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Me And Sam's Book Ch.1 Done By Me, She Does The Even OnesCategory: Book
Friday, 22 January 2010
06:53:49 PM (GMT)
Ch.1 Shut’d Up Already

It was a day like any other day...
Yeah okay, we all already know that, because that’s how everything starts out, so
I’m not going to waste space in my head with blah, blah, blah. And from this point,
I’ll try my best not to swear, but I’m not making any promises here, because I
know I’ll break that one, and I don’t want to brake my record of never breaking a
promise yet... 
“MEAGHAN!” the angry voice of Ryoki sounded from not too far away. Ryoki was a
six foot three guy, he came from china, had black shiny hair and wore squared black
glasses, and he was hot-headed and very annoying. Looking into his brown eyes was
like drowning in an endless black hole that never seemed to end, he had very fair
skin, his power seemed useless to me, and I mean fire? Really, what good could that
do? I could fly, read minds; I was also very strong for my size and could see through
things, I considered mine better.  I blamed our fights on all our differences, and on
the fact that he acted like a tyrant, always bossy and controlling, never thinking of
other’s feelings. But if I was being nice, I’d say many more things that I’d
never let him catch me saying.
“Shut up dickhead! I’m concentrating on my yoga! Jeez!” I yelled back. I
didn’t hear a reply, so I went back to my yoga. I didn’t care if he was calling
me, what would he need me to do anyways? Was he not strong enough or something, that
he needed me? Pfft, right, that dick would never admit that.
And then I felt my rug pulled out from underneath me, I fell face first onto the dark
green, lush grass. But I wasn’t gonna let him have the pleasure of surprising me, I
sprung up from where I had face planted and kicked him in the shin.
“OW!” He yelled.
“And I said shut up dickhead.” I taunted him, wagging my finger in front of his
face, I was tempted to use the middle finger, but I didn’t, this was a place where
I was to be peaceful (yeah right). He looked up at me, a painful glance.
“The master is here idiot! That’s why I was calling you! Jeez you’d go running
if it was Azusa.” Ryoki said painfully. I kicked him in the other shin and he
hopped again.
“Yeah right! I don’t come running like some psycho dog for a boy; I come on my
own account.” I said in my matter of fact voice, yeah I had one of those.
“Whatever, just go, before I have any more damage and go psycho on you myself.”
Ryoki spat. I winked and gave him a really sly smile, I was cruel, and that was the
way I liked it, but it was also why master made me do yoga, ugg. Hadn’t he figured
I was more of a strength builder and a runner, rather than a flexible gymnastic girl?
No, he hadn’t.
“Later, because I’m sure you can’t keep up with me, because you can never move
when you’re hurt.” I called as I slid the door closed behind me.
“Hey!” Ryoki yelled from behind the door. I smirked and walked on.
	He didn’t catch up to me, like I knew. He was ten minutes late for the appointment
with the master, that he had originally been early for. When he came into the room he
mouthed to me; thanks a lot, idiot. I just smiled sweetly and took my seat on the
floor beside Sam. Sam was five foot four (which made me feel like a midget beside
everyone, because I was only at five feet.) she had sun bleached brunette hair and
fair skin, she had the power of force fields.
Ryoki glared and walked behind me, where he poked my neck with his finger before he
sat down beside Edward. Edward was a strange person; there honestly weren't many
other people like him. His hair was golden blonde, and he grew it out rather long,
often putting it in a braid, though occasionally in a ponytail. His hair always had a
strand of hair he liked to refer to as an antenna. His eyes were like a cats, with
irises to match his eyes. His build was short, slender, and muscular. He was only
5'5'' at 16 years old, and it made him pissed off when somebody would mention it.
He'd often mishear the insult, drastically exaggerating it. He also has a reputation
of being foul-mouthed. The strangest thing about him was that two of his limbs were
made of steel. He lost them when he was only 11, and had metal limbs made for him by
his childhood friend.
The other strangest thing about him is that if he claps his hands together, he can
transform things into other things, as long as he knows what they're made of. It was
a handy tool, but around there, it was sometimes challenging to use it without
getting stared at, so most of the time, he tried not to.
	I couldn’t believe what master had told us, me and Sam’s applications had been
taken up months ago, they just hadn’t wanted to admit they had hired girl warriors,
so they didn’t tell us, and now they tell us because they need us to stop the evil
lycans. So after refusing to tell us they had accepted us, while we sat here
wondering when we’d get the word, they just expected us to jump up in joy and say
we’ll do it? Okay well we did do that, but after we realized he said we’d been
accepted months ago, we kind of stopped.
“Haha, they were so ashamed!” Ryoki laughed out. I turned to face him and pinched
his earlobe, he stopped immdetly. 
“Yeah well, he did say we were better than the guys!” I yelled back. Ryoki stood
and threw a pillow at me; I threw a book at his head.
“Sigh, not again. Ed, break them up!” Sam cried. I picked up the end table and
aimed right at his head when Edward grabbed it’s ends and put it down.
“Stop, jeez why do you two always have to fight?! Do you two like each other or
something?!” Edward yelled over us. We stopped, stared at him, and then started
throwing stuff at him.
“Jeez. STOP It! I believe that this means Edward’s right?” Sam asked. I turned
to her.
“No way in the world is he right!” I yelled. Sam sighed.
“Then stop fighting, it’s near time we take our leave Meaghan, put down the
glass.” Sam instructed me. I grumbled words and did what she said, well...kinda. I
more likely threw it at Ryoki’s head before we left.
“God woman!” Was the last I heard of him that night.
	“Sam.” I whined as she opened the door to our place. “It’s collldd! Hurry it
up would ya?!” Sam whipped her head back to look at me, she just stared. 
“Stop whining.” She said after a few moments. I shivered and glared at the white
with tan wood paneling sliding door attached to the white house with a black tiled
“You would be too, if you’re the one standing the cold! You’re stare doesn’t
scare me.” I went on as she finally got the door open, she held it for me and I
walked past her shivering.
“It should.” Sam answered in her low voice. I turned back and stared a hole
through her, she stopped staring.  I then got down onto the bed on the floor and
pulled up a blanket.
“Why is it always cold in our room?” I asked. Sam settled into her own bed.
“I dunno, just is I guess.” Was her reply. I drifted to sleep soothingly that
night, a good fight always made me pass out. 

