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Obama!Category: Fucked up Shit
Saturday, 9 January 2010
05:24:44 PM (GMT)
Okay i may be late on wanting to rant about this..

But this is fucked up!

Obama, just because your not christian, ((again im not in any religous matter))
doesnt mean you should change the ways that have been the same for many many
I mean wanting to take God outta the Pledge of Aligance!? Wow you might as well take
away In God We Trust on all of our money! 
He is a dumb ass because hes stupid for wanting to do that.

Our Pledge to out country has been the same for hundreds of years, and the money is
no differance just becase we ahve a non christian President does not give him the
right to want to change somethign that has been the saem for decades! 
Soon he would want to make it illegal to practice anyreligion thats not related to
his! I mean what the fuck!? 

Dude, i begged my parenst to vote for you! Now my values towards you have gone down
quite a bit!

**Any late entries or wrong information about things arent my fault i blame the
information thats given to me!**
Last edited: 11 January 2010

Kemico says:   9 January 2010   816253  
I agree... that is a fucked up idea
StringQuartets says:   9 January 2010   157881  
Actually this country was founded on the seperation between
church and state, I think it's a swell idea.
Oroborus21 says:   9 January 2010   168725  
you dont know what youre talking about.....and probalby just heard
this nonsense somewhere.

first, Obama is Christian. 

second, the Pledge of Allegiance is something that our society has
adopted. It isn't mandated by the federal or state government and
can't be imposed or people made to say it. 

I know because as a child i routinely refused to recite it or salute
the flag because of my Christian conscience.

And people can recite whatever they want to recite. No one, not Obama,
not any president or congress or government or authority can change
the pledge and make people recite it as changed.

Anyone who thinks they can is just looney and just trying to arouse
hate from people who don't know any better to stop and think for a
Annonymous says :   11 January 2010   782682  
Im sorry but i dont think you read this part that i wrote at the

"""**Any late entries or wrong information about things arent my
fault, i blame the information thats given to me!**"""

How is that a swell idea?? I mean you are entitled to your opinion and
all but, how?? I mean, its dumb to change somthing that everyone has
enherited to say i mean what ever relegion made the pledge and all,
they decided that that was the pledge to our country and if any body
doesnt like it then can go screw them selves, Not of course indicating
that to you, but its stupid... because thats the pledge for our
country and to our country stateing that "I live here and id fight for
this place!"

Thank you kindly for agreeing 

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