue?  
my shirrrrtt

How much money have you spent in the last 3 days?  
i spent Will's money on friday.
k actually krista did, but.. w/e.

Do you have a fear of taking tests when you are not prepared?  
naah. i'm pretty chill with tests c:

When you sleep in your bed, is stuff usually on it?  
usually my red sweater.
i cuddle with it.

Do your friends have their say as to who you date?  
nah i usually get the bitchings afterwards. xD

Do you like meeting new people?  
ehh depends on my mood.

Can you honestly say that your happy?  
right now?
i could be better.
kinda sick atm.

Are your nails painted?  
baah noo

What were you doing thirty minutes ago?  

Tell the truth, what made you start liking the person you like?  
person #1- really kind, funny, and not too bad on the eeeyes.
person #2- super super pretty eyes, and really cute C:
person #3- bahah, everything the first two are and moreee.

i'm such a skank.

What time will you be up tomorrow?  
5:30am, yoyodawgdawwwg.

Has anyone said you have changed lately?  
ehmm not sure?
my mom says it like, all the tiemm.

Do you have brown eyes?  
green, sirr.

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?  
campus crew.

Are there any stressful situations in your life?  
few, lately.

What is your GPA?  
Grade Point Average?

Do you know anyone that DOESNT smoke weed?  
Good question, and yes. xD

What's your least favorite boy name?  

Girl name?  

Do you think age matters in relationships?  
the oldest i'll go for is like, 4 years older.
i wouldn't really wanna date somebody younger.

Do you think race matters in relationships?  
not really.
to be honest, i really can't help but laugh when i see
a big black gangster guy
with a fat blonde whore in a pink track suit.
idk, i just tend to see that alot here.

love knows no genderrr!

when was the last time you got a back message?  
da fuck?

Do you tend to waste a lot of money?  
i really try not to :{

How much money have you spent this week?  
not surrreee

Do you have bills?  

Ever been in debt?  
no xD

Do you loan out a lot of money?  

Have you ever seen Joe Dirt?  

Do you watch SNL?  
i watched like 30 minutes of it last night,
and fell asleep.

Can you use HTML without looking up how to?  

Have you ever taken extra classes, just to learn more?  
..dont think so :o

What is more important to you, hygene or finances?  

Do you Twitter?  
i refuse.

How many friend requests do you usually get a month?  
eh, like.. faceook?
probably around like.. 3 

Do you listen to country music?  
i always thought that was more of an american thing

Where can you trace your family ancestory to?  
my great great great great great (etc.) grandpa was a miner in France
who found a shit load of gold. and he died like, right after that.
now every Jacques in the world might get a bit of that. c:
.. that's all i know ;n;

What's your last name?  
if my nana wasn't such a whore, it would be Harris.
but it's Cawood.

Do you E-Mail anymore?  
bahah, noo.

Where you born in the 90's?  

Have you ever drank Tang?  
wtf is that

Do you remember those little slap bracelets?  
ohh, elementary.
how i miss you.

How cold/warm is it?   
it feels like it's a bazillionfucking degrees,
but i'm sure that's just the feeeverr.
it's probably really cold outside.

If you could be the President for a day, what would you do?  
Canada has a Prime Minister, sir~
But if I was in Americaaa...
I'm not sure what I would do D:
I'm pretty sure I'd have to invite Milo Ventimiglia,
Jake Gyllenhaal, Zachary Quinto, Topher Grace, 
Joseph Gordan-Levitt, and.. a few others
for a sexy party.

Does Megan Fox annoy you?  
didn't she shave her head?
that annoys me.

Do you like Harry Potter?   

What's a fact about the last person who had their arms around you?  
uhm.. it was more of a chokehold.
and it was dakota.
.. LMFAOcvjdg

Whose picture is in your wallet?  

Is it obvious when you lie?  

Does the opposite sex really turn you on?  
i'm not sure if i've been "turned on"
but yes i am attracted to men. :U

Is your bestfriend a guy or a girl?  
i have bestfriends that are guys and girrrls.

Do you have MSN?  
yeees. C:

Why did you last cry?  
yesturdaaaay because i had a 
really bad migrane that would not leeave.

Are you polite?  
i try to be 8D

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