	“Wake up or shall I kick you out of bed you sack of lazy bones idiot?” A deep
gruff voice asked. I opened my eyes hazily to see sunlight, I closed them again and
opened them ten seconds later, I then jumped in my bed, I suddenly felt naked, I mean
a guy was standing in my room! And it wasn’t just any guy no that would be nice,
instead life was dull and mean, it was Ryoki.
“Hey!” I yelled. I mean come on, I wasn’t even dressed in everyday clothes yet,
I was still in my pjs. 
“Oh sorry, having a good dream bobble head?” Ryoki went on, he imitated a bobble
head. I laughed.
“That suits you! You’re head was meant to bobble, I don’t think it was screwed
on good enough.” I said. He didn’t get what I meant, which just made it even
funnier for me. I threw off my blanket and made my bed, he stood watching me, and I
turned to face him. “Can I help you with anything?” I asked angrily, I felt like
he was staring at my butt, which was very awkward for me.
“No. We leave in an hour.” Ryoki said, and then he slammed the sliding door shut.
I sighed and got dressed, and then sat down at my vanity dresser to brush my thin
like almond brown curly hair, it only looked thick because the curls made it puffy,
which annoyed me a lot more than I led on, I was also mad that I wasn’t taller yet,
but that was a matter that could change in the next few years. I stared into the
mirror at my hazel eyes hidden behind my roundish purplish glasses as I continued to
brush my hair back into a braid, traveling, in an hour? To a four hour place, Ryoki
would get annoying along that ride, how would I keep my cool? He would drive me to
insanity and I would end up holding his six foot three frame outside the car window
laughing hysterically as his head hit every bump and rock on the road. It made me
laugh for a few minutes, and then I thought about how Edward and Sam would be pulling
on my hair and arms trying to get me to pull the jerk back into the car and I would
end up just as battered, scratched and hurt as he was, what was this world if I
couldn’t beat up the one I hated without being stopped by his friends and mine?
Stupid I tell you, stupid. 
	I got out of the door in a matter of seconds. But not without stumbling over the
threshold first, which I was sure Ryoki would have laughed at if he was near, but
thankfully he wasn’t. I slid the door close behind me as I straightened out the hem
of my warrior outfit and bent down to grab my hockey like size navy blue bag with
white handles. 
Once it was up and on my shoulder I started my walk down the old wooden stairs on the
hill of one of Japan’s biggest country land. My mind was racing over techniques and
ideas when I reached the car. I was surprised; the car was like a limo, long, black
and sleek. It sure was snazzy, and I was excited to see the inside, I’d never been
in a limo before. 
	Once my bag full of all my stuff was in the back of the car I jumped into the
car’s back. I almost gasped; the leather was so smooth and was shiny for black.
There was a mini fridge, and a stereo that was playing classical old music, and then
I noticed who I was sitting beside, he was frozen and glaring at me from his pressed
up against the door of the car position.
“What are you looking at me like that for?!” I yelled. I heard Sam sigh; I turned
to see her sitting beside Edward, why did she always sit beside him? Couldn’t I sit
beside her for once, instead of Ryoki?
“You’re sitting beside me! What else could it be?!” Ryoki yelled back. He
unfroze and crossed his arms across his chest as he slouched down on his end of the
seat. Great, I had stupid boy for company.
“Guys, could you stop for once? Sam and I wouldn’t mind having a peaceful ride
for once! Without your guy’s fighting for this one little trip, please, I mean just
do this as a favour?” Edward groaned from the other side of the car. He had crossed
his arms like Ryoki, and was looking out the window. Sam turned to look at him and
smiled, ick, I could see those moon eyes, sccaarryyy!
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I would like that too, but Ryo over there is too much of a pain
in my butt.” I mumbled as I turned away from Ryoki and gazed out the window of the
car, I now noticed it was moving, I could see hill after hill pass, tree after tree.
It was much more peaceful than looking at Ryo’s grumpy figure on the other side of
“Oh! Oh Ed, look at that, I never noticed our training place was that huge!” Sam
wondered out loud. I saw Ed shift and looked out her window with her.
“Oh, I noticed that before. When I was on the mountain behind it looking down, it
was beautiful.” Ed answered Sam. They both gazed wonderingly out their window, then
the window that separated the driver from us rolled down, and he tapped Ed on the
shoulder, Ed looked up and took a note from his hands. 
“What is it Ed?” Sam asked, interested in the note now. I could see Ed kind of
gulp, and his gaze slowly looked up at me and Ryoki, his stare was questionable, it
kinda scared me of the news to come, and I could tell it was about me and Ryoki.
“Um... Well, erm... It seems they have paired us in houses, two different ones at
our new place that we will be using while we search for the lycans.” Ed said, he
was holding something back, Sam could also tell, she took the note, gulped and looked
up at us, her gaze was just like Ed’s.
“What?” I almost screamed I was impatient for what had them so spooked out. Sam
looked away, back out her window.
“Well how can I say this so you two won’t freak? The two houses isn’t one for
boys, and one for girls, they’ve set us in partners, partners that we will use if
we ever leave at night, or if the other partner’s need sleep. And well... You and
Ryoki were paired together, so you guys will be sharing a house.” Ed finally told
us. I twitched my right eye, and tried to stop my shoulder from twitching too, as I
tried to contain my anger, I knew I was glaring threw my left eye, and then me and
Ryoki at the same time shoot up out of our seats in the car to yell, but both of us
hit our heads on the car’s ceiling.
“NO!” I screamed. “Why, why is it always me?” I whined, or maybe it was a
moan of distress. 
“YOU?! You mean me! Who could live with an evil little devil midget?! Who’s soo
sure of herself that she’s always being rude!” Ryoki cried at me. I glared.
“No! I meant me! Who can survive with a giant that’s ego is as big as his bad ass
tyrant, controlling, and bossy personality! I’m the one that suffers!” I screamed
at the top of my lungs, I had to puff in air after I had finished. I was huffing and
pushing my bangs that had fallen out of the pins from the top of my head when he
“Fat psycho midgets should be locked up and killed! They’re inhuman!” Ryoki
screamed back.
“Oh? You’re calling me fat? Look who should be talking! I weigh
eighty nine pounds plus muscle! You weigh one hundred and thirty four, according to
master!” I yelled.
“What does he know?!” Ryoki cried, he gave a last huff and slumped back down in
his seat, defeated, his puny brain always ran out of witty comments.
“I can’t believe we have three and a half more hours of this.” Ed grumbled from
his seat.
“Yeah, I’m with you on that.” Sam mumbled, tearing her gaze away from the
window to watch us. Oh, I was so going to hold him outside the window now and laugh a
diabolical laugh. Just wait, I would, and no one would or will stop me. Mahahaha!

End of Chapter 1
Watch Out For Sam's Chapter 2 =)

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   22 January 2010   352915  
Oh dear, let's hope you don't hurt Ryoki too badly.

This was a cool read, I really enjoyed it! Nice job, Megs!

Although, one part confuses me.
Sam turned to look at
him and smiled, ick, I could see those moon eyes, sccaarryyy!
...What exactly do you mean by that? O_e
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   22 January 2010   289785  
Haha Oh He Won't Be Hurt...To Bad XD

Yay, Haha I Was Re-editing Parts.

Oh That, Yes, Moon Eyes Means You Were Giving Him A Lovey Dovey Look
That He Didn't Notice XD
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   22 January 2010   878717  
Good. I don't like violence. (That's a weird thing to come from me.)

I likie.

Oooh...wait. O_o'' 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   22 January 2010   751459  
Haha But I Do XD

Awsome Man, Lols I Was Like, Sam Says Detail, I Need Detail XD

Haha XD You Just Realized XD

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